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"World Release Register" for Coins & Bugs

Team chelmo

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Thanks to those who have provided your details since the last update. I have now updated the list.


I will now start cleaning up the list. If you are currently on the list and don't have your city and state or equivalent listed, please post the details here so I can update the list.




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If anyone would like to release a coin in either Arkansas or Tennessee in the U.S., I can help with that. I also make it a point to write descriptive logs and take photos of the coin and the view where it is placed.


Please add me to the list (thanks for maintaining this!) or send me an email.




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A tilling geocoin mission – this one will not be easy!

(We need a lot of help – World Register help). Will repeat this on a new thread for replies etc to avoid this thread becoming cluttered.

In 1953 the very first world ploughing contest was held in Canada. 57 competitions later and the competition will be back in New Zealand for it’s 4th time. The first and second were held at Lincoln, Canterbury and the third in Taieri, Otago. In 2010 it will be held on farm near Methven, Mid Canterbury. Not just any farm, but ‘homefarm’.


At every competition location, a cairn has been erected and stands “as a symbol of peace and unity for world peace” (the three in New Zealand are cache sites – GCQVD3 & GCP86T). The question is, are any other the Cairns in other countries also cache sites?



“That Man may use the Plough to Cultivate Peace and Plenty”


To commemorate and promote the competition we have produced a set of trackable coins that we would like to set free in the Northern Hemisphere with a two-fold mission:

1. We would like the coins to travel to agricultural locations and if possible cache locations as listed, but also other countries – anywhere soil is tilled, collecting pictures of along the way. We would like to learn about agriculture around the world.

2. To make it home to or close to North West Soil Best GC10T3J by January 2010.


* We are looking for volunteers to set them free in Great Britain, Finland & Sweden and others to watchlist them to help them achieve their mission. We will post the links when available.

* 56 locations in 24 countries:


1953 Cobourg, Ontario Canada

1954 Killarney Ireland

1955 Uppsala Sweden

1956 Shillingford England

1957 Feebles, Ohio USA

1958 Hohenheim, Stuttgart Germany

1959 Armoy, Antrim Northern Ireland

1960 Tor Mancina, Rome Italy

1961 Grignon, Paris France

1962 Dronten, East Flevoland Netherlands

1963 Caledon, Ontario, Canada

1964 Fuchsenbigl, near Vienna Austria

1965 Ringerike Norway

1966 –

1967 Lincoln New Zealand Cache on site

1968 Salisbury Rhodesia

1969 Belehrade Yugoslavia

1970 Horsens Denmark

1971 Somerset, Taunton England

1972 Mankato, Minnesota USA

1973 Wexford Ireland

1974 Helsinki Finland

1975 Oshawa, Ontario Canada

1976 Bjertorp, Vara Sweden

1977 Flevohof Netherlands

1978 Wickstadt, near Friedberg Germany

1979 Limavady Northern Ireland

1980 Lincoln New Zealand Cache on site

1981 Wexford Ireland

1982 Mt Ireh, Illawarra, Longford Tazmania, Australia

1983 Harare, Zimbabwe Rhodesia

1984 Horncastle, Lincolnshire Great Britain

1985 Naera, Belgium

1986 Olds, Alberta Canada

1987 Marchfield Austria

1988 Amana, Iowa USA

1989 Kleppe Norway

1990 Zeeworlde Netherlands

1991 Limavady Northern Ireland

1992 Albacete Spain

1993 Vastraby Gard, Helsingborg Sweden

1994 Taieri, Outram New Zealand Cache on site

1995 Egerton, Njoro Kenya

1996 Oak Park, Carlow Republic of Ireland

1997 Gelong Australia

1998 Altheim/Landshut Germany

1999 Pomacle France

2000 Lincolnshire Showground Lincoln England

2001 Eskjær, Skive Denmark

2002 Bellechasse Switzerland

2003 Guelph, Ontario Canada

2004 Foyeview farm, Limavady, Bellykelly Northern Ireland

2005 Czech University of Agriculure, Prague Czech Republic

2006 Grange – Tullow – Carlow Ireland

2007 University of Agriculture, Kaunas Lithuania

2008 Castle Grafenegg, Krems Austria

2009 To be at Moravske, Toplice Slovenia

2010 To be at Highbank, Methven New Zealand

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A tilling geocoin mission – this one will not be easy!


Count us in for Italy, my mother lives in Rome... But we know also a few interesting agricoltural locations (not that far from us) where we can release more coins.

I can also release coins inthe italian part of Switzerland (we go there very often), but consider us for it only only if no one shows up for that country :huh:


Kazuma, geocaching-italia

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I can drop coins in Lake Tahoe, California. Remember that Lake Tahoe is also in Nevada....the lake crosses state lines.


Once a week I am in the town that the upcoming GeoWoodstock is in, Wheatland, California.


If anyone wants a coin, or TB, to start there and come back to them....then I can drop it there also :-)

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I still have lots of work to do on the register but will be putting it on hold for a week as I am going on hols. Any requests to be added to the register will be actioned on my return.


If you are on the register and want to be removed, please let me know as well.




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<_< How cool that there is this service for folks. Sign me up please!


I'm in Southwest Missouri, USA, and will happily drop coins, trackables, hitchhikers, and other swag in Missouri and Arkansas.




I assume you want to be added to the register and have done that. If I have it wrong please let me know and I will remove you.




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Thanks for the email and "YES" I wish to remain on the register for releasing coins and bugs in South Australia


<_< Cheers



Thanks. Duly noted.


In case anyone is wondering, I am slowly cleaning up the register and have started with the Australian cachers in the register first. If you not in Australia, I will contact you in due course.



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HELLO, i live in southern california and very close to the mountains ( big bear), desert (palm springs) and the beach (long beach) and would love to be part of the world release register... feel free to contact me via grondspeak...


vickie fish


Dear vickie fish


You have been added to the register.




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We're in the Kansas City area of Kansas, US. Definitely willing to drops some bugs - they move fast from here!


EDIT: Also able to release in the Missouri side of KC if someone wants that, we live close enough that's it's not too bad of a drive :)


EDIT AGAIN: We also travel to Oklahoma frequently (5-6 times a year), if anyone wants them dropped there. I only add that cause I noticed you don't have anyone listed. I'd be happy to fill the slot until someone who actually lives there signs up.

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G'day :)


I tried to look at the Register today and I can't find it now. The links just give me HTTP404.


Has it been moved somewhere else? :unsure:


Could someone point me in the right direction please?




It is off-line tonight along with 90% of the website. Cause currently unknown. ETA for restoration? No idea.



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G'day :)


I tried to look at the Register today and I can't find it now. The links just give me HTTP404.


Has it been moved somewhere else? :unsure:


Could someone point me in the right direction please?




It is off-line tonight along with 90% of the website. Cause currently unknown. ETA for restoration? No idea.




Thanks for your swift reply! I'll check again for it sometime later.


MrsB :D

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