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  1. Ha that is amazing! Who puts a shower head in a cache for goodness sake?!! Bless him! Again, who does that!?? Plenty of people do. I have series of caches aimed at children and it is amazing what trash adults will leave and take out the kids toys. They are colour coded, so they think its OK to take out a red car and leave a red bottle top, or empty red sweet packet.
  2. Agree - a regular walk up the mountain is a 3.5/4 - it is just a long walk up a hill. It's interesting, but personally don't think I've ever completed a genuine 5/5 cache. Yes according to my stats I have - yes they were fun, but none of them was a true physical and mental challenge. Hardest cache I have ever done was actually rated as a 3.5 / 4. As others say, for some there's a kudos to owning a 5/5, but for me personally I find the lower combinations more challenging and as a result more rewarding as they are rated accurately and not to there to bring in the 5/5 hunters. That WAS a very easy 5/5 Mouse, especially for me, when you did most of the legwork
  3. cheeky! I meant naked as in no GPS! But you knew that.... Ahem!! Thats not the impression I got
  4. Sad news indeed. I was only reminiscing this morning how David had set up an interview for Abercachers with BBC RadioWales. We spent a very happy day with Mel Dole and Pauline. RIP Dave, and condolences to his family and friends. You and your Bromptom exploits will be missed
  5. Glad I'm not alone on that then. I was beginning to think I was weird
  6. Congratulations Stuey on your 4 th cache
  7. dsnt that kinda give the location of the cache away??? lmn Does that remind you of the cache with the bike that we did in Prestatyn Sam?
  8. Why not suggest one of your own and see what response you get? There are only rules that you make up yourselves. Local cachers are having a race for the tenth anniversary of geocaching and we have some racing car bugs to set off. It's a little late but should be at the starting grid on 20th June. The theme is 10 and Rules are being worked out now. Our last race was won by a cache that went to New Zealand and back. Most of the others are still stuck in Europe or America and some have disappeared.
  9. I am a TB and so is my tent, which I use for camping events. I use my own TB to track my mileage (3356.4 to date) since December 2006. This is attending events and a few long distance caching trips. I love the idea about the hoody/car getting signed as log books I found the camper van TB at Ripon campsite whilst attending the mega in harrogate.
  10. I quite like micros, and nanos, as they take more finding and you have to be more inventive in the design and hiding. Anyone can find a tupperware box or ammo can (especially muggles when they are hidden in piles olf rocks or up trees). Can't stand hundreds of film pots on a trail, especially if its a puzzle and the final cache is a micro too. There are some excellent, very sneaky containers available, or to be made, such as your ideas. I think they will be well accepted. Good luck!
  11. On the other side of the scale, he may have been a hard up reviewer! Doesn't need to have found ANY LOL
  12. It did indeed, and our very own Mike (Team Marzipan) won for the boys (walking on glass and juggling fire clubs) and Beth from The Morgan Mob won for the girlies with her lovely singing. Jeez was that three years ago? Time flies That was fun.
  13. I've published a lot of caches Sat outside McD's , then again I've drank a lot of their Lattes as well [the number of free coffee collector cards in the car, testifies to that. ]. Laptop, Dongle as back up, Inverter and a location not too far from the building [well you don't want to walk too far for the Toilet/Coffee breaks ] and your good for 4-5 hours One tip though, when the store closes, so does their WIFI [as I found out one Christmas Eve ] but with more of them going 24 hour opening. Thats not a issue for most of the year any more. Was the WIFI site actually blocking your dongle, or was your laptop defaulting to using any detected WIFI connection to access the internet? Deci I was about to say... there is a certain reviewer who has been known to "nip out to McDonalds" at events..... and not for a Big Mac and large Fries either.... but to sit in the car park and publish caches!!! Good old Deci!!!! Yeah thanks Deci. Thats dedication far above and beyond duty!! All those McDs LOL
  14. Thank you We know we won't please ALL of the people ALL of the time but we will do our best The request for a dragon will be put in front of the committee ( Anyone remember the comedy programme was it Wheel tappers and Shunters?? and one comic always had to talk to the commiiiiiittee) Any oldies out there???? Lilian I still use expressions from that lot LOL They were well funny.
