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Multis ROCK, I love a good multi-cache.

Look at that sentance carefully... GOOD MULTIS!


I say quality over quantity. Make it unique and challenging, but I'd reccomend no more than 10 legs(even 5), that way you could keep it somewhat fresh.


To answer your question, I might given the circumstances, and a few days off work, but generally NO. That's too much work, especially if they're all micros!

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Depends on the story behind the cache.


We have quite a lengthy and involved multi here called "Cache Your Own Adventure". At the first stop, you're presented with a story, and then you have to make one of three choices, each leading to different coords. The wrong choice leads to a dead-end, the right choice to the next set of three coords. Two of the six dead-ends are loggable though, so the pain is minimised if you end up having to visit every stage. Anyhow, it's a unique idea and the story was fun, so even though it was an involved multi, it was worth doing.


Now, if your multi simply involves 51 stops at signs and placards, collecting phone numbers, then NO, I wouldn't attempt it. I'd likely add it to my ignore list to get it off my nearest search queries.

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It would have to be very interesting. The first multi we ever did had 7 stages. They were all in the same park that led you in a circle so you finished near where you started. We thought it was challenging and fun, but it took us longer than we thought. Each stage had a decent hint in case you needed one.


But I think 51 stages is a bit excessive and would be difficult to keep my interest.

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NO .... I agree with others that I would loose interest. I would suggest that you break it down into 9 each 5 stage caches and 1 each 6 stage cache ..... and call them a series name such as Long Cache 1, Long Cache 2,..... Long Cache 10. The entire series would be 10 loggable caches ..... and possibly a yearly event cache with only those who completed the entire 10 cache series invited ..... therefore getting a BONUS Cache and a chance to mingle!


;) ImpalaBob

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I was one of the first ones to the cache Flask was referring to. I was young and naive. There is no way I would do a 51 stage cache. Let's say the chances of each stage being muggled are 1/100 then the odds of *all* the stages being intact are only 59%. That doesn't even factor in the chances of me FINDING all the stages. Right now I have about 30 DNF's and close to 300 finds. So I only find caches 9 times out of 10. My chances of finding 51 consecutive caches are about 1/2 of 1%. Not very good odds, granted I could keep going back and I could email you for hints etc. Sounds like a big waste of time.


My advice: Do what you feel is right. ;)

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You're pretty intent on this 51-leg multi, aren't you. You've asked the opinion of the forum if cachers would attempt it, and despite the resounding near-unanimous NO, you plan to go ahead with it anyway? Why did you ask if you had already made up your mind?


Many good points have been made about why this is a BAD idea, especially for one of your first hides. Cache saturation, too d#mn long, monotony, caching real estate sucked up by this monstrosity, etc etc etc. On top of all of that, THIS IS YOUR FIRST HIDE. Place a few traditional caches (regular/micros) first as a litmus test to see what the area cachers think of your hiding ability. Maybe what you think will be great spots with no problems could be very bad locations for a cache, or even illegal. Test the water before you jump in face first. Sure, this cache may become the stuff legends are made of (in it's proposed 6 month lifespan) but the odds are much stronger that this will leave a black eye on you, and possibly the geocaching community as a whole. (read up on South Carolina, would you want a mistake you make to cause that to happen where you are?)


Not to discourage a new, (overly)enthusiastic cacher, but in all honesty, based on your description and plans for this cache, I'm not sure it will ever get approved.


Personally, I can't even imagine the maintenance headache this could cause you--logs reading "......Stage appears to be missing. I think it was 37, or maybe 43?" or, ".....micro seems like it has been moved, so I placed back where I thought it belonged" and then you have to go figure out which one and put it back... Seriously man, THINK about *all* of this before you put this out and inadvertantly create a whole bunch of geolitter.




IMHO, *IF* you place this cache, the final cache should contain NO items from happy meals, dollar stores, or the junk drawer, and the FTF prize should be worth at LEAST $1 for EACH stage requred to get to the final. And if you REALLY want people to attempt it, you had better place rewards every 5-10 (closer to 5 than 10) stages along the way, either a breathtaking view the average person would never find, or prizes along the way, etc.

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I was working with an idea for a more extensive cache, but pretty quickly aborted the idea of a mega-stage multicache. What I came up with instead is a series of 15 separate caches. This way each one can be done in any order you prefer and you get some credit for doing what you find - even if you never complete the whole series. There are 14 traditional caches that cover a pretty extensive range of containers and hiding styles. Some are 1/1 small containers and several are 50 cal. ammo boxes. The only requirement I made on placement was to have nothing that my own 9 year old son would not be able to get to. This means that none of the caches are terrain rated over 2.5 - but that doesn't mean they are all urban park hides :(


The FINALE to the series is a puzzle cache. It can actually be done by someone without even looking at any of the other caches, but it would require a bit more guesswork and would be a lot harder to confirm that your guesses were on the right track. If someone gets a hunch as to what they are looking for, the other 14 caches in the series would help confirm that they are thinking along the proper thought process. This way, I was able to make a rewarding cache that contains some very worthwhile items (and I may still have more added to it - I just got a HP Deskjet I'd want to add to the booty, but it wont fit in the ammo box :D ) and doing the other caches may help their chances of finding the final.


