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The Contest Logging Thread

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TT0907 REG


Finally a qualifying find! With more than two feet of ice-hard snow on the ground, a very limited search area, and temps never getting above single digits (in fact, usually BELOW zero!) since the first of March I was beginning to despair...


I think with a '2' now in hand I'll go look for the rest of the 'Old Farts'... :D

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Found these on the way home from the Texas (geocaching) Challenge at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston:

AW3255, REG

AW0380, REG

AW4232, REG

AW4239, REG

AW6955, REG

AW6966, REG

AW4700, REG

AW5488, REG

AX0193, REG

AX0058, DNF

AX0022, REG

BM0234, REG

BM1028, REG

BM1035, REG

BM0241, REG

BM0252, REG

BM0251, DNF

BM0242, REG

BM0499, REG


Do I get a bonus for discovering a new and unique benchmark?



Doc Geo

Edited by Doc Geo
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Dolphin should have stayed home in bed (Doc said I should feel better by Monday). But I needed some points!

KV1243 DNF (Okay, so it's a cheap DNF. I DNFed it when the home owner yelled at me.)

LY2921 REG

LY2628 REG

LY2629 REG

KV7117 REG

KV5823 REG (Any bonus points for wrong designation? This is Yellow Frame Presb Ch Sp. Newton Preb Church Spire is LY2629 (see above.)


2OLDFARTS Counter (freeware)

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Tough logging benchmarks on Sunday afternoons! 9 for 12 today.

KV0639 REG

KV6906 DNF (Well, Sparkie48 logged a DNF for the wrong benchmark!)

KV6905 DNF (Sparkie48 did not find this one. Look where he put the GPS in relationship to the designation painted on the sidewalk, and note his note for KV6906.)

KV6248 REG

KV6891 REG

KV6918 REG

KV6919 REG

KV6927 REG

KV0648 REG


2OLDFARTS Counter (shareware) (With apologies to Ernmark :anibad: )


The older benchmarks are more fun! I DNFed two triangulation stations today, though I found three reference marks. Just didn't think it would have worked to dig in the lawn of the million dollar home. Oh, well.)

Edited by Harry Dolphin
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