  15. Not real kites, who you trying to fool? I sussed it straight away, no string, 1st April's gone. Stunning shots.
  16. With the proliferation of cameras these days, small fit in you pocket, camera phones, even cameras in you GPS unit -why are there so few photographs of visits to caches these days? Answer: The numbers race. Simples On a day when numbers are the game it's hard to remember what caches you found never mind take photos. Personally I prefer nice walk with plenty of time to admire the scenery and take lots of photos. When I started caching in 2006 the only caches in this area were one 5 miles north and another about 8 miles south, with the next closest 14 miles south; there were none to the east for less than about 40/50 miles. My first find was a soggy box with rusty contents. After I had found a few more, only by going to events and travelling further afield, I placed a few of my own. I try to find interesting places with a nice view or specific reason for going there and I get nice logs in return. It is difficult in an urban area to place decent sized boxes in every location. Having had several of my best caches muggled more than once, I have resorted to replacing them with micros or archiving them. I had one ammo box which was very well concealed that went missing, so no more ammo boxes from me in future either. The cache which probably gets the best logs is a nano hidden in a tree. Some will hate it but the logs show clearly that the "hunters" see it as a challenge and get a sense of achievement when they find it. I am happy to say that we now have many new cachers in this area who have placed some very inventive and varied caches. Unfortunately there are a couple that will not last long because the setter was not aware of potential problems. (A kind note in the log helps!), but the micros and nanos are a real challenge to find and are not the bog standard 35mm film containers in ivy-covered trees, thankfully. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the caches, and for me personally it is nice not to have to spend ages trying to find public transport that allows me to find caches instead of just setting them for others to enjoy. So thanks guys, you know who you are. I agree with the comment that the quality of caches you set can be influenced by the ones you find. You can also resolve to set better caches than some you have found. I always read the cache page first and also some of the previous logs, to decide whether I actually want to find it or not. As I can't run PQs or download to my GPS I have to do the work myself and therefore have a better idea of what I am letting myself in for. When I read my logs at a later date I can nearly always remember the cache. I have met lots of lovely people at events who are now counted as firm friends, and had some of the best times of my life (yeah sad I know!) and look forward to meeting lots more. Happy Anniversary GC. Ramble over.
  17. My 8 year old (Zippy Dora) has a Garmin Geko 201 and can drive that no problem ..worth a thought bit more flexible than a geomate.jr I had a Geko 201 which I absolutely loved, until I lost it. Then I bought a Magellan Explorist 100 which is much easier to use, it has a joystick control, a screen with all the letters and symbols on, a useful message section (for hints etc) with a good backlight, and also has an eight character waypoint. It's much more accurate than the Geko too. The only drawback in my view is that I can't download from the web. But I prefer to research my caches before I head out anyway. If you download the information onto the Garmin the kids can input the waypoints (or points of interest as Maggy calls them) by hand. Happy caching!!
  18. Well done Dave. Do you ever sleep?????
  19. Arrr Hope to be therrrrrre as usual, depending on whether I can get transport. I think there is a station at Ashbourne
  20. Wendy I have only just read the sad news about your loss of Caesar. I am so sorry. I only met you once, at the Harrogate mega, and was so pleased to meet the famous Geodog. Geodoggy Heaven has some wonderful characters there now, I hope there is plenty of tupperware for them to hunt. My thoughts are with you.xx
  21. Your dog looks familiar.. I think we met you in Snowdonia (Glyders/Ogwens, can't remember) a couple of years ago. We were so impressed with her carrying her own bags
  22. Thanks very much Dave, that seems to have cured the problem. I had used the "p" and "/p" but the problem seems to have been connected to the chinese characters. I tried editing the listings but the characters didn't show on my edit page. All sorted now, and thanks for the prompt attention
  23. OK Early Birds.... This cache is placed in front of a business that is owned by a close friend of mine who has embraced the idea of having a cache placed here. He knows its location and may just help you find it if he chooses. If all else fails, find Chris, he just might give you a tip or two. I cant copy the picture but this is the text that has appeared this time. The picture is of a sunset and there is a basket of eggs beneath this text. Then underneath that we have: Please only hunt this cache during the business hours of this establishment which are 6 AM until 2 P⦿柵壘耀̅ວで
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