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It's ready to go!


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Lolly, don't forget to fill it with proper girly things ie scrubbing brushes, fairy liquid, a cookery book etc oh, and a gingerbreadman pastry cutter wouldn't go amiss either B)..... ducks and runs for cover


:D oh dear the handle broke as I was swinging it close to the gingerbread mans head!





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This is going to be one of the most heralded caches ever - but when???!!! :o

Not that I envy lollybob in having to find a good hiding place - how about on public display in the Museum of Geocaching, wherever that may be? :o


This weekend is looking good for the cache!


Hermmm I wonder if it will be very visable in the snow :rolleyes:


Keep your'e sticky mitts off me cache Parker!! :o:o:huh:

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Keep your'e sticky mitts off me cache Parker!! ;););)

For LollyBob, were she to be interested enough to enter into a friendly dialogue, I have an original Lady P matchbox toy pink car still in its box - NEVER been opened ........ at one stage I thought of putting it into a cache as an FTF reward - worth lots of lolly - a bob or to - these days ........ your shout ...... Lady P.
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