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  1. Just for the record, for the benefit of those of you thinking of participating in the contest and who haven't participated in a contest planned and run by 2oldfarts, they run a super, top notch contest.
  2. A local guy told me he would be interested. I'll see if I can generate some more interest from this area. There needs to be more benchmark searching around here anyway.
  3. Makes sense. So, ok, ya only need 11 more. I'm in for the limited time I have to devote to another contest. Will be talking to some local very experienced cachers next weekend and will to try to get some "converts" with possibility of a neat contest coming up. I've been trying to encourage benchmarking in this area anyway.
  4. How does one prove finding an intersection station in the same way as the photo of the disk? Don't most steeples and water towers kinda look similar?
  5. OK, It now seems a little more manageable. What will be the policy on previous finds? Further than a year back like I seem to remember the last contests being? Can we use, what are those called, the ones that are church steeples, etc?
  6. That's what I needed before tackling that again. Be right back.
  7. OH, I don't GSAK benchmarks either. I barely manage to get them listed much list do the fancy stuff. I just stumble along in the lowest tech possible way most of the time.
  8. Hi, I haven't been on here for a while and just tool a quick look at this discussion. I'd like another contest and would like to have time to look at the suggestion and discuss it. Like was said, don't want it too complicated but be nice to have another one to try. Let me think on it and get back to you. Please don't give it up.
  9. You'll hit two of the three state's I haven't driven at least some of Route 66 in. I'm missing IL, MO, KS. If you feel like a stop in Sanders, AZ, you can pick up the station at the intersection of US66 and US666 (if you don't already have it in the bag). Don't forget Winona. Heh, heh, heh! Cheers, John I haven't been on here for so long that I've even forgotten how to reply. Anyways, I have a bunch of benchmarks in Illinois along Route 66 and will post some info on them as soon as I can. Probably be a couple weeks but I have probaby 15 or 20 between Springfield, Illinois, and Chicago. Mostly in between those areas.
  10. You'll hit two of the three state's I haven't driven at least some of Route 66 in. I'm missing IL, MO, KS. If you feel like a stop in Sanders, AZ, you can pick up the station at the intersection of US66 and US666 (if you don't already have it in the bag). Don't forget Winona. Heh, heh, heh! Cheers, John
  11. Well, I do both and both have some historical significance and interest. There are of course the virtual caches and earthcaches and some caches at historically interesting places. There is the old Route 66 series and I'm sure there are others. I also enjoyed the virtual and regular caches around the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama for instance. On the other hand, neat seeing old courthouses and post offices and railroad bridges. But, then, you can only see so many culverts. They both have fun points in spite of the more utilitarian purpose of the benchmarks.
  12. While riding my bicycle about 10 miles away from my home I found a benchmark set by the USGS with the printing as far as I can tell PRIM TRAV STA N0 25 MAC and dated 1923. The nearest nearest GC.com listed bench mark to the location is listed as LC0529. I can't find any others in Illinois - this one is in central Illinois and the nearest towns are Ellsworth, where LC0529 is, or Cooksville, both Illinois - that have listings starting with "Prim Trav Sta". There is one AN1579, in Texas and MD0195, in Ohio, both with similar designations. Does anyone know where I can find more information on this benchmark? I have a photo but can't figure out how to download it into here without first having it somwhere on the web. Thanks. bob P.S. I did look in the USGS county list with no luck. I have a picture of it on my blog at http://bicyclegpsing.blogspot.com/
  13. Wouldn't ya know it. Found another one lurking on my desktop. LC0419 setting 46 = 1 pt.
  14. Here's an UNK I want to be sure to get in KB0547 Setting 7 = 15 points LC0866 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0480 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0479 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0872 setting 30 = 1 pt. LC0873 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0909 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0668 setting 7 = 1 pt. The total points for this listing = 22 points This may be my last posting. I'm going to look around for any odds and ends marks.
  15. UNK is keeping me honest and reminded me I needed to include a pictures with LC1839 to qualify it to = 1 pt. for setting 7. I did that. Hope I got it right this time. OK, here's one more. LC1697 Setting 49 = 1 pt. Total for this post = 2 points.
  16. LC1077 setting 36 = 1 pt. LC0763 setting 36 = 1 pt. LC0762 setting 36 = 1 pt. LC0753 setting 36 = 1 pt. LC0754 setting 36 = 1 pt. HX2130 setting 36 = 1 pt. HY0466 setting 36 = 1 pt. Total points setting 36 listings for this posting = 7 points maybe one or two more postings....
  17. Here are a few more onzies..... LC1687 Setting 49 = 1 pt. LC1678 Setting 49 = 1 pt. Total points this posting for setting 49 = 2 points LC0163 setting 38 = 1 pt. total points for this listing for setting 38 = 1 pt. LC1158 setting 30 = 1 pt. LC1059 setting 30 = 1 pt. LC0754 setting 30 = 1 pt HX2126 setting 30 = 1 pt. Total points for this listing for setting number 30 = 4 points Total points for all setting for this listing = 7 points The judge found several mistakes in my listings for this week in case you've been following really closely. I'll try to get them listed this weekend but they end up a point or two in my favor since I forgot to list a bonus. Sorry to be making it hard for you, UNK1
  18. Another handfull of one pointers. LC 1839 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0756 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0752 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0750 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0746 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0747 setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0749 setting 7 = 1 pt. HX3109 setting 7 = 1 pt. HX3143 setting 7 = 1 pt. HY0467 setting 7 = 1 pt. Total points for setting 7 for this post = 10 points
  19. Since I waited for entering these, here are a few more. LC0670 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC2093 Setting 7 = 1 pt. AF8987 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0571 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC1111 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC1114 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0152 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0679 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC1177 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC1066 Setting 7 = 1 pt. Total points for setting 7 for this post = 10 points
  20. LC0155 Setting 31 = 1 +10 pt. bonus for First of setting = 11 pts. Bonus for 9 different settings = 10 pts. LC0424 Setting 34 1 + 10 pts bonus for first of setting = 11 pts. LC0793 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0721 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0987 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0986 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0675 Setting 7 = 1 pt. Total for this listing = 37 pts.
  21. I'm really behind on my logging for the contest. Here are some more. LC1015 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0446 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0380 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0718 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0717 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0707 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0635 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0595 Setting 7 = 1 pt. Total points for this posting of Setting 7 = 8 points
  22. Here are a few more singles, which is about all I have left. LC1178 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC1004 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0569 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0567 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0733 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0729 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0692 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0693 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0723 Setting 7 = 1 pt. LC0620 Setting 7 = 1 pt. Total for Setting 7 for this listing = 10 pts.
  23. Finally going to get a couple listed. LC0403 Setting 7 = 1 pt + 15 for first in setting = 16 points LC1793 Setting 7 = 1 pt + 10 points for pre 1935 setting = 11 points LC1002 Setting 7 = 1 pt. + 5 for pre 1960 = 6 points Total points for this posting = 33 points Been so long since I posted that I apologize to UNK1 if I messed anything up.
  24. Received the book today. Thanks Bill. I'll try to read it in the next week. So if a,nyone else wants it, please let me know.
  25. Maybe there could be a bonus for dogbites? Or, one point per tick picked up?
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