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Geocoin Shipping Dates


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January Signal have been shipped.

GAS have been shipped

The status indicator was not updated but will be this afternoon. They have been in the mail for several days. I just got mine yesterday in the U.S.


Wales is being scheduled.


February has not been shipped.


Thanks for the update!


I have sent a couple of emails to to the geocoin store about this but they have not responded. Has anyone else been able to contact them?

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Does anyone know if the following coins are going to ship to Canada soon???


January 2006 Signal Geocoin

Geocaching Alberta South Geocoin

February 2006 Signal Geocoin

Wales Geocoin

Ghost Coins




The Lost Geeks


Apparently the GAS coins shipped today, at least mine did according to the store.

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At long last...the NFA Personal Geocoins have arrived!!!


They arrived this afternoon, I packaged them up instantly, and they will all ship tomorrow.


They are gorgeous...if I do say so myself.


Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the coins...if you are in Northern New York (on in the Las Vegas area in early April) look for some of these to be entering caches near you!


If you have questions about the NFA Personal Geocoin, please feel free to get in touch.



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MiGO 2006 Coins are in and start shipping 3/20

ARK-MO coins are in and ship starting 3/20

Wales Coins are in and start shipping 3/20

CITO Coins are in and ship within 4 days of order placement

Sunshing Gang coins are in and ship starting 3/22

Fox N Hound coins are in and ship starting 3/22

Isle of Man coins are in and ship starting 3/22

SOMDCacherz coins are in and ship starting 3/22

DarrylW4 & Firefly03 Geocoin are in and ship within 7 days of the sale date

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We had hoped to get the Geoswag Coin of the month out today. But, due to a mechanical failure on one of FEDEX's planes out of Hong Kong, the shipment has been delayed. We even paid for Saturday Delivery! Sorry about the delay.




Not only did FEDEX have a Mechanical Failure, the coins were delayed in customs for two days!


That being said, all March coins were shipped yesterday.





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February Signal coins, first batch, are in and start shipping monday.

robert's personal first batch s in and start shipping monday.


We expect March Signal coins to be in and start shipping April 15th-ish and will update here when they do arrive and start shipping.

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Shipped yesterday and today - all open orders as of Monday, International and domestic:


- 2006 MiGO Lighthouse coins

- FootTrax

- GeoFaex Regular and LE

- Scott-N8ZUS

- Cache or Die Trying Silver & Gold

- Blue Canary

- Team S&B

- Haughtons Hunters

- Always Looking


Being packed now and hopefully all out by tonight:


- mtn-man Admin Brick


Going out immediately after the bricks, tonight & tomorrow:


- Nebraskache Geocorn

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Shipped today from the Geocoin Store


CCCooper Geocoin Pvt & Public sales - ALL

Japan Geocoin - ALL

Utah Silver - ALL

Utah Antique Gold - ALL

Jan to Apr Signal - ALL outstanding orders

CITO - ALL outstanding orders


Shipping tomorrow 6/20

June Geocoin Club Coin and Pin set - ALL

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MWGB Passing the Torch was received today and should ship tomorrow after we finish the International GCC June orders.


May Signal should be in tomorrow and I'll try to get them out yet this week but Monday at the very latest.


I was on vacation last week so this has been a busy week back, there should be lots of those little white envelopes appearing in mailboxes around the world about now.

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All Geocoin Store orders (including Kids, Pi, and DB&BNB) and Signal Store orders placed through early Friday morning have been shipped. The only exception being some of the Kids Coin orders. I thought we got them all in but we only got 100 so I couldn't fill everything yet.


We are now off to the Bash for the week and will resume shipping when we recover. If you are coming to the Bash be sure to say hello!

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