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The Real Quoddy Temporarily Out Of Action

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The REAL Quoddy bady tore his left rear knee lligaments while jumping back into the truck Sunday. The vet will reacess his condition in two weeks to see if surgery is required. In the meantime it will be lonely caching in the mountains without him. Some cachers have already said that my cache count will drop without him to find them for me.

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Dogs are amazing creatures. My friend's Jack Russell Terrier was run over by accident in their driveway. The hind quarters were hit, the vet was on a sailboat. He said keep him still, and saw the dog when he got back. He couldn't set it or anything, they said keep him quiet (a jack russell? you outta yer mind?) and so she tried to for as long as she could. 8 months later that dog is keeping up with two big chocolate labs, and chasing sticks with the best of them for as long as it's humanly possible to throw those sticks. I know Quoddy will be itching to get out on the trails soon. Still sending good wishes your way.

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Quoddy just came backfrom his follow up visit to the vet. The ligaments seem to be healing on their own and no surgery is expected to be needed at this time. He is released to go for short walks on his leash with no running or jumping. It will probably be at least a couple of weeks more before he's ready to tackle the usual mountains and trails.

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