Its a new series, but so far the response from local cachers has been pretty positive. Once cacher found 11 from this series in a single day and all but 2 have already been found. I promised myself not to place any more caches for awhile after launching this set off, but the wife already has a few more devious ideas and one of them is just too good to pass up. Hmm, we might have to work on placing it this weekend. That "Choose your own Cache Adventure" sounds pretty cool too - I might want to borrow it if I do another series of caches.

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A local caher hid 20 or so individual caches as a series. In some caches there was a digit of the final cache and some had 'try again' in them. You had to find them to get the coords for N ab cd.efg W hij kl.mno. So one cache had a=4 etc. each was its own cache page so you could go out and find them in any order you wanted. Depending on which letters you found - you may be able to guess at the final cache coords without finding all of the 20 caches. This was a very popular series that was praised in the logs as a fun adventure. Some cachers completed the series in a few days and some (me) took a few months to get out and find enough of them to get the final.


This type allowed someone to go and find a few and not even try to find the final. Still have a couple of finds and not just be 1/10th done with a large multi.


I did this series and enjoyed it. I probably would not have attempted a 20 stage multi.

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Absolutely, especially if all the stages and the final were micros, I just love micros!

Have done long ones a few stages at-a-time while caching about the stages in the same area . . . eventually it gets off my nearest list without my judging the work of others by using the 'ignore' button. It is part of the game and fun to do!

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It would depend on what information you gave on the cache page.  If I knew how far I'd travel I'd probably do it, even if it were a long trip.  It's definitely a good idea to let people know how many stages the cache will have and what distance they'll travel.


I have a 31 stage multi called  GPS Art, but it's all in one large parking lot, and it's mentioned on the cache page that there are 31 stops to make.


There's a cool payoff at the end though.  :D

Mushtang, yours is cool though. Plus, it isn't about finding micros, it is about the surprise generated by the waypoints (I don't know how much to say, I know what it is but have not found it yet). You have a cache at the end and a heck of a good surprise spread over a small area.


50 micros and an ammo box?




Example? More notes, not found and disable/enable logs than found logs on this cache. I'm up to stage 3 and have not even bothered in over 6 months because of all of the problems with it. It is only 7 stages.



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One of our parks runs an annual multi-cache that I usually do a few steps at a time. The first year had four stages, second had five (plus a bonus), last year had ten, and this year has at least six. Every stage has been at least good, most are excellent, and some are downright phenomenal. Another couple years and they'll total 51, and since I can't miss a single year, that's kind of the same. Hence, I'll answer yes, over time, if it were interesting.

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51 stages! :(


I'd think "no way", but who knows...if one like that popped up in my area I'd probably start it, but they would have to be some darned interesting stages to keep my interest.


As a great case study, there is a cache that is the second closest to my work, and it is 11 stages. So far, I've done two, and I'm not in any big hurry to do the rest, as so far they've both been numbers on a sticker on the back of a sign in a fast food parking lot. If I'm in the area where the next stage is, I'll find it, but otherwise....

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I'm thinking about creating an 128 stage multi where every single container contains a spring-loaded boxing glove that punches you in the face when you open it.



Thanks! I needed a good laugh. Especially after all the angst from yesterday.


[Edit: add link to angst.]

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I have a three stage multi-cache with the third WP in the middle of a lake. The coords of all three WPs define a circle and the final cache is at the center of it. Once you have the WP coords you can solve for the center any of a number of ways to get the final. This can be done mathematically or using your GPSr. I have gotten many compliments on how well laid out this was and how much everyone really enjoyed it, from the WPs to the final. However, only 7 cachers have found it in the 5 months its been out. Others don't even attempt it because it sounds too hard. I may simplify the difficulty rating and provide more information to lead potential cachers down the path soon to get more interest (it's currently 3 1/2 stars).


My challenge to you is to be more creative and less exhaustive in the stages to your final. There are millions of ways to define a point, some more elegant than others. Multi's can be very fun if there is a necessity and reason for each WP. I wouldn't go after 51 WPs for a multi. 10 is probably my limit if it sounds interesting enough. I did a fun one once that had 6 WPs and then a final but it followed a circular route, took no more than 90 mins., and had a rather rewarding regular cache for the final. It also took my daughter to a really cool place in our hometown she had never seen before (an abandoned helicopter landing pad).

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