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What Kind Of Caches Do You Like?

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One of my favorite finds was a DECON box hidden behind a loose stone in a rock wall. Another one was an empty garage door remote stuck to a tree with a magnet and camoflaged with bark.


In general I like ones with a hike through a nice area like a state or county park. Micros are not my favorite although my husband seems to like them. Well camo'ed is nice as opposed to tupperware hidden under a pile of sticks. My husband seems to catch anything that looks out of the ordinary.


I appreciate ones at rest areas on the interstates for cache and dash. Makes the trip more interesting.

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I just completed What's in the bag dad? This cache used very unique containers and various techniques were deployed to get the numbers for the next step. Send the owner an email and ask him about the details. I have not found that many and this one was a first. I enjoy finding any type of cache but this one had everything. It was not too hard and did not require anything special to get to the next step. It was well planned out and I have plans on copying one or more of the steps because they were so fun.

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The kind we can find!!!!!


The kind where the kids don't step in water/mud/poop.


The kind where no one gives us weird looks (although some of my favorites have been clever micros in well-traveled areas).


The kind that take us to a neat spot in our own home town.


The kind that inspire us to hide more of our own.


Did I mention, the kind that we can find?

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Since I bring my 3 small children along, we need a cache big enough to hold some decent 'treasure'. The little ones just don't see the point in finding a (micro) cache with no prize.


When I am travelling for work, I sometimes enjoy a micro hidden in a very public place. I like to see where someone hid it in plain sight, and use stealth to get it.



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If you want to reward others, then I think you'll come up with a pretty good hide naturally. A clever (but not difficult) camouflage, scenic locations, and interesting areas are some examples.


If you want to present a challenge, then you should be careful and wait to hide caches of this type, since your idea of a challenge might be torture to others.


Personally, I enjoy camouflaged containers, especially if they involve skilled craftsmanship and/or clever engineering. For locations, I enjoy hiking through lesser known trails, and/or "secret" locations that most people don't know about, so I can enjoy it all by myself without muggles.

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I like a variety, but my favorite are the nice strolls to ammos boxes.


I don't mind a challenging hike once in a while, but I prefer to be able to easily do several in a day, since I get to go caching so rarely.


I don't mind clever micros once in a while, but I do like to do some trading, and I do like a nice walk through a pleasant area.


If I can have a good view, an ammo box with some potential trades, and a nice walk without worrying about broken bones or blisters I am in seventh heaven!

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I've tried urban caches, I just don't like them that well. There are too many people around, the caches aren't there half the time cause of muggles, and most are micros.


I like more rual caches, and regular size caches, I also like micros in an interesting place. I like caching out in the country cause there is not as much traffic and muggles to deal with.

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We like them all, though we've not been caching much as we'd like! My favorites are boxes that can hold trade goodies (yup, keep the kids happy!) in little parks that I didn't know existed, fairly easy to get to, with clever clues, a little historical interest, and a pretty view is a plus. I'm thinking of "Old School" in Shoreline WA. The clues had my son and his friend thinking (do you count from the bottom or the top? WHAT do you count?) the view was great, nice park, nobody got frustrated to the point of quitting, and they got to trade something, etc. etc.


It's all good! :rolleyes:

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I also like to find new places. A recent search took me to a little fishing hole I never even suspected was there - and only three miles from my house.


I'm losing interest in micros, especially urban ones. They don't seem worth the effort it takes to find a parking spot, dodge muggles, get weird looks and scare women just to sign a log. On the other hand, I was delighted by my first light pole find, so much so that I hid one.


I think a mile is way too far to hike to a cache, but perhaps that may be a factor of my near-60 age. But I recently hiked three miles in and picked up five caches along the same trail.


My perfect cache? A well-hidden ammo can a short distance off a pretty trail, stuffed with good swag - and a jeep.

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I also like lamp post micro caches ... <zzzzip> fire proof suit on and ready for action.  :rolleyes:

I just found out we now have a lamp post micro here in town...


Leave for 5 months and the place goes to hell in a handbasket.





To keep this OT (in this case 'O' is for ON) for the OP:


It's great you're thinking about your cache ahead of time. My suggestion would be to expand what you're looking for, in both difficulty of the hide and difficulty of the terrain. Really find out what YOU like to search for and go from there.


As mentioned earlier, if you place something similar to what you like, you will (most likely) put out a better cache. Please also consider that it's not just about having a 'hide' in the 'owned' column... it should also be about creating something that other people will enjoy beyond the acquisition of 'another number'.


And to answer the question: much like Snat, I prefer a real box at the end of a real hike. A couple of miles is a good warm up.


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I took up geocaching just 3 or 4 months ago, mainly for moderate excercise. Many years ago I was involved in orienteering, which is more event oriented and competitive, but requiring similar skills. Since my health is failing somewhat, I have found that I really like the caches that bring me to historic locations in my area, that I never knew about until seeking a cache.

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We like all types of caches. We think they all have their own place. In a highly populated area micros are great as long as you don't have to stick your head in a bush at a resturant that is jammed packed. Just have to pick the right time to do this type. We love challenging hides that gives us time to look for them. Trails, lakes, country roads, historical places are our favorites because they take us to places we have never been before. But as we say, we like the micros too, and will do them when given the opportunity.

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I honestly like all kinds of caches for the most part.


Good puzzle caches

Good multi-caches

Good one stage caches.


Now, where I differ from most cachers in my state is to an extent I like some park-n-grabs...most people think keyholder/pill bottle under a lampost and they are right, but I was exposed to a few funny/humor related park-n-grabs while in Fl that were not lampost caches but well thought out concepts. that I would love to do but yeah...there are too many things wrong with my state for that.


Now just in case anyone misread that let me make sure I made my point

I have NOTHING against ANY geocacher anywhere, just in general there are way too many beautiful places to even consider park-n-grabs anymore where I am from


I do not wanna get flammed from people thinking I am attacking other cachers, I am not and if you think so, then I am sorry


Some of the best caches I have ever done

The End

2 on the Palmetto Trail


Monkey Puzzle 2(Fl version)

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