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  1. People are human beings. Caches are just stuff.
  2. Another user here who is very disappointed with this decision. I prefer to use a GPSr and don't always think to check my phone just in case there is a lab cache nearby. I have recently done a few labs in towns with three or four series in them and being able to sort out a sensible route was brilliant. I hope that Groundspeak will reconsider. Having access to the information enhances my experience, it doesn't destroy it.
  3. For those of us who don't use a phone for caching, is there any hope of getting the pins on the website map?
  4. The other thing that seems to have changed is the facility to download caches from a search page. Downloading (as a .loc file) is no longer an option when you check the box by the cache name. This facility is so useful when a few new caches are published and I don't have any PQs left for the day. Can we no longer download caches? I also agree with most of the others, that the new search page is not easy to read and I'd occasionally like to view a few more than the first and last thousands of my 22,500 finds, so please consider reinstating the old functionality - it is well used and well loved.
  5. So are we to understand that the timestamp will be coming back? Or not? It's so useful.
  6. Well my Field Notes are still wrong so what are we supposed to do? Upload them again? I'm way behind in my logging and everything is all over the place because of this "technical issue".
  7. I've just run the "My Finds" PQ but there's no output. I see I'm not alone. My daily PQs ran through teh API into GSAK but I'm not sure now if they are up to date or not.
  8. One of the problems of spotting the great-crested geocacher these days is the rise of the iPhone. In the good old days, you could spot a yellow Etrex at 50 paces, so all you had to do was to waggle your own Garmin in salute and off you went. Nowadays people look dodgy if they're not nose down in a screen! I personally disguise my activity by wearing my Oregon round my neck attached to a lanyard that has the word "Geocaching" in big white letters on it. Works in town as well as the country. Seemples!
  9. Two things from me. 1. I once signed a log immediately following a local police officer who obviously knew about the cache and had no problem with it. (A Church Micro). 2. I wish it had been the police that nicked an ammo box of mine a couple of years ago. I'd have been able to go to the station and claim my 'stolen' property.
  10. Hi there and another welcome to the game! One thing I might respectfully suggest, is to find quite a few caches of different sizes and types before even considering placing one yourself. You will really benefit from the experience of the hunt and will get a better feel for where a good spot for a cache is and how difficulty and terrain ratings work. I'd definitely try a few multis and mysterys as well! Your cache will be well received as a result. Also phones can be a tad inaccurate when fixing co-ords so you run the risk of publishing a cache with dodgy co-ords if you rely on a single reading so it's a good idea to double check co-ords with GoogleMaps / GoogleEarth or Streetmap. Anyway, before you think of placing any, I wish you lots of fun finding your first caches!
  11. We're going (again). It was great at Lloret de Mar last year and so cheap! We're staying at the Hotel President. The caches were placed with great imagination and care and we hardly had a DNF all week!
  12. I am Lord Richards daughter and I am too looking in an joining on this one. I think the more the merrier!! Good Luck to all who attempt this excellent power trail. PS...I am impressed with CACHEAROO80's avatar. I think you must be the 1st Lady to cache in formal evening wear. I'm off to Moss Bros now. I did an Earthcache in a Morning Suit, whilst on the way to my little brothers wedding in Cambridgeshire. As I was driving quite close to Essex, a small detour seemed justified to pick up a new County for my map. The locals were staring at me from across the village green, but as far as I'm aware no photos exist! My Order of Service for the day have the workings out for a Church Micros on the back page, a cache I had to DNF due to being dragged off to the reception.... I may not dress in ball gowns for caching, but I frequently turn out in inappropriate footwear. I got a FTF on a canal towpath the other week in a rather cute pair of embroidered white pumps and a long cream skirt!
  13. When that happens to me, I take the batteries out, count to ten and pop them back in. Usually works. (Oregon 300) Is there an official method?
  14. I heard about a game some cachers were playing a couple of years ago, whereby the different teams collected any cards they could find and played a sort of Top Trumps game with them in the pub! Kept them amused for minutes at a time!
