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Roboknight 2007 Mystery Geocoin On Sale Here

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Team Roboknight is now selling the Roboknight 2007 Mystery Geocoin here in the forums. :lol:

We released it first on e-bay because our last coin sold out nearly instantly it seemed without too

much word getting around and we ended up getting many requests after it had sold out. So this

time, it seems word has spread by itself and while many people have gotten the coin through e-bay,

we hope that many others who would like to have it can get it before its gone.


We are selling the coins here for $12.00(each) + $2.00 shipping within the US & Canada, $4.00 outside the US. For multiple coin orders, add an additional $0.50 for shipping (worldwide).


Please provide the following information in your e-mail order:


Your Full Name

Your Geocaching ID

Your Address

Your payment information (paypal address)



Please send requests to: robomaiden at comcast dot net


We appreciate your patience. We know many people have waited for us to start selling them here. We are

also glad people seemed to like the design. Thank you.


Coin Info:

Roboknight 2007 Mystery Geocoin. This special coin features the following:


Overall - shaped like the "?" for a mystery cache, with a metalic chess knight on the front and scene of knight defending castle on horse back on back. Coin also features "hidden" black-light "message" on both sides. Message represents the "Reverse THIS!" series of caches and the "Beholder's Eye" cache (My first real puzzle cache).


Front - Polished silver mirrorlike finish with sandblasted features for definition. "RoboKnight" spelled out over trackable area. Two ammo box "pawns" face off on a sandblasted chessboard in the circle below. Outlined in off-white.


Back - Scene outlined in silver. Scene features glow-in-the-dark moon and eye and is of a knight defending his castle. Eye represents the "Beholder's Eye" puzzle cache from roboknight. A dragon is holding a cache in the circle below also surrounded by off-white.


Only one run of 250 coins made. Dont miss out on this really awesome coin.


Specs: 2" dia. shaped coin - 3.5mm thickness - 2D/2D - glow in dark enamel / blacklight printing - laser engraving


Coin is trackable and features its own icon (similar to the coin) as well.



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Sheesh, too expensive? Look at the coin specifics, and then go to a coin minting site.


I have received coins that were disappointing :signalviolin: , because they minted them too thin, too small (1.5"?? Please!!), no tracking, no colors or plain paint, printing 1000+ (making it way too common for trading/value), etc.


I, for one, applaud RoboKnight for not skimping someplace just to keep the price down. You want a quality coin, you pay for it, or not. I doubt RoboKnight is making any money off this serious coin.


There are plenty of "bogus"/simple coins out there for the whiners! I'll pass on those and take two of these beauties. Again, congrats on having the courage to check ALL the options on the minting form, and then some!!

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Hi Yes, we have this coin on cointracking as well. On that site you can only pick one form of shipping when you are using the paypal option of buy it now. So we really had to pick the 4.00$( which on this site is the cost of those out of country) option for everyone to pay. You can still buy the item here if you would like and pay with paypal the same. If you are in the US or Canada your shipping will be lower then out of the country. The coin is the same in both places no different just trying to get our coin out there. Thanks for the inquiry..


Team Roboknight


Please feel free to send us a message or post if you a have any other questions

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