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  1. For some reason every time we go hunting for caches we find at least one golf ball and we usually leave it in the cache. We don't play golf but if you did it would be a great find depending on the brand.
  2. the hardest to find are ones designed to blend in with the natural environment such as a realistic fake stone or a log hidden in a real nut placed in the appropriate tree.
  3. the weirdest find was two micro containers hidden in a bra the was wrapped around the base of a tree. the other a plastic baggie hidden under a cow chip in a field of cow chips. weird caches we have made: fake stones, fake fruit, fake light bulb, real acorns, logs split in two and hollowed out, fishing bobbers, message in a bottle cache, fake bird nests, ball moss with a micro wired to it and lots more.
  4. we use this as our signature "Live it, Love it, Cache it, Hide it !!" and our old one "Love the cache, if you can find the cache" Geocaching: Leaving useless time capsules behind for future civilizations to find.
  5. You know your a geocacher when you add geo as a new prefix to words.. Like "honey did you bring the geoblock" or when you get stuff in your shoe "I need to stop and get this geojunk out of my boot." we even have a new pet named GeoCATcher you know your a geocacher when you are out in the woods after get all you finds andrealize you forgot to mark the car location. you know your a geocacher when you save puzzle caches, that need to be solved, for a rainy day. you know your a geocacher when you critique others hides and talk with you geobuddy about howyou would have hidden it. you know your a geocacher when you go after missing archived cache because you think with enough searching of the area you will find the cache. you know your a geocacher when it gets dark out you decide to go after that last one in a string because you didnt come this far to leave one undone you know you are geocacher when it late at night and you cant sleep you go after that night cache thats been on your list.
  6. Well, when your in texas you usually find a rope and a tree that is tall enough for the rope not to reach the bottom. Beware, everything is bigger in TEXAS even the consequences. Just ask our President of the United States.
  7. you could put another container inside that is more water proof and just use the pvc as a hiding spot like a knot hole in a tree.
  8. We have a cache that we have created that is like the rock idea stated here. We have used it and no one has complained. The top is exposed but uses natural camo to conceal the top. It can be viewed at are website. Trust me there are many out there like this.
  9. Something similiar happened to us. No matter how you present it, they will stand firm on there decision. Its thier rules and when your in thier house you need to play by there rules. It is kind of a pain, since you spent all the time to create the cache experience. Good luck with the situation.
  10. I personally like all caches. There have been micros I have places in an area that I could have put a traditional but choose a micro instead because of the muggle factor. I have found that kids still like to play in the woods and tend to run into cache containers. They are picked apart and thrown everywhere. We hike on in and end up cleaning up the mess. I know that a few of ours have been muggled. The micros tend to be safer. I try to make the unique so at least the hunter will think some thought and time was put into it. Would love to come up with a larger container that the local kids and bumbs will not notice, my kids do love the trade Nahtee
  11. that is pretty cool What I kinda have in my head is A rotti with the coller with the geocaching logo as dog tags and a cache in its mouth or something along that line. We called ourselves the junkyard dogs because of all the dogs we have and the rotti just happens to be my favorite. the bad thing about having a visual idea in my head is I am so unartistic it is sad, and tring to get the idea down on paper free hand has left me frustrated So hope you all can help get this idea to screen. Don't want the rotti to look to evil after all we are three girls and my husband. Thanks, Nahtee
  12. I would love some help, I have been through tons of clip art and even my print shop but I can't find anything I like. If anyone has any ideas I would love to see it. Plus if it could be used as a logo also that would be AWSOME.
  13. Found the cache, took nothing, left nothing...? never seen the rest.
  14. I guess if it is easy enough to search on the web, its a find. However if you set up a virtual it should be something you most physically see for your self. Something out of the ordinary.
  15. Its all just so craze. Oh sorry I mean crazy, thanks for the spelling lecture majorbrat
  16. I dont think it would work out. Like people have said there are plenty of people who are willing to do that for free. Maybe a community education class on GPS recievers and geocaching would be more appropriate. Still make money but less overhead.
  17. Fly me and the family down, we will help you. J/K Good luck on the hunt.
  18. I have not compared the 2. I do know of cases where some one was keeping track of what they had found in a pda on a long spree of caching. Then lost the info in the pda and had to go back and try to remember what they found. Hence logging the cache log but not logging the computer log.
  19. I ahave not thought about it. Will it matter a whole lot. I think mine is on true north. I need to look!!!!
  20. Has stuff stolen from my car in the driveway. Good thing that I did not lock the door or I would have been fixing a broken window. At least they did not try to attack for your keys when you got back to steal your car. Good luck and be safe.
  21. Its just novel. Just kind of fun to track the mileage if you were to walk directly from cache to cache.
  22. would love a metal detector, any suggestion on a good entry level detector.
  23. we found a similar coin. We love it it is on display with our other shadow box stuff. Also found a USB cable, I use it for a second printer.
  24. If the only rules about caching are such as found on there bill, it does not hinder caching. However, it may violates peoples freedoms. I do however agree that arceological sites are not the place for caches. Unecessary traffic in these areas can hinder the integrity of items that might be found. I would love to visit one of these sites, but I would feel bad if I messed up and potential artifacts.
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