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  1. order placed, really nice coin
  2. get my last package from geoks yesterday
  3. I get your coin from Avroair when you mean the Tuit coin Was very busy the last days, don't have the time to send it to you Will be in the mail tomorrow, sorry for the delay.
  4. received coins from: CHEESYPIGS LINDSYCHRIS KDV thank you waiting for my last from GEOKS Roman
  5. I received packages from: ELEANOR 3BLINDEYES AVROAIR CROWESFEAT30 198 DOC256 E&CPLUS3 FORTHFERALZ GEOCACHINGDRAGON ICYDOVE JAN AND THE PERCEY BOYS KEHUNT64 MOTOCYCLEBOI PSU FAN 506 TOKYOBLOSSOM WILG thank you all @avroir: the tuit coin i will send this week to the correct person Roman
  6. all 17 packages mailed out today Roman
  7. I also have to wait for two adresses, the coins i guess will go out at the end of the week thanks Katja for this math trade
  8. Checked both final results against my want list , get for each coin one coin i wanted. Only one coin i would have reveived after the first result ,changed to another coin. Don't know if the last list is correct, some of my trading coins now went to another person? greets
  9. seems to be something wrong with the pricing (one coin $34.97) , i take the set now the coin has it's correct price
  10. puh that was really hard work , but now i'm finished with my list , time to relax
  11. i noticed an error the coin #123 is not Castleman German Black Forest LE (only 25 made) it's the Tranquility - German Black Forest LE (only 25 made). sorry Roman
  12. why i see only one(!) version in the shop ? 230 Black Nickel 30 LE Polished Gold Edition - CheesyPigs 30 LE Antique Gold Edition - MapMonkey 10 Nickel AE but only the black nickel was available ? Roman
  13. placed my order can't wait to get them
  14. would love to release some coins in vienna/austria, add me pls Roman
  15. i can help you with the austrian ones, let me know Roman
  16. hope i get a set of them, love the design
  17. today was a good day Caching Through The Snow #4 nickel Lancashire silver Cache Reward Amazing View silver Mother Nature CITO nickel Cachehunters42 silver Tadpole379 gold Geocoin Collecting bronze DNF Troll Two-Tone Edition gold/black Clay 4 - Keeping an eye nickel glow in the dark Geocoin Racer green black nickel Jersey Devil black nickel Sniperchicken gold Sniperchicken nickel British Columbia 2007 nickel Scottish Thistel nickel Obsessed - DGRENO bronze Jangor nickel Elchrich Elch gold Sputnik Galileo gold / nickel Traveling Chief gold Traveling Chief nickel Portugal 2007 bronze English Egg silver Canadian Forces Geocachers #2 silver Canada Micro Puck black nickel Torwart Canada Micro Puck black nickel Hockey player Canada Micro Beaver black nickel Abomination silver thanks to swedenhawk
  18. wow look this coin great , get my easteregg coins soon i hope happy eastern Roman
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