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  1. SW Ohio Butler County West Chester Township
  2. Recently moved here from Long Island, NY. Currently living in West Chester, Butler County, SW OH.
  3. My thanks to all of you... it's been a blast!
  4. It was an honor to have found a few with you! Great work on 4444... now on to 5555!
  5. There are 240 cachers in NY with 200 or more finds. For details check this http://grand_high_pobah.home.comcast.net/New_York3.html
  6. Nice job Brian... congratulations!
  7. Congratulation to my friend Pete on his 2000 milestone. It was my honor to have found many of those finds with him. Have fun on the next 1000 and the next!
  8. Tomorrow I promise to end the ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs... or maybe the next day... or the next. SNoooooooooooooooore!
  9. Congratulations on 800 Laura.
  10. Great looking coin and icon. Just bought two via PayPal.
  11. Welcome to the 1K Club... the next 1000 are a lot easier. GONE... but not forgotten. Absolutely a great Event.
  12. Congratulations on #500... #1000 is in reach. []
  13. Looks great to me... can hardly wait!
  14. Congratulations on the big 800!
  15. Congratulations on 800. That 1,000 find looks closer now.
  16. Way to go, Dave. I am proud to have found several dozen of those caches with you. Now... on to the next 1,000. Happy Hunting!
  17. I look forward to meeting him and caching with him.
  18. The_Z_Man


    I'm going to find my 1,900 tomorrow... and it is definitely NOT addictive!
  19. 700 is good... congratulations!
  20. These classes are free to the newbies... or anyone who wants to learn.
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