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Jayel57 GeoCoin of a Different Variety

Go JayBee

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This is a beauty of a coin...designed by Go JayBee...produced by CoinsAndPins...icon by none other than the YemonYime. Only 250 were minted and only 100 will be available for purchase. If you would like to make a face-to-face trade, contact Jayel57 through her GC.com profile.



Here are the specs:


Polished Gold....3.5mm thick....1-5/8'' high....Hard Enamel on both sides...this coin has some heft to it.



Jayel57 has been caching since Dec 2004 and has 1100 finds as of today....she IS a GeoCacher of a Different Variety....and only desires to share this coin at cost. It will NOT ever be sold on Ebay for a profit.



For a limited time, this coin will be available for $10.00 each which includes shipping within the USA. International Shipping will be negotiated depending on location. Please don't ask for more than 2....we would like everyone to have a chance to get this great looking coin.



The curtain lifts....tada 6cb89532-df88-4823-ba39-f1e5c75886d7.jpg



If you are interested, you can contact me through my GC.com profile....we will accumulate orders over the next week or so, and shipment will commence upon payment. Please include the following in your email:



Subject: JL57 Coin for (insert geo-nick here)





Real Name & address:


Paypal Invoicing Address:


Qty desired: (1) or (2)

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Thanks to all who have sent your orders...will probably be sending out invoices end of next week, then start shipping.


Pricing for International Orders (Outside the US) will be: $12US each. That may sound high, but has to cover Postage, materials, PP Fees, Currency Conversion.


We are not trying to pay for all of the coins made by only selling half of them. I think we'll be lucky to make enough to buy a Coffee Latte.

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Do NOT send orderes to Jayel57.....send them to ME.



Jayel is very new to this coin thing, and has been overwelmed by the amount of emails in the last day. She is NOT a "collector" per se, and will NOT be doing any trades via mail. So PLEASE do not pester her with trade requests unless it will be a "Face-to-Face Trade" as stated in the OP.



If you think that your order was mistakenly sent to Jayel57, please re-direct that to me jaybee@spiretech.com I am keeping track of the sales and will be doing the invoicing through my PayPal account. There will no gain for me other than helping a great freind.



We both thank all of you who have shown such a great interest in this coin, so far.

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Minor correction to the specs for this coin....4mm thick, not 3.5mm as earlier stated. This coin will bust your binder.



Will be sending out Invoices on Thursday. So far I have orders from:





...Marky & Joanni












...The Dream Cachers






...The Moop Along




...The Moops










...Stuck on WGS84




...Team Honeybunnies


...Castle Man














...The Klever Boys






...Ryder3 & Better Half


...Team Nowayman
















...Walkin' Ed


...Team Sand Dollar






...Tennessee Jed


If you don't see your name, contact me...hopefully everyone will have payed by Saturday when the packaging will begin.



There are still coins available at this time...

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Invoice received & paid :blink:



Yes...you are quick AG.



Thanks to all the others who have made payments so promptly. Jayel57 and I will be having a "Coin Packaging Party" this weekend. Orders will start shipping no later than Monday, the 13th.


BTW: There are still some coins left for purchase...sales will end on next Thursday.

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Well, the "Go" of "Go-mad-Cow" was helping Jayel57 package up some coins today. She was introduced to the Go JayBee method of shipping GeoCoins....


We did however, forget to include the Activation Code info with a few of the early shipments. So, if when you get your coins, you do not see an activation code, please email me or Go JayBee (same place)...I'll be happy to pass that info along.



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