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  1. Searching for topics works. I was looking for the option to not get an email and found this thread. Would be reduce the no longer needed spam
  2. Also Delft was cointacted Number 14 landed here during a heat-wave ...
  3. As the proud owner of the cache "Alice in Wonderland", this is a coin I would love to add to my collection.
  4. I picked up my coin from my cache yesterday. It travelled 9873.8 km in a bit over 2 years and is now on display in my coin collection. Thanks to all the carriers and the shipper!
  5. Three things the Dutch are famous for (at least from a tourism standpoint, I think): Windmills, Tulips and Wooden shoes. Since all are already mentioned or already made, my guess would be that the topic of this coin is something to do with caching below sealevel (although that was also the topic of the last Dutch geocoin). My guess is a dyke.
  6. When I came home last night from a Halloween Event and Night cache, I was very surprised to find a black mailer on my doormat. I was expecting some coins, but a black mailer, and that special stamp ??? Could it be? Would it be? I got roped in all the way from the Netherlands to join the posse ! #209 is here! Happy, Happy, Smile, Smile Thanks! I love the coin and will give it an honorary first line position on my coin display! Joepie !
  7. I received mine in the Netherlands today. They are really great coins! Love them!
  8. I think (as the new owner of this coin) that you should actually "grab" the coin. Not only does that give you the icon, it also allows you to drop the coin in a new cache... I love the coin you selected for me! I hope it makes it overhere in record time!
  9. 1. Participating - Yes 2. Nick/ Destination Received - Yes 3. Outgoing Coin released - Coin has changed ownership, will be dropped in a cache as soon as possible. It has a long travel ahead of it... 4. Incoming coin - Waiting The outgoing coin (or incoming for the new owner) can be found under TB1PF9H
  10. Yesterday was raining and cold in the Netherlands, a really depressing day. Then I came home and found the Sunshine package. It immediately brightened my day. I was whisteling for hours afterwards Funny card and very nice coin! Thanks Team ECCS21
  11. Particpating - Check Received Name - Check Card and coin sent - Check Looking at the rain and waiting ... Where is the sun....
  12. I'm in, we desparately need sunshine here in the Netherlands... It just started raining again....
  13. Actually.... there is only 10mm to 1 cm.... That is why they call it the decimal system. 1 meter (m) 10 decimeter (dm) 100 centimeter (cm) 1000 millimeter (mm)
  14. Hi Paulo, I am interested in a trade for this nice coin ... Geo_Taz
  15. I actually have a couple of Boomerang coins travelling at the moment .. When I am on vacation on another continent, and sometimes when I trade coins with someone on another continent I ask them to release a coin for me. The Mission of the coin is to return to me... Sofar, 1 one of the coins was succesful (it took 3 weeks to get back from Canada to Delft- the Netherlands).
  16. 1. Participating - 14-Jan-08 2. Received Name - 19-Jan-08 3. Mission Complete - 30-Jan-08. 4. Mission Arrived - 31-Jan-08! An envelope from Australia (looking at the stamp). Do I now need to wait until Valentines' day before I can open it? Edited for typo
  17. 1. Participating - 14-Jan-08 2. Received Name - 19-Jan-08 3. Mission Complete - 30-Jan-08. 4. Mission Arrived - (not yet, looking through the mail-slot)
  18. 1. Participating - 14-Jan-08 2. Received Name - 19-Jan-08 3. Mission Complete - 28-Jan-08. Gift wrapped, ready to be mailed 4. Mission Arrived
  19. They arrived in Delft - The Netherlands today as well. Very, very nice !
  20. 1. Participating - 14-Jan-08 2. Received Name - 19-Jan-08 3. Mission Complete - 20-Jan-08 That was easy, I had 2 coins in my Trading List that were on the Searching list of my new Friend Now for the more difficult task of creating a nice gift... 4. Mission Arrived
  21. Hello Mike, I have ordered two coin. For these two $11 shipping is just too much. If it's up to me, just send them by regular mail, instead of trackable mail. Rian (Team Van Stoffelen) It might be a good idea to combine all Dutch maze-coin orders into one and send them for $11? Then we (I ?) take care of sending the coins to all Dutch customers for just a few €'s. tot cache, team Wij Drie Sounds good to me!
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