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The Best Puzzle Caches


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I like puzzles that aren't rediculously hard. I have done some that took me a few days of going back to look at until finally it dawned on me how simple it really was. LOL I did one that gave state flags to figure the coordinates. The name had something to do with chemistry so I checked the periodic table and figured out the puzzle. It was fun to do.

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My two faves:


Calgary Cryptocache 1


This was the first puzzle cache I ever solved. I needed help from the cache owner to figure out what to do because the whole concept was new to me. This cache required visits to a couple of interesting locations, caused you to learn some local history, do some basic waypoint projecting, required a fair amount of driving to complete and ended in a very interesting final location. Enjoyable from beginning to end.


GCMC - Great Canadian Multicache


This one is linked to a Traditional cache, but after cooperating with cachers from three other cities in Canada you could solve the coordinates to the final cache which is marked as a Puzzle. Great fun sending emails back and forth to the other cachers and posting Notes on the other cache pages asking for their local clues.

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My favorite type of puzzles that are ones that don't require hours and hours in front of a computer trying to decipher cryptograms or obscure clues. I'd much rather be solving puzzles out in the field....with that said, I will be self-indulgent and toot my own horn and throw out two of my own puzzle caches:


Outdoor Plumbing 2.


Oops...our Bad


Also, I own Llama Corner (previously mentioned in the second post) and The Legend of the Wretched Cursed Treasure of Gold, both of which require a bit more work at the computer to solve...although the in-the-field parts are fun also.


As far as other caches go, I am currently about 1/3 of the way through Choreographed Chaos (mentioned previously), and it is tough....but a lot of fun.

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In the UK near me there are a few by one cacher that are driving me mad.


Have a look at GCTGBY and GCTH7X.


The first one seems next to impossible. It has a pilgrim connection to interest all our cousins overseas!


Any pointers you can give me would be great! PM me and I'll tell you the contents of the first macro which you'll need!

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"Zis Is KAOS, Ve Don’t Bush-vaak Here!" is a fantastic adventure.


Read the logs for some giggles. :lol:


It is loosely based on the classic TV series, "Get Smart" and a friend has his cellphone programmed to ring with the "Get Smart" theme song if FlagMan, the cache owner, calls. :lol:


You have to find first one Travel Bug, and then the other. Each has a key attached which you have to use to gain access to something to get a portion of the coordinates.

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Here's one I worked on for quite a while when it was new, but haven't had much of a chance to work on it lately so I forgot about it until I saw this thread. By now I'm sure I'd have to start all over from scratch.


If you like puzzles try this one: Do Not Use PC by sneakysheep (GCKKYW)


Also, Babble On by Rupert2 (GCKRHA) is another interesting one that my brother and I found as The Wright Bros.

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In the Tallahassee area, nobody beats Urubu for puzzle caches. This guy ROCKS! I have spent many a sleepless night trying to solve his puzzles. Currently I'm working on Tallahassee Blues. It's really giving me fits. I don't even know where to start since there doesn't seem to be ANY CODE on the page. So if you puzzle solvers are up to a challenge, give it a try and let me know how far you get.

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. . .As far as other caches go, I am currently about 1/3 of the way through Choreographed Chaos (mentioned previously), and it is tough....but a lot of fun.


I agree with you about Choreographed Chaos -- I have heard some good things about it, and it is not just a puzzle multi-stge cache, but a major adventure cache. However, by my lights, the most incredible and famous, and the most maddeningly difficult puzzle and adventure cache in the eastern half of the US is the famous Blood and Guts in Virginia (GC73C2). This cache has never yet been solved by just one cacher, and has only been solved by teams which spent quite a bit of time on it; many teams have spent over 12 to 18 months on it before they managed to finish, and there are teams which spent over 18 months and had to declare a failure. One exampe: As a past finder, I was recently contacted by a team of nine persons which had been stuck for over 14 months, and more recently by a team which was quite stuck after struggling for almost 5 months.

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As far as I can tell, there are only 4 true "puzzle" caches in the entire state of Wyoming:







The majority of the "unknown" caches in Wyoming are actually orienteering based caches. If there are any other puzzle caches, they are not listed with the "unknown" tag. We placed a new puzzle cache last weekend and are currently awaiting its approval. It should be a much easier puzzle than the others in the state, but I wouldn't be surprised if the "unknown" category will limit it to only 2 or 3 finds a year.

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I'm not sure if this was a letterbox or a cache, but the puzzle was cool if you knew there area. It said you arn't in Rome, but Caesar is close, you are not in California, but Hollywood is across the street, You are not in New York, but 5th avenue is near.

If you knew the area you could figure out what neighborhood to go to, and then do directions from there.

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YAY! There are now at least FIVE puzzle caches in Wyoming. GCWJRZ was published tonight. It's not particularily difficult, but at least it adds something new to this area since the concept of "outside the box" caches is rarely seen here.


As for my favorite puzzle cache I have ever done, it would most certainly be 4th Grade Math Homework in New Orleans, LA. The puzzle was thought provoking, but not impossible. The hide was in a worthwhile area. And the hide itself presented just as much of a challenge as solving the puzzle - it was quite invisible. That is the level of a puzzle cache that we tried to emulate with our latest cache.

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In my area, there aren't many puzzles. Closest is about 2 hours away, by Prariepartners. However, it's already becoming infamous in Indiana


Insane Asylum


This one even has it's own thread running in the Midwest Forums (or, it did, I'm assuming the threads still there somewhere...). Bean Blossom was very VERY happy when she tracked it down. I've heard a few hints about it, and I still have no idea where to start.


If you are looking more for the adventure/hiking aspect, then the best within 250 miles of here that I've seen/been interested in is

The Journal


Another one that comes up frequently in the Midwest forums - usually in those threads that start "what is the most challenging cache..."


(of course, you'll notice that I haven't found either of them, yet!)

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