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  1. I am experiencing the same problems with cut-off display of gc.com pages on my Nokia E71, too. This is very annoying, as now even login does not work anymore. The WAP-pages are not of practical use for me, as the do not provide full access to the site's features! It would be really *great*, if the site-design could be fixed again to work in mobile browsers! ;-) Thanks in advance and best regards, Michael
  2. Today was GREAT: I receive my .pure-geocoins in black and white! ;o))))))
  3. Coming home from vacation, I found my two coins. My little daughter loves them ;o))
  4. Today, I received my 2 Night Hunter's personal 2008 GCs - great!!! They have an owl on one side, I showed them to my daughter (2,5 yr) and she was so surprised and doesn't want to give them back to me ;i))) She loves owls...
  5. Today I received my two 3 wise monkeys geocoins - I loves those monkeys!
  6. YES! Found it ;i)) Thanks for the hint ;o))
  7. Ooooooh - I love the top right coin, the night sky is beautiful (isn't it based on a well known artist's work - just cannot remember the name...). Just one question - I couldn't find it in the net; is "Starry Sky GC" the real name of this coin??? Best regards, Michael
  8. Today I got a pocket decoder - can one call this really or coin? I'd rate it more as equipment ;o))))
  9. Oh, you're such a lucky one!!!!! A great coin!!! Congratulations!
  10. I've been offline from the forum some time and what did I find on my return? Another great mystery-coin and a lot of lucky recipients! Hey, congrats to all the new Dark Knighted out there! ;o)))
  11. Exactly what I thought - ordered two of them, one for my bag and one as a gift for a fellow cacher ;o))
  12. Stunning!!! Great!!!! You lucky one - such an adorable view!!!
  13. Today my Peacock coins arrived - very nice design!!!
  14. My last weeks mail: - 4 Tadpole toads, - 3 Compass Rose 2008s - 2 5-years Geoclub (RE and LE) - 3 Digital Hell (2*Red Hell and Black Hell) Great coins, all of them!!!! Pics soon to come!
  15. In case you are still looking - try here ;o))
  16. How nice! I'll try to catch one or two of them!
  17. Great coins - order placed
  18. Matlock, you are a *LUCKY* guy!!!!! Congrats for you reaching a new level in Jedi business
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