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Mississippi Geocoin


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Have any of you seen the new Arkansas coin?  COIN

That one is nice too....


BTW: How are ya'll finding out about all these coins, do you belong to/monitor lots of differant forums?? I ahve a hard enough time keeping up with just this forum!!

I follow a few of them and somebody else I know follows all of them then reports it to me. :laughing:

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I just received pictures of the Mississippi geocoin from the geocoinstore and they look great! We have just about decided that 600 regular edition coins won't be enough for sale on the website, we are looking at increasing the initial order to 1000 regular edition and leave the limited edition at 150 coins (100 to be sold on the website, remainder to be sold at events, put in caches, etc...). We can always go back after the sale and do another short run to meet demand if needed (regular edition only) Thoughts?.....

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Now you're confusing me! :)

Actually, the geocoinstore just emailed me and wants to move the sale time up an hour or back an hour because of another sale happening at the same time! It was going to be 9pm and midnight, but I'll post tomorrow and let you know what time has been decided.


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<snip> considering orders for the regular can't be placed together with the LE.

What ju talkin bout, Willis!?! :bad:


500 regular edition go on sale at 9:00pm Eastern, Jan 27th, along with all LE


But they both get charged the $3.13?! No shopping cart? And they'll ship together? That just ain't right!

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I just went to the site and realize what your talking about. :D


I guess the best thing would be to go for the LE's first, huh? :D


Edit: Flyin V chimes in as I was posting. Yep, a shopping cart system is definately needed here! Or at least both coins in the same order form. :bad:

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Why $10 each for the LE?  That's a bit pricey considering orders for the regular can't be placed together with the LE. Who set such a high price?

Checking on the price now, I think it was just a communication error. :D Should be fixed soon, as we are contacting manufacturer this morning, thanks for pointing this out Atlantagal. :bad:

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