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  1. Hi all I really can't understand why people find it necessary to be able to log every event (whether camping related or not) that has been published. Is it really that difficult to admit that some events cannot be attended for whatever reason without automatically crying 'discrimination'? Before I get shot down I would like to make the point that I believe event organisers should try to make their event as accessible for all as possible but if this is can't be achieved why punish by not allowing publishing said event? Just a few examples 1: I can't (although I would like) climb big fells/mountains etc. Do I really expect to have a logbook at the bottom of said fell/mountain so I can claim a 5 terrain? 2: I don't have a problem with pub events - I like pubs, however do I ask for them to be stopped because I can't have a drink due to having to drive a car back home (after all, it may be miles away from home) or it being a school night? Not forgetting that some venues may not allow children (or pets) at all? 3: Oh yes, I would like to give extreme caching a try but I know that this is not very feasible, so do I expect all events which fall into that category not to be published due to them not being 'open to all'? The list goes on but I am sure everyone has heard it all before..... I really do think that if at all possible events should be made accessible for all but on the occasions that this is not possible surely common sense should prevail rather than having a 'spit out dummy time'. PS: I am quite certain I published something similar a few years ago when camping event were published. PPS: I think that it is really sad that seasoned camping event organisers have been put off publishing their regular camping events. Open for all? Yes, for all the non-campers Ok, shoot me down
  2. A few people have mentioned 'The Royal Mile' multi which we enjoyed very much. For us though the first prize goes to GC6AA9 'Up the Close and Down the Stairs' - a lovely multi following in the footsteps of Burke and Hare. We started this 'after dark' which certainly added to the atmosphere. Please note that the final stage can only be attempted during certain hours (please refer to cache page) but it is certainly worth your while. I hope you will enjoy these as much as we did! The_Botherers
  3. Thanks for the link. I have posted on there and have received some lovely recommendations. One of which include a real ale pub with good food - what can possibly go wrong Cheers Susanne
  4. I couldn't help making the most out of the recent Travelodge sale which resulted in booking a weekend in Stafford. Now I am looking for recommendations, not just for 'must do' caches but also for nice pubs/good food/other things to do if the weather should be abysmal. Any suggestions? Thank you Susanne
  5. Do you mean the Whitton Weaver Way series? There are 5 parts to it, each one completed will give you a different medal to download to your profile. Hope this helps
  6. The below are just my personal opinions: 1) Surely, anybody setting any kind of event cache would like people to take part in the chosen event. In simple terms: A camping event will involve camping, a pub event will involve a pub, a mountain climbing event will involve a climbing a mountain etc etc. 2) Sometimes, for whatever reason, people are unable to attend certain events ie too unfit to climb a mountain, not wanting to swap a duvet cover for a night under canvas or unwilling to drag the children to some pub. If I would belong to the second category why oh why should I then have the power to tell the event setter of the first category to change his listings to include people who are not willing to take part in his/her chosen event? If I don't wish to camp, why should the setter have to choose an alternative pub meet so I could get a smiley face? If indeed, I hate camping events (or any other events) that much, why would I even WANT to have that smiley face? I am quite sure that, if at all possible, camping event setters will do everything possible to allow for day visitors to take part in the fun around the campfire. However, why should they not be allowed to publish an event if they are not possible to accommodate that for whatever reason (whether personal choice or campsite owners)? I can also understand that cachers who put a lot of effort in organising activity based events might not want somebody gaining a smiley face for arriving at the car park without actually taking part in the activity. I, personally, would feel quite bad to claim a five * event for difficulty and terrain only to pull up at some carpark and say a quick hello. Bottom line, if you want to claim an event cache as outlined by the event setter (very important this bit) then you should do what is asked of you. If you don't wish to do so then have the grace of letting that smiley go without making a fuss.
