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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Contest Logging Thread

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Finds -




JW0081, DNF (USPSQD- NGS JW0081)

JW0084, REG

JW0085, REG

JW0087, REG

JW0089, REG


JW0090, REG

JW0091, REG

JW0095, REG

JW1375, REG

JW0098, REG


JW0105, DNF(?)

JW0108, REG

JW0109, REG

JW0111, REG

JW1391, REG


JW1208, REG

JW0014, REG

JW1379, REG

JW0071, REG

JW0062, REG


JW0066, REG




KW1251, REG

KW3096, REG*


*2OLDFARTS (Farts Counter®) :unsure: with Vitamin E & Zinc ! Also available in Unscented!


PS - Harry - I'll trade an 'O' for a '2' !

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Another bolt in the utility pole, or:

Dolphin and Bear 3.22 feet above mean high tide, in the Meadowlands.

KV6817 REG (Another 2)

KV3449 REG

KV3450 REG

KV3451 REG

KV3453 REG

KV3461 REG A bolt in a utility pole?!? Note surveillance operative.

KV3462 REG

KV3460 REG

KV3464 REG

KV3463 REG

KV3467 REG


KV3469 REG

KV3458 REG

That's the most that I will ever be able to look for in one day. Four clusters of five tidal stations each along Berry Creek in the Meadowlands. Didn't find five. Didn't look for three (new bridge, and radio transmitter off limits) Two for four on others in the area. Fun excursion for Easter.

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Found the 7th of April:


QE1939 REG

QE1874 REG

QE1940 REG

QE1864 REG

QE1869 REG

QE1859 REG Would have been an DNF but someone logged it 2 days before I visited the mark.

QE1858 DNF

QE1862 REG

QE1897 REG


All are intersection stations...but that was all I could muster with the entire family on a birthday outing for The Sprout. She was 1yr old on the 7th.


Changed ERR to DNF after PM from John.

Edited by TheBeanTeam

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Sorry about these multi-day lists, I'm having trouble keeping up with myself... :D


Recoveries for 4 11 2007:


DV1871, REG


DV0172, REG


DV0173, REG


DV0174, REG


DV1257. REG


DV2004. REG


Recoveries for 4 12 2007:


DV0613, DNF


DV0607. REG


DV0203. REG


Recoveries for 4 13 2007:


DV0580. DNF


DV1307. REG


DV0782. REG


DV1235. REG


DV0783. REG


DV0784. REG


DV0788. REG


DV0789. REG


DV0790. REG


DV1236. REG


DV0793. REG


DV0794. REG


DV1237. REG


DV0796. REG


DV0797. REG


DV0798. REG


DV0799. REG


DV0803. REG


DV0804. REG


DV0805. REG


DV1836. REG


DV1238, REG


DA0679, REG


DA0677, REG


DA0678, REG


DA0698. REG


DA0699. REG


DA0701. REG


DV2150. REG


DV2152. REG

Edited by AZcachemeister

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LC2052, ERR

Previous logger didn't have a photo of it but described it well enough that there is little doubt they found and logged the wrong one. The right one had been buried in recent landscaping changes. I carefully replaced the sod so as not to upset the local authorities.

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I messed up when I submitted the below benchmarks... I linked to a log page for the benchmark instead of the page for that benchmark. So, I'm adding in the proper links now for anyone who wishes to visit the page for that benchmark.


BM0246, REG

BM0244, REG

BM1032, REG

AX2789, REG

AX2796, REG

AX1002, REG

AX1001, REG

AX1004, REG

AX1005, REG

AX1065, REG

AX1064, REG (Marking found since I have photo of remains.)

AX1008, REG

AX1007, REG

AX1006, REG

AX2544, REG

AX2418, REG

AX1015, REG

AX0987, REG

AX1014, REG


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I have already submitted the below benchmarks for the contest, but have found that some updates need to be made:

From BM0443, REG to BM0443, DNF

From BM0459, REG to BM0459, DNF

From BM0460, REG to BM0460, DNF

From BM0461, REG to BM0461, DNF


Whew! What a trip yesterday... 134 mile circuit and 13 hours of hunting! :(

BM0872, REG

BM0434, REG

BM0435, REG Should this be logged as destroyed?

BM0437, REG

BM0439, REG

BM0442, REG

BM0443, REG

BM0445, REG

BM0452, REG

BM0459, REG

BM0460, REG

BM0461, REG

BM0462, REG

BM0464, REG

BM0469, REG

BM0472, REG

AX1479, DNF

AX1478, REG Should this be logged as destroyed?

AX2822, REG I'm guessing this should be logged as a find...

AX1472, REG

AX1470, REG

AX1263, REG

AX1464, REG

AX1463, REG Do I count this one as a find?

AX0995, REG

AX0996, DNF


2OLDFARTS(Fart Counter) - Great idea!

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