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  1. This is a typical PuP trick, this is.. Knowing his mentallity he will now claim all caches with torn log pages as a find! If people will kindly email him the waypoit code of any torn log books....
  2. OK, Here goes... Ipaq 214, VGA Screen, 624mhz, loads of memory. First I couldn't install the .NET 2.0 CF. Seems I don't need it as WM6 has a newer version already built in. Loaded Wherigo software and PDA reported that it was successfull. I kept getting OutofMemoryException message whenever I tried to run it. After browsing everyone elses problems I came across a link to an earlier release: Version 2.0.4907.4007. I loaded this and bingo! It loads up..however I now have the same reported problem as many others regarding the crappy graphics... Just ran through the tutorial but I couldn't really see the arrow and distance indicator. What's going on? Cheers Dave
  3. It seems that WM6 has a compact framework built into it so loading NET CF 2.0 isn't possible. I assume that Wherigo should work with WM6...SO WHY WON'T IT? I just keep getting an OutofMemoryException whenever I try and start the player. I am using an Ipaq 214 (VGA screen) 624mhz processor and loads of memory.
  4. Well I'm trying to install it on a brand new Ipaq 214 (vga screen) From reading this forum it seems that there is a problem with the graphics if I ever get that far. So far the installation reports a successful installation but whenever I try to run it I just get an OutofMemoryException I'll be really disapointed if I can't play along on my new toy! HELP! Cheers Dave
  5. Has anybody run MM 2004 and maps on a new PDA with Windows Mobile 5 or Mobile 6? If so are ther any probs to be aware of? Or can MM V5 be tweaked to run the older maps? I am asking because my trusty Ipaq 4700 has finally bitten the dust and I have to decide whether go for a new model or buy an older unit off Ebay. I don't want to buy V5 if my existing software will work on the newer operating systems. I really don't want to upgrade to V5 if my old maps won't work with it. Someone has hinted that there is a utility that will make the older 2004 maps work with V5.... ...Can anyone shed any light on any or all of the above? Cheers Dave
  6. Nice one, BIG CONGRATS to all of you and JG as well! Hope I haven't missed anyone out...
  7. Nice one, BIG CONGRATS to all of you and JG as well! Hope I haven't missed anyone out...
  8. That I shall, drop me an email if you need any help. It's not the easiest of caches to find, due to it being next to a wall that you can get onto both sides off. Oh he won't need help on that one cos he'll have crossed it off his list of possibles as soon as he heard it was a bit tricky!
  9. The dodderin' old git'll never find Greyfriars Bobby! Not without a PAF anyway or even better someone to find it for him and maybe even sign the log as well.
  10. Until the wife phones to find out why I'm not home yet, or until it gets dark if I've not got my head torch wi' me..
  11. Like the term, which is new to me although I too work in the construction industry. I'm 41, taught metric at school but given a grounding in imperial...when serving my apprenticeship, college was 100% metric and the old guys at work all used imperial. I regularly use a combination...i.e. 1M x 8'. Seems to be round numbers that do it for me.. If a panel is 300mm I won't see it as 11 3/4" ....it's 300mm Likewise if its 12" I won't see 305mm... its a foot. I can mix and match to suit myself ,or work in either depending who I'm working with. Handy when dealing with our friends across the pond. My GPSr is set up in Imperial units because I changed it,unlike "Grandad" who's stuck in metric and doing the conversions in his head because he can't suss out how to alter the settings.
  12. I'll give you a ring John. What time do you want waking?
  13. I'm a bit sceptical but he reckons he's found his 1000th up on the moors today. So well done gingerbreadmen. I'm gonna start checking his stats right now. Roger, let me adopt that "Coal and Glass", before he gets home to log 'em all. Can't wait to get to the Griffin tonight ...Free beer all night! (no I'm not paying btw) Nice one Andy
  14. Well done Ron and Margret. Two of my favourite cachers. ...........Yes I do have favourites. Sorry for adding my congrats so late. I did in my defence post a congrats to you both on nwcaching.co.uk
  15. I hate bug\coin drop notes! I too forget to log them in sometimes and have to log a note to enable me to drop the coin\bug into the cache but I instantly delete the note! It's easy and doesn't effect the TB or Coins location. That way the previous logs are not taken up with such inane drivel and it keeps the grey squares from showing up in GSAK leaving room for the nice green or nasty red squares which are far more informative. If I notice anyone else dropping stuff into one of my caches I will delete their note for the same reason if they haven't done it anyway. Cheers Dave
  16. With you all the way on this one PuP... Interesting, quality caches lead to interesting quality logs. Start off with hiding one or two decent sized loc'n'loc or similar boxes. A hide with a clever twist is always my favourite but first things first. Always consider maintenence issues as well. Micros in my opinion should only be used as parts of a multi or in urban locations where anything bigger would be impossible. They should not be used just because they are a "cheap option". Dont forget to put a label on it identifying it for what it is. Minimum details should includee its waypoint code and the GAGB answerphone number. Don't forget to include a stash note oh and yes....a pencil. All these things seem to have gone by the board of late for some reason. Good Luck.
  17. Learn from my experience. I bought mine at the same time as the unit (60csx) from Aspidshop in Portugal. I chose to buy a good quality card instead of a budget range one and opted for the Sandisk Ultra. It didn't work but they replaced it and I burnt a second one before finding out that the Ultra range are not compatible and both the cards are now fried! Lesson 60CSX's fry Sandisk ULTRA cards. Stick to there cheaper range and you should be ok. I only use a 1gb so can't advise on 2gb compatibility...sorry. 1gb will fit whole of UK mapsource and Europe down to Paris/Frankfurt etc. Plus SMC contours for whole of UK. plus Tracks 4 Australia and Malsingmaps roads and contours of Singapore.... Cheers Dave
  18. I do however like "clever micros"...make of that what you will. []
  19. Rural micros and micro power trails are begining to annoy me also....I feel I'm in need of some "quality finds" big time! I think that over the last 12 months the quality of hides has degenerated to a point where it seems acceptable to cut corners, with little thought, put into the hide and no effort in the container. i.e. A film canister with no identifying sticker, no stash note, no pencil, and a log book made from a scrap of paper folded up and stuffed in so that it bears more resemblence to litter than a bonefide geocache. The point about keeping coins and TB's in circulation is also a very valid point. Cheers Dave
  20. Yer stats say 499 but Andy assures me that you've past the 500... ..hope the little shebbies know they've reached the big 500 or shall we keep schtum? So Congrats on the milestone and I'll see you in the Griffo soon. I'll buy you a pint and take it out of Andy's share of the pot. Cheers Dave
  21. Just an idea, but how about Metal Eddie adopts Madarin Lakes and FoP adopts Metal Eddies and Mandarin Lake adopts FoP's Then they can all find each others again... Only joshing... You dare archive 'em before I get out there mid August!
  22. And I quote: "With cistes, you need only a sunhat and a computer, and you can solve much of the riddle at home. In fact, one search could occupy the children for the entire summer holiday"... It's not all about "the numbers" then!
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