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  1. Yup, 5 messages, I think, came through to email. Probably a dozen from a single user (not matching any of the users from the email notifications). If any of y'all got a message from me, I had nothing to do with it, promise.
  2. it's a jump to the left, and then a step to the riiiiiight. you put your hands on your hips, then pull your knees in tiiiiiiight! Oh sorry, wrong time warp. I know I've burned a whole lunch hour standing in front of a pine tree without realizing it. And those free mornings back in the summer....2 or 3 caches and suddenly it was time to go home for lunch. It all goes back to the old saying, "time flies when you're having fun."
  3. What's the waypoint number GC????, we can find it ourselves if you can get that.
  4. Payroller - I played with you guys at Dark Reign up at Sherwood Forest a couple years ago. - pic ...You sound like my wife. Ok, my 'other' hobbies... I'm an avid reader and movie watcher. I also have my ham license (KB9SOM). My latest addiction, even more than paintball, is adventure racing. I work with computers and tinker at home with my own. Basketball, golf, hunting, hiking, fishing, camping. Oh heck, just put me down for "The Outdoors", that should sufficiently cover my hobby list.
  5. Thanks, Dave and Klemmer. I think this one undocumented find may have sparked an interest. Being a self-proclaimed nerd, all things scientific trip my trigger. There are 2 or 3 BMs near my house that shouldn't involve too much effort to find. Gonna have to give it a shot.
  6. While visiting my hometown area in Rockville, IN yesterday for the Covered Bridge Festival, we were driving around the county looking at covered bridges. I didn't have my geocaching stuff with me, but while looking at the West Union Bridge (near this cache), embedded into a concrete railing leading up to the south end of the bridge was a benchmark disk. The details had been obliterated, only the outer ring of information was intact. I searched for benchmarks using the above cache's coords as a center point and the mark I found did not show up. Is it not listed because the information is gone? I've got a picture at home that I'll post this evening.
  7. Wow, that "Kneeling Dude" TB is really lifelike. Where's his tag?
  8. The fam and I are headed to my parent's house in Newark, OH this weekend and am planning on hitting as many as I can on the way there and back. If anyone has a quick list, it would make Mrs. Technerd's navigation and planning much easier. I think it's funny that she's the one asking about caches along the way
  9. So, by replying to this post, I can claim a find on all the psycho caches, right?
  10. Well, my inlaws live over by Valle Vista, so I might be able to get 1 or 2 when I drop them off before going to work.
  11. Heh, I'm pretty new, ok really new, but I'm a southsider. I'm game if ya need me, Torry. Nice bunch of new ones off of Main St. and I-65 published today. Gonna have to find time to go get them now too.
  12. Is anyone going out today, or are you all staying inside watching the NCAA tourney? Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work, so the likelyhood of me getting either done is pretty slim. Here in Plainfield, weather.com is showing 47 as a high and sunny today, should be a good day to get out.
  13. I've solved Babble On, but not the other. Since they're both in my area, I take a peek at them fairly regularly. Another one in the area that's giving me fits is A Vintage Baudot, also by Sneakysheep. Both of Sneakysheep's leave me drooling on myself after a couple minutes.
  14. 33, 36, 5(in 2 weeks), and 2.
  15. Last week while doing a few caches and checking out the Indianapolis Museum of Art... Checking out Monet's Montage on the museum grounds. and my favorite, Clay at the Magic Kindom virtual in Walt Disney World Sorry for the big pics, more in my gallery
  16. Sorry Bret. We posted at nearly the same time and I took a while to write the post. I know this thread isn't about cache maintenance exclusively, but previous posts caused me to think it was heading in that direction.
