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"World Release Register" for Coins & Bugs

Team chelmo

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Ooh, me too! I'm in Sweden. Winters are harsh here, so our caching will slow down then, but when the weather is good we'll happily do releases! What a great way to get the chance to see more coins!


Naomi :)


Hey Naomi,


We have a TB called Merle The Squirrel that is in Croatia right now. It looks like on the world map that he is a few countries away but it would be cool if he made it to a cache near you so you could take a picture with him:) If someone thinks they can do this I'd appreciate it. Here is the link to check him out http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=73113




You know we'll be happy to, Nora! :)

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I'm just curious..is it legitimate to start your traveler in a local cache and then send it off to other parts of the World so the mileage from the home location to the new location is added up? Should the mileage start only after you mail the TB and when it starts travel in the new release location? Thanks.

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I'm just curious..is it legitimate to start your traveler in a local cache and then send it off to other parts of the World so the mileage from the home location to the new location is added up? Should the mileage start only after you mail the TB and when it starts travel in the new release location? Thanks.

It is YOUR traveler, and if you want to see that mileage from home, then do it. I always do it. If it is a racer, you might check the rules, but if it is just a normal coin or TB, it is up to you. It might be a little bit of cheating with the miles this way for some people, but the only person who should care about is the owner, and if you are OK with that, just do it :(

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Could I be added to the list?


I am in Albuquerque, NM

The Justice League of NM


Thanks Ron. Added to the list. I assume that NM is New Mexico? If that is not correct, please let me know.




I just saw this and think it is a wonderful idea. Of course, I am always the one who is "always late to the party".


I live in the greater Washington D.C. (the capital of the United States) area, and would love to have my name added to the list, wherever it is. I did click on the address, but it said, "File not found". What am I doing wrong and can someone help me get my name on the list, or let me know what I need to do?

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Would you like to have your trackables released in a foreign country?



I am happy to release trackables in the United Arab Emirates and Oman - let me know if you are interested. I have just finished dropping 20 coins on behalf of a US cacher - see my profile for the various coins. Also you will note that I generally take around 8 photo's per travel item for upload to the website, so send me some trackables if you like.


Cheers from Dubai.

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Please indicate if you wish to be added to the register and include in your posting your city, state and country


I am prepared to assist to release more coins into either South Africa - or the rest of Africa as I travel regularly to the likes of Congo; Kenya; Rwanada; Uganda; Mozambique; Namibia; Botswana; Angola etc.


My name is: Carbon Hunter



I have already released a few cpins for people and l;ook forward to helping yours on their quest.

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Hmm... Since there currently is not a person on the list for North Carolina, I'll offer to be added. I can place coins+bugs in the Garner/Raleigh/Cary/Holly Springs area of North Carolina.

I haven't yet been added to the list, maybe my post was just overlooked. Again, I can release in Raleigh (and surrounding areas), North Carolina, USA

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The Register has been updated with the details of those folks who provided the requested information since my last posting in this thread. This is the last update for 2007 and I will not be updating it again until the end of January 2008.


To be added to the register all you need to do is provide all the requested information as requested in the register. I am sorry but I no longer have the time or energy to chase up folks who don't provide all the necessary information. It shouldn't be hard to help me out a little a bit.


I will also be following up with all folks on the register in the new year requesting the details to meet the current information requirements. This will provide an opportunity to clean up the register.


The updated Geocaching Trackables World Release Register can be found by clicking the link.


All the best for the holiday season.




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Hi Aushiker


We live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and would like to be added to your register. We would be happy to distribute geocoins and TBs when required and can do so quickly after receipt as there are two caches within 1km of our home. Our caching activities take us to a number of areas.


Just a Trifle

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I would love to add my name to the registry.


I live in Milan, Italy, and I have my in-laws in Parma, Italy so no problem in having some coins moving from these location to the rest of the country.

Plus iI often go in Ticino (Switzerland) so I can bring coins there too...


Note. I have a few "First Eurochocolate Geo-Coins" activated to move in Australia and USA. Anyone need to move coins in Italy?



Kazuma, geocaching-italia.com

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Aushiker, you are to be highly commended for your effort and dedication to this wonderful idea.


I am an avid lurker, but this idea is to good to pass up. While your list already has two Ohio cachers listed and one within 50 miles of me, please add me to your list.



Columbus, Ohio

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It would be appreciated if we could be added to your register. We note there is already a Queensland cacher listed however it was this person who drew our attention to this site. :drama:


Caching name: Just a Trifle


Location: Elimbah, Queensland, Australia


Our caching activities are mostly in SE Queensland, however we periodically venture interstate and overseas.

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Hi Aushiker,


would be cool if you can add me to the list too.

I can release coins and bugs here in Hamburg (second biggest city in Germany) and Schleswig-Holstein (the northern state of Germany, bordered to Danmark).


Caching-Name: Nordlichter

Caching-Area: Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein Germany

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I see the Cashe Crusaders have already offered their services for Nova Scotia, Canada.


I don't know if a second contact here is strictly necessary, but I am based in the capital, Halifax, and make regular trips to Cape Breton... the opposite end of the province from them.

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