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  1. Electric Mouse was great while being the reviewer in Nebraska. It appears that Heartland Cacher has picked up where EM left off. Can't imagine them any better than these two!
  2. I have a cache called 100 Acre Wood that is set up as a kids cache. It is a multi in a park where you visit a character from Pooh's woods at each leg to find the cache. I have had nothing but good logs on this cache but this one is one of my favorite. April 28 by lyonden_ut (1898 found) Had a great time looking for the honey pot. Thanks for the cache that reminded me that caching is for fun, not just a number count.
  3. There is already one in the area MMarshall. Your going to have to do some more caching in the area to figure out where it is though!!
  4. 35 caches within 25 miles of me. 13 of those belong to me and my wife. Slowly getting more cachers putting more caches out in this area. If you go out 30 miles 43 caches of which 19 belong to us.
  5. I find this a very interesting thread as I have done this earthcache and live close by. I feel exactly the way Starbrand felt on this cache. This was one of the more disapointing caches I have done. As stated it is no more than a large manmade object along the hi-way that could be seen as you drive by at 65 MPH. No real representation of the sandhills. No place to stop along the road w/ the exception of a small drive with a gate on it. I was shocked to see Starbrand adopted this cache after reading his log. (I have been watching this cache to see how other cachers reacted to it and logged it)I am looking forward to what Starbrand has in mind for this cache. As he says it really need to be moved NE to a better location. Good luck StarBrand looking forward to see what you do with this one.
  6. This one is on eastbound I-80 rest stop. Take bug spray in summer. Darr it is Also these caches are right off I-80 and have enough parking for larger vehicles. Windshear Cowma Beetlebait Lumberland This one is right next to a truck stop. Short walk from fuel pumps. Mudhut
  7. I say we are all winners for being able to see all of these great pics. Thanks El Diablo for the great contest!!
  8. Ever Wanted A Free El Diablo Hiking Staff?, Time for something fun! Loved the pics in this one and somebody is going to get a free hiking staff from it.
  9. Well everyone seems to agree on this one. Thanks for the input all.
  10. What would be the proper way to log a cache that someone else was at right before you, they are first to find, but can't log it for about a week. Here's the deal. Went to find a cache that hadn't been found yet and it was logged in the book by another cacher. There log showed they were real enthusiastic about being FTF. They are traveling through the area and wrote in the log that they would not be able to log the find on the website until next week. I felt like I should let them log the FTF ahead of my log on the website so as it is in the right order. For now I posted a note so others know it has been found and figured I would delete the note and post a found log after FTF has been logged. The reason for not waiting to log later is it is 4th of July weekend this is a very touristy (is that a word?) area. We dropped a WJTB in the cache, and wanted it logged before the weekend started. How would others handle this?
  11. Never nail/screw/paint or otherwise mar any natural or un-natural object. Landowners will frown on this. Placing a waterproof card or a micro would be best. Also you could get a flat piece of aluminum/ stainless steel or other rustproof metal and stamp on them what you need. You can get the metal and stamps at most home improvement stores. Then wire it or use a wire tie to place it. This works real well wired to a chain link fence or something similar. Also you could get some magnetic paper and print what you need on it then laminate it. Just some suggestions.
  12. I agree with this. Some cachers are not good hiders or do not enjoy hiding caches. To me I enjoy hiding as much as finding. Also hiding takes more time and effort to find a good location and container for that location. Some do not have the time to do that. In my area there are very few caches or cachers, so it would not be hard to put out a large quantity of caches as the area is not very saturated. In some areas the saturation level is so high it would be tough to put out alot of caches. I think that each individual needs to decide how many they want to hide and how many they are able to maintain. As Lep said Forced hides are going to be crappy hides.
  13. Now that's some amazing swag! (Or was she a TB!?) Hope she wasn't in that container to long.
  14. Wow. Ok. Now will someone teach me how to filter my searches to exclude this type of cache? Looks like the WOW factor has just been found.
  15. Close but no cigar. To post a virt find please click link. Find the virtual cache of your choice here. Copy your find and paste to the virt page of your choice.
  16. DU - Ducks Unlimited. Goose Band - The feds often will band waterfowl for research. The band has a number on it, kinda like a TB number. When a bird is taken, the band number is called in by the hunter and information is recorded. DU has their own bands that they send with memberships and given away at banquets. I found one in a cache. We have a local cacher around this area, 74GPD that leaves 2 pheasant bands in the caches he visits. Its a different sig item.
  17. You can post a note to log bugs in and out. I do not log my or my other halfs caches, doesn't seem right to me. Just how I feel though. WH is to quick for me
  18. Where do you get watertighter's anyways, I could use a few??
  19. Saw this local wildlife while out doing maintanence on this cache.
  20. Can the pic be one taken while placing or maintaining an owned cache? Awsome thing to do El Diablo!!
  21. Doing the same thing Here Goodluck to all hunting milestones and happy dad's day to the dads.
  22. If you will be there over the July 4th weekend, you should check out the Sax Man's Campout Event. I can't go this year, but went last year and it was a blast! Fun people, fun times, good food, beer, good caches etc.... Oh! did I mention good caches and beer? Trading 4th weekend for Jeep Distribution weekend at work, so won't make it this year. Dang work just keeps getting in the way of fun.
  23. I agree with you on this. If it is a wow area and the owner is willing to replace it then go for it. Maybe trying to camo it better or finding a better hiding spot close by. I forgot to mention that in my case I was a little uneasy with this hide to start with. I was trying to get a little more activity in the area (as Carleen knows my area is lacking caches and cachers) so was putting out easy hides for winter caching. So I wasn't real suprised that I did have some problems with it. There was not a better hiding spot for it, so archiving was best. I do have a couple of caches, and know of caches owned by others that I think would be worth replacing or maintaining as much as possible.
  24. I had a micro hidden in a small park that was a neat little park that not many locals knew about. I thought it would be a neat place to take people to. The cache kept getting found by some local children playing in the park. The funny thing about it was they would sign the log then hide it again but in a different spot. Sometimes it would be found by the next cachers sometimes not. After a few times I relized it was time to archive and move on somewhere else. I don't think it's good to keep leading cachers to a cache that may or may not be there. If you can't move it or hide it better, I think it's better to archive it.
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