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  1. Your posting is very timely. I just got three packages sent back to me that were all addressed to Canada. On them they had a sticker saying anything over 13 ounces has to go to the counter and deal directly with a postal employee. I have shipped to Canada before and this is the first time this has happened. Sorry about the delay, the three envelopes will be going out today.
  2. All preorders were shipped this past Saturday. Thanks for the orders. Enjoy the coin.
  3. I am told the coins may have left China last night. I may get this this week! A few pre-order coins are still available at http://utley.us/pc/2009police.html
  4. Just received the photos from the mint for this coin. Take a look! I am quite pleased at the production. Look for them on ebay as most have sold on pre-order.
  5. Thanks for the order. FYI, I have been informed these coins will be done the week of July 13 and then shipped from China. I am hoping they are in my hands by the week of the 20th.
  6. Yes this has the same icon as the Original 2006 version. See here
  7. Here is the coin that inspired the design.
  8. Wow it does look similar. They kinda took our badge idea from 2006. Well....more good looking coins for collectors and to travel the world is a good thing in my opinion. The artwork was inspired by a badge design from the Amtrak Railroad Police badge so both were taken from that design.
  9. The very popular Police Geocaching Squad is proud to present its 2009 version. We are expecting this from the mint in July. We are now taking preorders for this coin. We are minting 200 coins in 4 different finishes. 50 of Gold, 50 Nickel, 50 Antique Gold and 50 Antique Silver. The 2006 coin was so popular that it sold out quickly and recently this coin went for $56 on Ebay. This version is the Garmin Armed version. We are only shipping to the USA and Canada. The Gold version is available by itself or you can preorder the set of all four finishes. Pre order page Pre order page 2006 Version 2007 Version
  10. Thinking I may do the TB Design. Not sure if I am going back, arm or legs.
  11. Well I killed my battery in one day yesterday but it is a new phone so I was "playing with it" all day. I had wifi on and was surfing, I had geocache navigator on at lunch and found two caches, I had load up a BBGPSGolf software and went 9 holes and it showed my distance to the green perfectly. As a result of this blackberry overdose day my battery was near dead when I got home. So to answer your question, I think the battery will last 2 to 3 days with normal infrequent operation. I am also not too happy that the Curve 8900 does not take the normal small usb charger so I have to buy new car adapters and wall adapters as well as make sure I do not lost this special usb cable! Come on, the best phone I have ever used and you could not use a standard adapter! I will check out cacheberry today.
  12. Just got my new Blackberry Curve 8900. I was not convinced you could geocache very well with a phone but it has worked great! I have found three geocaches with it so far. Yes it may take a little longer to acquire the sats and update your location but it works. I use Trimble's GeocacheNavigator software and it works wonderful. I was going to buy a Garmin Oregon but I think I am going to stick with the Blackberry for awhile as I can download cache locations on the fly right from the phone
  13. Just loaded 1500 caches into my Nuvi 770. I am heading out the door to try it out. I wish there was a way to show all the caches on the map at the same time, other than that, I will now go see if I can find the cache.
  14. I am tempted to let the cachers who took it there keep it if they want to, if they don't want to I may change the mission to get back to me in Salt Lake City, if it made that trek back, that would be even more impressive.
  15. It took 2.5 years to get there - this is opposite of one of those times where you find out your geocoin has gone missing and most likely stolen
  16. Prime Meridian Geocoin made it from Utah all the way to the monument that is on the coin! Prime Meridian Geocoin Mission Page Thanks Murfster!!!
  17. All coins ordered to date have been shipped this morning. Enjoy!
  18. For anyone who wants to purchase a Good Mojo Geocoin...... Good Mojo Purchase Page I have about 30 available of the nickel version.
  19. Here is v1 of the of the Good Mojo Geocoin. 100 minted, 15 XLE (Gold) 85 Nickel, with 60 available to the public. For sale here
  20. I thought these were not to be sold, I think it has an engraving on the side of the coin that says so. <Removed non-trackable link>
  21. Here is the first version of the Good Mojo Geocoin. There are three versions coming. In the next few days I will make a presale available. There will be 100 total coins minted. 75 Nickel and 25 Gold. Here is the final artwork Good Mojo Geocoin V1
  22. Thanks to all who submitted designs. I can pick a clear winner if you want but as it stands right now I would like to mint three of the designs. The two winners are surteb, E&Cplus3. Originally 20 coins went to the winner, but if you both can agree on 15 total coins each (you choose how many of which version) a total of 30 coins will go to the two winners The doll version, the Daruma version and the Austin version. Let me know your thoughts. I will mint one at a time, a limited amount on each coin.
  23. I will be looking here for anyone that has problems. If your particular code is a problem, I am sure I can get it rectified, Please send the code to me via email, so when I talk to their support guy I can have it handy. Thanks
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