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The Nearest 100

Walker Dan

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As caches numbers continue to increase, has anybody any idea where in the UK are the nearest 100 caches? i.e. I reckon that from the centre of Perth there are 100 caches within less than 6 miles. Is there a higher concentration anywhere else and are we set for some cache breaking record finds in a day this summer?

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I reckon that from the centre of Perth there are 100 caches within less than 6 miles.


Yes, I feel very lucky to live so close to Perth!


Daytribe, you could always set lots of new caches north of Inverness!


I'm working on it. I've packed some newly aquired ammo boxes and I'm bringing my tupperware. :huh:

I seem to have a glut of tupperware that I have camouflaged with cammo tape


TIP: If you're going to the states, Walmart sell cammo tape (like Realtree) for less than a quid a roll. I bought loads.

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I spotted that cammo tape on eel island,good stuff that!

How long are these rolls then? I've seen some at uk army surplus places but the rolls were very short for the price.

Ah, well the one I used on Eel Island I bought on Ebay. Cost me £5 and was 6 metres long. It's very good

but is nylon and quite shiny.

But the stuff from Walmart is far superior, more realistic and is 5 metres long for $1.40.

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Yikes, there's now 100 in less than 5 miles from the centre of Perth (GCV4V7). What's going on? Pick up anything round here it's likely to be a cache :D . Getting to be overkill methinks.


Definitely not overkill!!!!!


Those 100 caches range from 1/1s to a 5/5. There is a wide variety of all types of caches - and very few that even I, as a native of Perth, would consider to be "lame" :D I have seen more of my home town in the past 18 months than I had the 30+ years before


Perth is a very historic town surrounded by hills - A few miles to the North and you are into the Highlands. All around Perth is amazing scenery and excellent walks.


I'm surprised that the local cachers have managed to restrain themselves from setting more! :laughing::D:ph34r:

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This coming weekend we are moving to a town north of Inverness in Scotland. You have to go out to 54 miles to get 100 caches up there.


Surely that must be a record at the other end of the scale in the UK? :laughing:


I bet somewhere like Lerwick would beat that!



EDIT: just checked and the sixth nearest cache to GCG0P7 is 52 miles away.

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From my office in Central London, the first 100 caches are within 2.4 miles. From where I live in South London, there are only three caches within 2.4 miles!


Where is your office :laughing:


I fancy another trip to London - but are all those caches active ??


Tim - ddm


Very near GCV6DR.


That is 100 100% active caches within 2.4 miles.

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