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  1. About dang time!! just kidding!!
  2. I am definitely going to buy one of these since it is the state that I was born in.
  3. Just paid for one. Great looking coin!! Smokey311 Valdosta, GA
  4. Smokey311


    I think virtual geocoins are ridiculous. If someone wants to activate a coin and make it into a virtual...that's fine by me. I agree with REHass that if it is a virtual coin...it does not need to be placed in a regular cache. I have been e-mailed lists of vitrual geocoins in the past. I just refuse to log them.
  5. I want a silver one please! Thanks!! Smokey311
  6. Are these sold out yet?? If not...I want one!!!
  7. I want one! Let me know if there are any left!! Thanks!! Smokey311
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