  17. I'm not taking sides, and your pointing out the trespassing code works for me. However, I think the dogging on SixDogTeam because of (lack of) maintenance on this cache (by SixDogTeam) is unwarranted. Yes, the cache needs maintenance. But if you'll look at the page, this cache was adopted by him barely a month before you found it. It's not his original hide. Sure, the argument could be made that the cache should have been checked on as soon as adoption was complete. SixDog says "We will check on it as soon as possible" in his adoption log note. If he's anywhere near as busy a person as I am, ASAP might be a month. The logs from before make no mention of the condition of the cache. The first mention of the cache being in trouble is 5 days before your find. So, I'll ask you, why not post a "needs maintenance" log? Log pages frozen together would definitely qualify, and the container itself could use a change. With the number of hides and "found" logs coming in, a "needs maintenance" would stick out and draw attention to the cache, especially if there were 2 in a row (sixgunklr). I don't know SDT, and don't think I've ever found one of his hides, but I think that ripping the guy for a cache that he took over 30 days prior is bad form.
  18. Check out Diamond Ghosts here in town. Fun puzzle with a nice location for the finish.
  19. magnetic hide-a-key under a stair at the Sears Tower. Hope you're in shape.
  20. At the risk of stirring the pot, I think I'll chime in on this... You said: BBG then replied with 2 pieces of Indiana Code dealing specifically with what you were looking for. Now, the only vague part is whether or not the city, county, state, etc. must post said curfew at the cemetery entrance should they impose one. IC 35-33-1-1 is the area of Indiana Code dealing with when an officer may arrest an individual. See Sec. 1(a)(4). A few posts back, the cache page was quoted as saying "YOU ARE SUBJECT TO ARREST IF FOUND IN A CEMETERY AT NIGHT IN INDIANA IN MOST ALL JURISDICTIONS." Given BBG's post and what I found, this is a valid statement. Is it likely that you'd be arrested, no, but it is still an available option to any LEO who wanders up to you. The other thing to think about, in regards to nearly ALL ISQ hides, is that they are located in historic cemeteries, and as such, fall into a whole separate category. There's a reason why the ISQ hiders are so specific about cleaning up if you're there and not damaging anything further. Here's an interesting link for anyone, geocacher or not, who enjoys visiting old cemeteries... Indiana Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions
  21. I'm not creating a puzzle cache (yet), just looking for ways to solve them. As for searching with "tutorial" added, I get the same results. Mostly, just mentions as a potential puzzle cache encryption method.
  22. I'm assuming that good ol' MSPaint isn't going to cut it, but that a standard version of Photoshop would. Is there anything special I should know or program I should use instead of photoshop to start messing with this encryption method. A puzzle cache that I saw once used S-Tools, but that requires a passcode to decrypt. Also, are there any tutorials? I did a search on "steganography" and came up with a bunch of topics that mentioned it as an encryption method, but no details. Thanks in advance.
  23. You're not missing anything. Instant Notification is still in its infancy from what I can tell. Even the notification page says that it's a beta. For the most part, I get mine immediately, though there are times were I didn't get a notification until a couple days after it was published. Just let it ride, they'll come in. Welcome to the addiction.
  24. I'll have to concur with the others and say don't let it get you down. I'm barely into the sport myself and have already had some interesting hunts and (did not) finds. My first one took me probably 40mins including a trip back to the truck to read the hint again. It taught me a valuable lesson, and that is to remember that even though your GPS says it's 4.7ft in front of you, it may actually be 10.3ft behind you. If your GPSr is showing 15ft accuracy, that is. My first one, I spent the better part of the hunt looking on the opposite side of what I thought to be ground zero from the actual cache. Finding it was like Charlie finding a Golden Ticket. Nearly 60 days and 52 finds later, I find myself standing in subfreezing weather staring at a pine tree for 30mins and being irritated that it was cold and that I had to go back to work. I wanted to find that darn cache. You will too. Also, don't be afraid to log a DNF. there isn't a stat for that in your profile, only you will care how many you log. Like was said before, some DNFs are as big or bigger adventures than the actual find. Welcome to the addiction, and have fun.
  25. I was a little nervous as I headed out to work from my inlaws, because the white stuff was blowing pretty good. It all went away as I got north of 465 and into downtown, though, so I was able to pick up 3 today.
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