  7. Thanks for the link. I knew I should always read instructions first . Thanks for taking the time Susanne x
  8. Thanks ever so much for your help. I more or less did as suggested previously but after following your instructions and reading the link kindly provided by Sid and Bob I noticed that one of the filters must have been set wrongly and that is why none of the caches were showing. Anyhow, all working fine now (I think, the proof will be in the pudding I guess ) so thanks for taking the time. Susanne x
  9. Yes, it was kindly pointed out to me (otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue). I think I sort of struggle on all three elements. I can export the gpx file but not sure if i export it to the right place. Thought I managed to move it to HTC and it shows in there but can't open it due to application errors and nothing is showing on cachemate. So not sure which of the three steps I managed to mess up. Thanks for any help
  10. export a gpx file from GSAK put it on the phone press the import button on the bottom of cachemate - thats it Have done as suggested and it worked ok, even confirmed imports but that's it. Don't have anytthing on cachemate or anywhere else i can see. Have I managed to muddle all the settings etc? As per usual I am at a loss, but yet again one step further i suppose. Help Sorry to bring this up again but I still have not managed to cross the final hurdle. Just can't get the information from GSAK to smartphone. Have now got cachemate on but I just don't seem to be able to export/import etc . Can somebody please help, preferably with an easy to understand step by step guide how to get from GSAK to smartphone before something gets broken . Thanks
  11. export a gpx file from GSAK put it on the phone press the import button on the bottom of cachemate - thats it Have done as suggested and it worked ok, even confirmed imports but that's it. Don't have anytthing on cachemate or anywhere else i can see. Have I managed to muddle all the settings etc? As per usual I am at a loss, but yet again one step further i suppose. Help
  12. Thanks for your step by step explanation. I have now managed to install the full paid for cachemate version on the htc. All I have to do know is figure out how to get the database from GSAK onto the htc probably via cachemate. Have tried a couple of times but no joy so far Do you export from GSAK to cachemate or do you import through cachemate on the htc. Sorry, I feel a little bit like a numpty but I thought it better to admit to it rather than chucking all of my things into the bin as they won't work (or better say as I can't get them to work)
  13. You are installing the wrong type of file. You need the correct .cab file for your phone. Note that Windows Mobile Pocket PC Windows Mobile Smartphone are different versions. Do not extract the .cab file, simply copy it to your phone and click it (run it) from the file explorer. You can't really add file associations with out of the box smartphones. You need to open the program then import the gpx. Thanks for the reply. I can see where i went wrong as I previously tried to extract the .cab files. The problem with the file association was probably down to having an incompatible programme in the first place. Have now managed to get cachemate which should help with the final hurdle of reading gpx files on the smartphone via cachemate. Although, I have not managed to to that yet Stuck again lol. Thanks again!
  14. Hi I have the htc S620 (through BT). I tried to add beeline gps to the phone but i got the error message that 'file installation was unsuccessful as file not supported by the device'. i did try to export from GSAK too but got another error message. Sorry, I can't remember what it said exactly and trying to duplicate what I did originally failed. Can you tell I am useless with gadgets Susanne
  15. Which HTC phone do you have? If you have a Windows Mobile based one, then GSAK will not work on it, you will need CacheMate instead to use GPX files on the phone itself. You can export data from GSAK as a GPX to use on the phone with CacheMate. Can't answer your question about beeline, as I have never used it. Hope this helps? Regards, Martin It's the htc S620 and yes, it is windows mobile based. I have briefly looked at cachemate but got stuck there at the first hurdle as it is asking me to enter a smittyware id before I can purchase the product? Tried to find out where to get it but got a bit frustrated . But will give it another try if you think that might solve the problem. Thanks for your quick reply. Oh, and if you know anything about this smittyware ID please feel free to guide me in the right direction . Thanks again. Susanne
  16. Does anybody use the HTC smartphone? We got this one a while back and thought what an opportunity to finally go paperless. Since then I have tried and miserably failed to even get anywhere near using it properly . I have tried Gsak and beeline gps to no avail. I get error messages such as 'no application associated with ...' and 'installation file is not intended for this device'. There is a very high possibility that I am completely doing it all wrong being technically challenged . So has anybody got any idea of where I am going wrong and maybe suggestions of how to solve the problem pleaaaaseeeeeeeeeee ? Thanks
