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  1. I use WiFiFoFum. http://www.aspecto-software.com/rw/applications/wififofum/ It will log the co-ords of all wifi access points in the area. It's great for finding the FREE access points which I have used to log caches while out and about. I believe McDonalds now offer free access but have not tried them yet. This could could come in handy for those at camping events or if your on hols and want to log coin/TB's in and out of caches.
  2. GPS Gate is the way to go. I have had Memory Map and TomTom running at the same time on the P550 but for some strange reason I used to get a lot of 'lag' with the gps updates. free trial of gps gate here
  3. I thought it was something to do with birdwatching
  4. Good point, Don't think I'll bother with this one.
  5. There was a thread on this a while back. Don't know if any have joind since then
  6. I stumbled across an archived cache that had been abandoned complete with look book and swaps. Didn't know what to do about it at the time as it was not showing on my multi map. I took it home and when I checked it out, it had been archived 12 months before. I think it would be a good idea to check out old archived caches if your in the area, especially(sp) if they have been archived due to lack of maintenance/interest and the owners are not participating in the hobby anymore. Don't forget you can log archived caches too.
  7. In GSAK, use the File->Export->Cachemate PDB file (file menu, export submenu) Then install the PDB on your Clie. Got that far but don't know how to create PDB file The PDB file is created by GSAK, using the file->export->Cachemate PDB file menu item. One thing worth considering is make sure you know where GSAK has saved it. If you are having problems, if you detail exactly what you do in GSAK, we will all endevour to help. PQ arrives via email click on attachment and then click on zip file this opens WinZip double cliick on gpx file this opens GSAK load gpx/loc click ok Got all this but can't find the pdb file to send to cachemate via HotSink GSAK will open zip files and import the gpx/loc, there is no need to unzip the files beforehand. You can also drag the zipped gpx file onto the GSAK shortcut on your desktop.
  8. Well first we have to define what a chav is.
  9. Me too - and you can have them both running at the same time with mm showing and directions given by tomtom, although mm tends to lag behind a bit. Cheers. I knew I wasn't making it up
  10. They can. I have had them both running without the need of gpsgate or similar. I will admit it was a pain to setup but it did work.
  11. Windows Mobile 5 does allow applications to share the GPS port without any comport emulation. I have had TomTom, MemoryMap and Cachemate all sharing the GPSr without GPSgate. IIRC The problem is that both MemoryMap and Cachmate can not open this virtual comm port that Windows Mobile creates and you have to fire up TomTom first.
  12. I use ccleaner to get rid of all the crud and to fix registry problems. Free at ccleaner.com
  13. Both. I use digital maps all the time but if I'm out on the moors I will take a paper map ans compass just as a back up.
  14. I though this was going to be about very large events and icons
  15. Good point. My wife had a friend who got some 'free' business cards from them and signed up to the 'Discount Club' by mistake.(although it does ask you are you sure a few times) They only noticed 12 months later that the fees had been coming out of their account every month. When they contacted VistaPrint they where very good about it and gave a full refund.
  16. I only have a cross shreader. Anyone have some glue
  17. Therefore I would not have a clue what this does. Your still on my PAF list
  18. Yeah, but luckily in this case the analogy is just for a layby on the A5 rather than a beauty spot! "Give me geobabe any day." /me thinks of camping events and free cups of tea
  19. Here's another example of the police blowing things out of proportion. (pun intended)
  20. 'because I'm tired and I want to go to bed'
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