  15. And another fan of the maps here. Got back from a weekend in the east of England excited that Suffolk had 'gone purple' even though the map isn't there to prove it... I'd be delighted if someone could take over your excellent work - the best maps around!
  16. I'm looking at cheap package holidays to Lloret de Mar - there's a good week's caching available and holidays seem to start at around £150 per person, including flights, accommodation, transfers and in some cases, breakfast! I haven't logged a "will attend" yet, but I will when I've booked my holiday. As for us, my "will attend" will cover two people so 198 logs may well deliver considerably more warm bodies!
  17. I once found a cache hidden up a climbing frame in the middle of a playground on a school holiday morning. How? It was raining! On a serious note, even as a solo female cacher I get worried about searching near playgrounds, as children are warned to be suspicious of any stranger, not just men. Also kiddies are inquisitive beasts and any 'interesting' activity could compromise the cache!
  18. How did you get on? Thanks for asking! Day 1: After driving from Winchester and a late start we set off on the ring at 1330hrs. We parked at the Black Cat pub (with permission) in Lye Green and started with #018. The Chesham Ring took us 6hrs45mins but we had 2 DNFs that took up some time as well as meeting another caching team and stopping for a bit of geochat. Hit my 1900th cache find in there somewhere. Got back to the pub at 2015 and had superb home made steak pie (TK had gammon steak) both excellent! Landlady thought we were nutters, but was very welcoming and happy for us to tell our friends about them. They also serve breakfasts. Cashed in some Best Western points and stayed in High Wycombe eight miles away. Weather was fab all day! Day 2: Back to Chesham after a big old breakfast and a couple of c 'n' ds in High Wycombe. We parked in Codgells Lane which is close to the crossover point for the Ashridge and Chartridge rings and set off on the Ashridge ring. We had one DNF at ch050 which we took ages over - the cache is there, we just couldn't find it! Otherwise the ring took us a tad under four hours. It was raining most of the morning and by the time we got back to the car, we were pretty soggy. We ate the sarnies bought from the supermarket earlier and pondered going on. However the rain stopped and it brightened up so I changed my wet boots for dry socks and trainers and we hit the last loop. Lots and lots of tree climbing needed for the Chartridge ring and a couple of tricky hides but we were round in 3.5 hours and no DNFs. The amble back to the car was almost vertical (it seemed!). Next problem was getting internet access to get the bonus co-ords - we couldn't find any and my phone isn't that clever so we had to go home without the bonus and me only five caches off my 2000 - my target was to find the bonus as my 2000th find, but it wasn't to be. My legs had absolutely stopped working by now so the chauffeur drove me home and bought me a bag of chips as a reward! In summary - it was an excellent couple of days. Quite physically challenging - there are more hills than on the Mega Series and I applaud anyone who can do the whole lot in one day. I hit two personal bests with 47 finds on day 1 and 61 finds on day 2, but had to save the big celebration for later. I hope to be back in the area in a few weeks and would love to finish the series off - if anyone has any clues for ch001, ch022 and ch050 I'd be very grateful!
  19. I've cached with an Etrex Venture in UK, USA, Thailand, France, Spain, Malta and a few other places - no trouble at all. I don't have mapping on the unit, but I printed out a few Gogglemaps of the areas I was going to so that I had an idea of the caches in the area. Don't forget to take printouts of the cache details if you don't have a PDA - they can be pretty useful in the field.
  20. Hello and welcome to the fun! Congrats on getting your Colorado - it's a good bit of kit! To get started first have a good shufty through geocaching.com to find your nearest caches and how to find them. There's loads of good advice in there and it's easy to understand. After you get the idea of geocaching then read the instructions for the GPSr and see how the unit helps with what you've read about caching. When I found my first cache, I didn't even know how to put co-ords into my GPsr, let alone use it to find anything! D'oh! It seems a bit daunting at first but it will soon seem very natural. Then go caching! Have fun!
  21. This wee toy would have been just the ticket for the fly-drive holiday to America we took in 2005. I was limited to the 500 caches I could squeeze into my Etrex and I know there were so many others en route that we must have just driven straight past. One question - does it hold virtuals? I ask because that's what Las Vegas was stuffed with.
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