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  1. Additional info: In some cases, it appears to be defaulting to my home location as a starting point and not showing me the caches that are near the cache I am clicking the link off of. If I choose a cache that is much farther from home, it shows caches in that area, but the mileage of how far away it is appears to be using my home coordinates. This is not how it has worked in the past and is not very useful, since I want to see the caches that are closest to the cache that I clicked the link off of.
  2. This evening I have clicked on the link from several cache pages that says "Find nearby caches that I haven't found.... and I have been getting strange results. It does not in fact show me the closest caches that I haven't found, but shows some that are 5 or 10 miles away. I use this link all the time, so this would appear to be a recent problem. Please investigate and correct the problem.
  3. This is still a problem when I go to run my pocket queries. It is important to the way I use this site, since going to the last cache in the query tells me how far out my query goes and helps me determine if I need to do another query or not. Please fix this. Thanks!
  4. The problem seems to have cleared up for me. I play a golf game on facebook and it stopped working at about the same time, so I updated to the most current version of chrome and both the geocaching map program and the golf game problem both cleared up. My chrome version did not appear to be far out of date, but maybe they had a bad version????
  5. I got the same message. I use the browse map most of the time anyway, so it was just another click to get there. It would be nice if there was a direct link to the browse map on the cache page, like there used to be.
  6. Does anyone have a link for the old search to see all of a specific type of cache for a player. For example, I would like to see all the earthcaches I have found in the old search format?
  7. Can you add the last found column to the search results. I use that info all the time.
  8. I completed the Natural Wonders a couple days ago. I have since found a few caches and have gotten no credit for any of the solar system wonders. Are they available yet or is there something else that needs to happen?
  9. Yesterday I logged 20 caches on my computer (the only way I ever log caches) in the order I found them. I attended a CITO event, found 3 traditionals, then 2 mystery caches, then attended a regular event, followed by 2 more traditionals, an earthcache, and then the rest of them were traditionals. Everything was in the correct order, except that it moved the regular event as if it were the second cache I logged instead of the 7th. This seems like a basic feature to put the caches in the order they were logged. Can someone correct this?
  10. I'm getting no response when trying to go to my default home page (clicking on user name in top right hand corner of screen). Managed to get to some cache pages by going through GSAK. Once there, I can bring my profile up, but if I click on "All Geocache Finds", I also get no response.
  11. Just tried it again and I was able to get in and log the couple of caches I found today. Looks like it is working for now.
  12. The website keeps asking me to log in. When I do, it will show my user name like I am logged in, but if I try to do anything like look at a cache page, it tells me I have to log in again. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. I am continuing to get 500 errors today as well. Could the powers that be please fix this?
  14. I haven't found as many as quite a few others, but I guess what seems like alot will vary from person to person. As long as new caches come out, I don't have to travel so far. Putting only detectives (that don't help with the promotion after you have already found one) on new caches is the disadvantage. I am curious as to why the powers that be decided to set it up that way. Quite honestly, I am more interested in challenge caches than these promotions, but since some challenge caches require a certain number of souvenirs, I try to do them when they are available.
  15. I'm not sure I would call it a penalty, but it is set up so that avid cachers are at a disadvantage because many who have found most of the caches near their home location do have to go a long way to get the clues/jewels. In my opinion, they should assign clues/jewels to new caches, so those who are in this situation have a shot at getting different clues close to home. Assigning all the new caches as detectives (which are no longer useful after you find one of them) makes it much more difficult.
  16. I've been getting quite a few 404 errors this morning.
  17. I was signed in and working, then the site hung. When it came back, it appears that I am no longer logged in. When I try to log in, I get the 500 error.
  18. Please keep the old map. Limiting the number of caches that can appear on the map to 1000 is a step backwards. If there are caches on the map that I am looking at, I want to see them all. I also don't care for combining filters with maps. If I am looking for certain types of caches, once I find one, I still want to see the other caches that are around it.
  19. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 and it has been slow all morning, but I eventually get to where I am trying to go. Sometimes it is pretty much normal, but other times it takes a while.
  20. Still having the same problem, a day later. The map I am referring to is when you click on the "View Larger Map" link that is above the smaller map on the cache page. This normally shows all the caches in the area, but the icons appear very briefly and just disappear.
  21. I've had the same thing happening. I am using Chrome.
  22. None of the caches I logged today, with today's date (08/13/17) are showing up for me. I really don't need the gold coins as I had enough already, but the newer ones are not showing up at the moment.
  23. I think project-gc already offers something like this.
  24. I chose the "opt out" feature. There is plenty of space on the screen as it is and no need to make it smaller. Quite honestly, you should be doing the opposite and making things bigger and use the full amount of space on the screen.
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