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  1. Thanks for the invite to the topic. They fit perfectly in the Ghost Towns category. It would fit under the "Human Caused Disaster" variable.
  2. oh by the way you owe me 2.48 more of input somewhere.
  3. Anamorphous Street Art category. So we have an odd situation in the category. I didn't create it and didn't know I was leading it until I received a note from a Waymarker about a submission. The creator/leader has a history of being gone for a long period of time and then showing up and purging the category of items that did not fit her original intent. Most of the submissions are trompe l'oil and not anamorpic. The problem is that Anamorphic Art while closely related is not trompe l'oil. This page Anamorpic Art. What is Anamorphosis Here is the difference according the page linked above. "Oblique anamorphosis is closely related to an artistic technique called trompe l'oeil (French for "deceiving the eye", pronounced "tromp loy"). Both use perspective constructions to create a "trick" image, but the difference lies in the nature of the trick. For an anamorphosis, the viewer is presented with something that does not make sense when viewed conventionally, and so he or she must seek out the unconventional viewpoint from which the trick is resolved. For trompe l'oeil, the viewer, standing in one particular (and usually conventional) place, is tricked into seeing an invented image as if it were reality." I have approved many waymarks that the leader would later come back and disallow. It was very frustrating so I stopped approving in the category. The way the category is written most submissions do not fit the leaders narrow definition of anamorphic street art. I thought I would bring this up in the forums and see how the community thinks I should proceed. The leader last logged in 11 months ago. I am planning on removing the old leader from approving in the category. Since I am now the leader I am considering the possibly of opening it up to trompe l'oeil of all kinds but I don't want to create a problem with the other members of the community. What is you two dollars and fifty cents worth of input?
  4. That's what I said. And you were right no identifying info = no privacy concern happy Waymarking to you In fact you have the right to photograph anyone and anything as long as you and they are not on private property and you are not making money on their image. Is your friend the paranoid type?
  5. I think I go pretty close to your area. I go just north of Eugene, through Corvallis and just west of Salem. Looking forward to seeing your progress across The States. I live in the Eugene area. If everything aligns I would love to meet you as well. TheBeanTeam
  6. For those of you who have IOS devises the app Sputnik is great for tracking ISS and Iridium Flares. Will give you dates and times for passes and help with locating it in the night sky.
  7. Latest Zippy Locations In The Real World blog update brings 85 +/- opportunities around the World. Updates can be found here These updates have also been added to the specific state, country, or unknown location lists. These links help break down the potential waymarks by region and can be a great resource for your search. So head to the blog and find your area. Links to Locations in the United States Zippy locations outside the United States Unidentified "Real Places" The unidentified locations list would be a great place for those of you who like to research a mystery and have an additional challenge. I don't think we have had anyone locate an "unidentified" spot and post a waymark in the category as of yet.
  8. DougK What is the last column "ACCUM" denoting in your Group Analysis? It's an accumulation total of the groups in the column to the left. For example, the number of Groups (approved Categories) managed by 3, 4, 5, or 6 officers is 1024, the sum of 413, 388, 167 and 56. Got it. Thanks for the stats and the explanation.
  9. DougK What is the last column "ACCUM" denoting in your Group Analysis?
  10. Since our last update, a long long time ago, there have been over 100 new Waymarkable locations created or identified in the Zippy the Pinhead universe. Over 40 of these are obvious locations but have not been identified to state or country. These were detailed in the previous post titled Possible Waymarking Locations for Those Who Like Challenges . Seriously, if you like researching these might be great waymarks to search for. This post details the 50 plus locations that have been identified by location. In some cases only the region is identified but in many cases the exact address has been included. All of these waymarks have been added to the State or Country pages that list the known waymarks available in that particular locale. This is a great resource for waymarkers to identify locations that may be available in their area to waymark. The individual state or country resources can be found using the links below. Locations in the United States Locations in the Rest of the World Waymarkable locations recently added to the individual state and country pages can be found at this post titled Over 50 New Waymark Locations Added to the Database. If you have exhausted your areas possibilities glance through them and see if any have been added that my be in your back yard.
  11. Congrats Math Teacher. A great milestone and each of those waymarks were crafted with care and consideration. Well done indeed.
  12. And it appears the vote wound up in limbo even though it was approved over a month ago. I think I just released it and the waymark that was not in the proper location has been re-evaluated and declined.
  13. I hope you will adjust the category as well based on the feedback and try it again. TheBeanTeam
  14. The other town is Stehekin, WA ....(snip) While Agnes in OR and Stehekin in WA may be the only towns served by boat there are other boat only mail routes. Lewiston WA has one that has been running since 1919 up into Hell's Canyon. In fact you can ride along for the deliveries if you wish, similar to the mail boat tours to Agnes and Stehekin. Lewiston Mail Tour And here is an interesting mail boat delivery location in Detroit that delivers to vessels anchored offshore. J.W. Westcott II Mailboat
  15. Category Update: June 2012 The category will now accept rivers that are designated as scenic in countries other than the United States. Submissions must include a link to an official site that supports the rivers designation.
  16. In the early days of Waymarking the search and sort features were not fully developed. The only way you could keep track of your waymarks was by visiting them. I visited all of mine in the early days for this reason. Later it just became to cumbersome to post a waymark then post a visit so I stopped doing visits after the tools were improved. I will post a visit now if I visit at a later time and have new information that I update the waymark with.
  17. That all makes sense but couldn't the items that are listed at the same coordinate show up in a search "stack" that indicated that there were 25 other waymarks at this specific location that are viewable? This would clear up searches and still not affect nearby waymarks. Not an argument but just a thought. (edit to fix image)
  18. Long ago Jeremy had a similar idea that he called Stacking. I think it has merit. I have always been annoyed with a search page that shows the same exact item repeatedly in the different categories. Of course this idea was way back in 2006 so the idea may have had its Dodo moment. The idea of stacking does not limit the locations the waymark can be submitted to but identifies that there are x number of waymarks at this precise spot on earth.
  19. A great resource for Waymarkers in the US is this printable Photographer's Rights flyer. At the bottom of the page there are links to photographers information for Australia, and Portugal. The UK link doesn't work for some reason but Urban75 has a page dedicated to the issue in the UK. There is an interesting discussion on a Swiss forum that has a link to this document in German. It may have information pertaining to the OP's situation. From the Swiss forum it seems if fi67 was on public property and not harassing anyone the authorities overstepped their bounds. I may be wrong though but that is what I read. Most times if you have an issue here in the US it is with people who do not know the law and are over zealous in overstepping their authority. Basically it boils down to , if you are on public property you can photograph it.
  20. Don't know how well I can do but add me to the list. Thanks for the heads up regarding the thread.
  21. Yes the search function is actually pretty useful. You can create your own searches and save them from coordinates or zip codes etc. One the main page select the Waymark Search tab. below the search box is a link titled additional search options You can set many different saved searches here. Another method and more what you asked is found on the particular category page. Open the category. You can do this using the category search option on the main page. I'll use benchmarks since this is the benchmark forum. US Benchmarks At the top of the page there is a option called Search Criteria: All Waymarks. Expand this option. Select the Country and State in the drop down boxes and submit. This gives you a list of every waymark within a given state. In my example here are all of the benchmarks submitted in Oregon. Here are the Photos Then and Now waymarks in Oregon at this time.
  22. Post them to this Waymarking category along with your story. Readable from Above Depending on your photos they could be posted in the Photos Then and Now category as well.
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