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  1. It could also be the Google Toolbar. If you using IE and Google Toolbar try disabling it and see if your slowness goes away. If that fixes then try the new beta Google Toolbar. This worked for me on one of my machines.
  2. I am pretty sure if you do these steps it should work: From Adobe Reader: File Print Properties Select A4 as your paper size. Then make sure "Auto-rotate and center" is checked on and also set page scaling to "Fit to Printable Area", then print it. I don't have any A4 paper so I can't try it. :-)
  3. Log: TFTC TNSL. Comment 1: Nice log, don't strain yourself! Comment 2: Buzz off, nobody asked you. Comment 3: This is a 3/4 cache with a 2-mile hike in a great area, it deserves a much better log. Comment 4: It's none of your business though is it? etc. Yeah that would work.
  4. Regarding the map size: My maps were pretty small (height-wise) in both I.E. and Firefox, so I went in and played around a little. I found that turning off the Google Toolbar, Stumble Upon Toolbar, Navigation Toolbar and then doing an F11 to go to full screen made a huge difference. BTW the new maps are great! The only change I would like is that when you hide "my finds" or "my hides" that they drop off the list also. Great work!
  5. Ambrosia, go into MS Word and type: "abc", you will either get straight quotes or begin and end quotes. If you get straight quotes then Word's auto-correct feature is either off or set to not mess with the quotes. In MS Word 2003 version this setting is here: Tools Autocorrect Tab: Autocorrect as you type Replace as you type, check box: "Straight quotes" with "Smart Quotes" In Office 2007 everything is buried somewhere in the ribbon and I can't find anything at all!
  6. So how *do* you change your username? /ducks!
  7. I have been using attributes... never done that before. I'm not using home coords though. I've got it based on zip. I don't think attributes in PQ's are working, the last time I tried, albeit some months ago, I was getting strange results selecting via attributes so I gave up.
  8. You probably need a Google account. (iGoogle or Gmail). Then when you go to maps.google.com there is a My Maps tab.
  9. I just get "Erron on page." when I try to create a map under My Maps.
  10. Back on topic, GC86 is the oldest cache in Vermont and I have found it. I have also found the oldest in Maine but I don't have its number etched in my brain.
  11. Someone just posted a link bashing geocaching.com, Jeremy etc. and it isn't deleted, the thread isn't closed, yet you can't speak freely? The only thing I know you can't do is slam other people, and your posts need to be family friendly. Hardly censorship. Oh heck, I've posted that before. As a matter of fact, the history page on this website is only a couple of months old, so I definately have posted that one before, and I'm sure with the disclaimer about it being critical. And to clarify, the guy who wrote it does have his own geocaching website (more accurately a gps game website), and it is free. Just to clarify my post, I was not complaining about your post at all, I have seen the link before in the posts. I was just using it as an example that GC.com does not censor posts critical to GC.com or Jeremy.
  12. Someone just posted a link bashing geocaching.com, Jeremy etc. and it isn't deleted, the thread isn't closed, yet you can't speak freely? The only thing I know you can't do is slam other people, and your posts need to be family friendly. Hardly censorship.
  13. I would like clickable smilies for the logs (non-animated.) It is too hard for me to type "[: )]", and that is the only one I know by heart. The pop-up for smilies on the logs needs to be changed so that you can click on one of them. This is very important to me. ... not really, but I would like it.
  14. I think the paging algorithm on bookmarks is just plain broken and has been for a long time. I get things like "3 of 1" pages and when I select 50 (on a list of about 30) I still only get the first 20 etc. Adding/Deleting items from the BM seems to make the problem worse, but it exists all the time as far as I can tell.
  15. What if you coded your own "rel=nofollow" then maybe tidy would leave it alone.
  16. Will this work, or am I missing something: While you're here, you might want to give <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?waypoint=GC12345">"Cache Name"</a> a look.
  17. It seems highly unlikely they would block gmail, that would be like blocking AOL or Yahoo. They would get a boatload of complaints.
  18. The other day I ran 3 PQs to cover VT and one for Lebanon NH. I had them all set up and just checked on the boxes so I kicked them al off within 30 secs of each other. I got 2 of the 3 VT ones and the NH one but the 3rd VT one just didn't aarrive. After half an hour I cloned the problem PQ and ran it. It arrived right way (I have now used 5 PQs), then an hour after I started the missing PQ showed up in my email. I have a gmail account but I might be routing it through my ISP, need to check. Anyway my guess is either the GC.com mail is flaky or gmail/isp is throttling.
  19. ... or maybe not. Profile says "Retired". (Your point is still valid though). What if NY Admin is in her 90's? Then that would explain all the mistakes with these cache approvals. [Edit to add smiley for the humor impaired, before I get punished.]
  20. Hope you come back safely soon. Next time I am down in the Rutland area I will make a point to do your cache. /back on topic Don't know how I would cache without PQs... $upport the new $ervers and vers. 2.0 of GC.com!! [Edit out typo]
  21. ... or maybe not. Profile says "Retired". (Your point is still valid though).
  22. Do you know the approximate area where the cache is located? You could do a PQ around those coordinates. Then after you get the PQ and load it into the program you use for your offline database, do the name search there. I know it is more steps, but I do all my searching from within my GSAK database. I never do any searching online anymore, if the cache is "local" (some 2000+ caches) to me. Once I have the cache name in front of me in GSAK, I double-click the cache name to see the cache page online. This is a good idea. The only problem is I don't have GSAK loaded onto all the computers I use (2 at work, 3 at home.)
  23. My pocket queries to get all VT caches are set up like this: Query 1 - Jan 1 2000 to June 1 2006 Query 2 - June 2 2006 to June 1 2007 Query 3 - June 2 2007 to Dec 31 2007 The number of caches respectively are: 485, 477 and 60 This means that half of the caches in Vermont were put out in the last year (albeit I am ignoring a lot of archived caches). So I would say things are picking up, a lot.
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