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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Contest Logging Thread

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*sigh* Went out in search of some benchmarks with nothing more than the coordinates in the GPSr. What a STUPID thing to do. Oh well, here are the very few we managed to find on 19 May....


PN0757 REG


PN0759 REG


PN0760 REG


PN0761 REG


PN0762 REG



Now to see what ones hubby found in North Dakota this past weekend. It is OK to "divide and conquer" right?

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Man, some of you guys are recovery machines (Doc, AZ )!!!!

Saturday was a decent day for me.... Oh yeah, I did spend a good part of the day at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) open house. Wow! Really cool stuff !! Unfortunately, none of their benchmarks were accessible to me. Darn. They have some neat ones up on the hill by their antennas....


EW1822 REG

EW1824 REG

EW6974 REG

EW6784 REG

EW9123 REG

EW6973 REG

EW1829 REG

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AF8987, REG


Pretty lousy benchmark hunting day today but I did find out where a lot of benchmarks aren't and won 4 tickets to a White Sox game partly because I was benchmarking. Can't have everything, I guess.

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Memorial Day weekend...

5/26/07. We went into the city, so we only found one:

KV0600 REG

5/27/06 Had my heart set on finding KV4816. Found RM2, triangulated, dug a twelve inch hole in the side of the trail with my trowel, but did not find it. Need to bring a pickax next time! And another DNF.

5/28/07 Gotta make up for lost time! Need cheap drive by's! But Passaic and Paterson?!?

KV4026 REG

KV3935 REG

KV4213 REG

KV4215 REG

KV3426 REG

KV3448 REG

KV3428 REG

KV3429 REG

KV3430 DNF

KV3436 REG

Plus five DNFs. Hey! I never have to go back to Paterson!!!!

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I probably shouldn't have gone out with the thunderstorms, but decided to get one more weekend in.

I had to seek out something to park under for about 4 hours but fortunately had brought my laptop with me so I was able to keep busy. As I drove around, I saw lots of flooding. Since I was doing mainly culverts today (Sunday), you will see some of the flood waters being drained off in the pictures.


You might not be able to read AX1112 (seems to have been vandalized with a hammer) and a couple seem to have the wrong year in the datasheet for when the benchmark was placed (AX0798, AX0797).


AX0171, REG

AX0170, REG

AX0183, REG

AX0177, REG

AX0142, REG

AX0100, REG

AX0103, REG

AX0104, REG

AX0130, REG

AX2663, REG

AX0212, REG

AX1112, REG

AX1111, REG

AX1110, REG

AX1109, REG

AX1107, REG

AX1101, REG

AX1108, REG

AX1106, REG

AX1104, REG

AX1103, REG

AX1102, REG

AX1096, REG

AX0459, REG

AX0456, REG

AX0609, REG

AX0799, REG

AX0798, REG

AX0797, REG

AX2820, REG

AH7395, REG

AX1743, REG

AB2314, REG

AX2835, REG

AX2836, REG

AX2841, REG

AX2842, REG

AX2362, REG

AX2829, REG

AX2831, REG

AX2354, REG

AX2353, REG

AX2351, REG

AX2349, REG


Are we there yet?.... :blink:

Edited by Doc Geo

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Ok, now that I'm a bit more awake, here are a few more from the holiday weekend...


QM0515 REG


QM0514 REG


QM0683 REG


QM0190 REG


QM0669 REG


QM0524 REG


QM0530 REG


QM0527 REG


QM0523 REG


QM0188 REG


QM0521 REG


QM0492 REG


QM0491 REG


QM0486 REG


QM0483 REG


QM0230 DNF


QM0685 REG


QM0187 REG


QM0666 REG (OUR 300TH FIND!)


QM0632 REG


QM0074 REG


QM0678 REG


QM0482 REG


QM0481 DNF


QM0480 REG


QM0748 REG


QM0477 REG




QM0687 REG


QM0688 REG


QM0496 REG


QM0495 REG


QM0479 REG


QM0231 REG


QM0493 REG


QM0229 DNF


QM0468 REG


QM0441 DNF


QM0827 REG


QM0467 REG


QM0466 REG


QM0465 REG


QM0464 REG

Edited by AstroD-Team

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This will be the end of the contest for me. Due to a serious family illness I have to go several hundred miles and won't even have access to a computer I can put digital pictures on. So, things will just fall where they may from now on. It has been fun even after gas prices went crazy. Enjoyed getting really into what is a new hobby for me. Thanks to 2oldfarts for sponsoring the contest and Happy Hunting to all of you, as John says.



LC0587, REG

LC0398, REG

LC0406, REG

LC0617, REG

AI3481, REG

AI3481, REG

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The last part of my Memorial Day weekend recoveries,


Part 4, 5 28 2007:


CZ1847, REG


CZ0184, REG


CZ0183, REG


CZ0182, REG


CZ1495, REG


CZ1844, REG


CZ1845, REG


CZ0043, REG


CZ0276, DNF


CZ1469, REG


CZ1411, REG


AH8499, REG


CZ1414, REG


CZ1415, REG


CZ1416, DNF


CZ1417, REG


CZ1418, REG


CZ0555, REG


CZ2524, REG


CZ2523, REG


DU2145, REG

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This is a correction from my last finding log. I listed AI3481 twice and should have listed the one below. That's what I get for trying to do more than one thing at a time. Happy Hunting everyone. I'm at a library computer for a few weeks and they frown on downloading pics. So, I'll just watch how this comes out. Good luck everyone.


AB7254, REG

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Just one lonely one this week. Too much real-world stuff to do. Maybe I'll be able to grab a few more before Sunday night.



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