  17. How strange. When i dropped in I get the topic for today, the list of names on the right and even when I type something it shows on the screen. But thats it and after a few minutes I get disconnected. Hmmm.... But thanks for saying hello though even though I didn't get that bit. x
  18. JOOI, how do you know if the wrong datum has been used? Over much of the UK the difference between WGS84 and OSGB is less than 200 metres. OK if it puts the cache in the middle of a lake or whatever, but often the wrong location might look perfectly feasible? Rgds, Andy You've hit it on the nose, if the location is in the middle of a lake or a M way/Rail track. One of the biggest errors is mixing formats when using a GPSr which both have to be set independently, and then your talking miles out . Many times the location matches up with the description, and gets published it's only when people state the cache coordinates are 200m out and the cache owner contacts me because they can't understand what's gone wrong is the error discovered. Another favourite is a reviewer note stating the OS GB grid ref on the cache page does not match up with the actual location when plotted on a OS Map. The cache owner uses OS GB and paper maps, and makes the mistake when changing datums Oh we only know too well what you mean from personal experiences Still don't know how we managed to have the wrong datum on but it meant that last year at Hazel's event we managed to find the grand total of 2 caches and even they were found by pure coincidence Anyway, after a post on the forum we had many kind replies pointing out the error with the datum Doesn't mean to say we are any better in finding the blighters though
  19. Hmmmm either there is never anybody in when I pop round or maybe I am not wearing the right attire and the bouncers won't let me in So I am waving from here instead x
  20. I would definitely recommend buying a framed backcarrier. We have used one for our youngest since he was about 8months old and wouldn't be without it. Have a look on the german ebay as they sell new ones (not the big name brands but same principle) for a fraction of what they cost here. And most are willing to post over here, too We bought one from there and had no complaints at all. He might be a little bit young for it yet as he must be able to sit up by himself comfortably. Once he can I'd say go for it as you can then do all the caches you fancy, bearing in mind that they do get heavy after awhile PS: I agree with OP about stiles, the hop over ones are ok but the ones you have to sidle through are a complete nightmare
  21. Ooh, depends on who you believe Weather.com says differently...... although it's looking cold at night..... just as well I'm bringing the shed! On another note..... John: can you remind me what the pitch includes? Is it as-much-as-you-can-fit-on-a-pitch or are pup tents extra? Stu (who is REALLY looking forward to it!) Great, I like this weather forecast much better so I will stick with that one (for now) Just have to remember to bring enough wine and then I won't care too much about the weather anyway Thanks for cheering me up Stu!!
  22. Ok who was responsible for ordering the weather . Looks like we are going to get wet Do you not know that we are fairweather campers xx
  23. Just purchased a HTC S620 Smartphone and decided that this would be a good time to go paperless. Have managed to create pocket queries, and how to transfer them to GSAK. From there I have even managed to download the file to the smartphone but this is where the problem begins. When trying to open the file I get the error message: 'There is no application associated with 'file'. Run the application first and then open this file inside the application.' No idea what that means or how to sort the problem. Probably something really easy to solve but I am easily technically challenged so any solutions would be gratefully received. Thanks. PS: I have read bits and bobs about the beeline application. Would that be any good for the smartphone?
  24. Sometimes, only sometime, it is possible to get through nettles etc and not leave too obvious a trail. For example if a cache is likely to be in a fence some yards from a parallel path it will leave a less obvious trail if you leave the path a little distance along and approach close to the fence rather than get opposite the cache location and go direct to it at right angles from the path. Sometime too it is possible to pull some of the vegetation up again and hope it will regrow before the muggles follow you in - tough on the next cacher maybe but better that than no cache to look for! I wholeheartedly agree that all steps should be taken to avoid arousing anyone's curiousity and we usually try to do that . As you mention in your post alternative ways should be found (if possible) to approach a cache and not bulldoze everything in sight. In my defence though my actual comment referred more to the actual cache site and not the path to it .
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