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Wild Animal Pics


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Yeah, yeah, I know this thread has been dead for a month but I just added some new pics and I wanted to share.


A couple of baby deers



A fox playing with some neighborhood pals



Elk on the Lost Coast



An osprey with a fish in it's talons. The fish was still alive and thrashing. The bird was just sitting there waiting for it to die.



A special trade item


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Sorry . . . DSL is not available in my area. The only alternative I have to my extremely slow dialup connection is satellite Internet . . . and I can't afford that. :huh:


Even if I could, I'd rather spend that money on gas to go find Geocaches. :ph34r:


P.S. Thanks for resizing those HUGE pictures. :ph34r:

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About a week ago I hiked alone and grabbed a cache in a mine and met up with bats.




The cache's web page suggested somebody wait outside while the search was made. I thought that meant "don't get lost in there" when it really meant "if no fresh lion tracks are present, enter, but leave somebody outside so one won't follow you in". Mountain lions weren't even on my mind. Bats in caves don't brother me .. but LIONS!

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Indigos in love. I really liked the contrast of their black heads and front ends to the white tails (they're shedding)


also, from the FAQs


Adding a Picture to a Forum Post


1. Your picture must be on the internet somewhere -- not on the hard drive. If you want to share a personal photo, but don't have web space, upload it to a cache log, cache page or your profile page.


2. Copy the URL for the image so that it's in your clipboard.


3. Compose your forum post. When you want to insert the image, click on the IMG button in the top "Code Buttons" section.


4. A dialog box will pop up, prompting you for the URL of the image. Paste the URL from your clipboard into the box (Ctrl-V = paste) and click "OK."


5. Preview your post to make sure it works!


If you are having trouble, try practicing in the test thread that is pinned at the top of the "Getting Started" forum.

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I almost stepped on this snake while watching my GPS. I always carry a camera and have it ready to use. After I stopped shaking I got some good pictures of this Rattle Snake. I usually have a small tripod with me but I did not that day. I used a big stick as a monopod to help with the shakes. There are other Rattle Snakes in my album on Webshots.


Webshot Album for Quehanna Wild Area



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Coatimundi. Found these guys and lots more of them while visiting Costa Rica. Quite frendly. The nearby kids that were playing in the dirt had to push some of these guys away cause coatis like to dig around on the ground in search of food. We called them monkeydogs.



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