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  1. saopaulo1 has offered to try and move this forward so now he is the leader of the group. All the best saopaulo1 Regards Andrew
  2. Since the proposal was knocked back, the group is no longer required unless one of the existing officers or someone else wants to try again. So assuming that there is no interest these be closed down/removed or do they just languish in the system? I will also ask the existing officers if anyone wants to try again just in case. Thanks Andrew
  3. I have written a blog post on my experience with trying to use a Garmin Edge 810 (replacement for the 800) and this is what I concluded ... Andrew
  4. The category has now gone to peer review as Artistically Themed Bus Stops. I can discuss the other suggestions with the group officers but I feel we are starting to push the category in a direction that was not intended. Also for example sculptures and abstract objects may well fit into existing categories. @Tante.Hossi I would suggest that such bus shelters should have their own category ... they are quite distinctly and clearly different to the type of bus shelter being suggested in this category. I would be happy to support you in setting up such a category. Andrew
  5. Thanks. I am on the road at the moment (mountain bike touring) but will try that when I get home. Have got quite a few problems with the unit so it may be bigger issues anway Andrew
  6. Hi I have today updated the firmware in my Garmin Oregon 600 to 2.8 and with that I now have a corrupted Geocaching profile as per the attached images. I can thankfully change to other profiles and can access setup that way and get some functionality but obviously this is not ideal. I cannot seem to make any changes to the Geocaching profile to get any icons happening and all that is available when I roll-up the screen is what is shown in these images. I have also done a full reset numerous times without any joy. Suggestions anyone? Thanks Andrew
  7. This is pretty much my take with the added proviso I would have based on the updated information from the OP dropped an email to the cacher to find out if they had overlooked logging the TB or there was some other issue that I could maybe help with so we got it all logged properly. Anderw
  8. Thanks. Trust me we have lots of those utilitarian ones too but some more creative ones are popping up. Maybe it will become a world wide craze? BTW the one in the photos is pretty cool as it is outside the old Fremantle Prison which was built with convict labour in the 19th century and only closed down as an operational maximum security prison in 1991 so the painting on/of the bus shelter is quite appropriate. Andrew
  9. This is what I would do as well. Andrew
  10. Cool. Just catching up on a few hundred emails but will move this forward as soon as I can. @thebeav69 you are welcome to come on board as an officer too. Andrew
  11. I did think of that and meant to contact the category owner about whether they would fit. That said to me murals are paintings on walls, big paintings and I am in two minds about these being murals. Happy for input into it but. Also I wonder if they would benefit from their own category or is that just fragmenting things more? Andrew
  12. At least locally and I am sure elsewhere in the world one can find painted bus shelters, ones painted in an artistic way such as the sample below. We have categories for the likes of painted mailboxes, Painted Hydrants and the like so my proposal is a category to document painted bus shelters. If you support this category please consider joining it to we can move it forward. Two more officers are required to get past the first stage. You will find the group here. Thanks Andrew
  13. Interesting idea which I hadn't considered. I use Pinterest now but mainly because of my cycling interests. I like your approach and will follow suit. Hope you don't mind Andrew
  14. I have an Android phone but haven't heard of the Drake app. More details? Oh I use c:geo on the phone. Andrew
  15. + 1 ... I think there is a time frame allowed for maintenance before the next step is considered. Andrew
  16. I pretty much cache alone, as I do my my long distance bicycle touring and some of my bushwalking (hiking). Life is too short to get hung-up on these sorts of worries. Andrew
  17. There is an event in July ... the big one for WA. Andrew
  18. That is the approach I take. I also feel it is important to log a DNF (some seem not to) as it provides information to those that follow as well as the CO. Thoughts?... I would have probably written a note about this experience. Again good information for those cachers who may wish to follow. Andrew
  19. I think this is a good idea for a thread. I tend to join new groups if I find myself Waymarking in the related category and would be happy to take on a officer role as well. Just wasn't sure what the protocol is on going forward. Andrew
  20. Have you cleared the browser cache? Is the problem still occurring? Andrew
  21. More as an experiment than anything else I thought I would try out my Garmin Edge 810 bicycle GPS as a geocaching GPS as preferred mode of geocaching transport is my bikes. Well it didn't work out as well I would have liked ( I think the Edge 810 goes some way to being useful but not all the way). I wrote up my experience on my blog and I am interested in suggestions on improving the approach but in summary I concluded that he Garmin Edge 810 allows me to geocache in the sense that I can navigate to a cache locality but that is about it. Once there I need to use my phone or a hand-held GPS to lock into the cache itself. Anyway I thought it was worth a try and that others might be vaguely interested Regards Andrew
  22. Another downvote for cut and paste logs ... pretty much agree with what has been said before about why they are not fun ... much prefer a shorter but personal log; even better still one that helps me find a cache that has got the better of me . I am curious but about the GSAK badge ... hadn't heard of those. Andrew
  23. Another option when travelling is to ensure your phone is unlocked and then purchase pre-paid local SIM cards. Keeps the costs right down. Andrew
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