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  1. Are there anymore coins for sale? If there are, I'd like to buy one.
  2. Congratulations Brian! The very best with your next 500 caches
  3. Terribly sorry to hear this news. Although I didn't know Helmut well, I did however met him at various geocaching events and had the privilege to work with him on Stayfloopy's 3,000 award. My heartfelt prayers to his wife and children. We will miss you Helmut! Bldebabe
  4. I'd be interested in purchasing 2. Nice design!
  5. I'd be interested in 2 coins if they are still available.
  6. I will be honeymooning in Cozumel, Mexico during the week of November 12th - 16th and was wondering what caches would be best to try and visit and if anyone would be interested in trading a geo coin. I have a newly minted New Jersey, USA geocache coin to swap.
  7. I'd be interested in 2 bronze coins. Bldebabe
  8. I'd like to order 2 coins if they are still available Bldebabe
  9. Looking for a new owner for "Peak's Island Rock Park", Peak's Island, ME peaks Unfortunately I havne' been able to make it to Peak's Island for quite some time and am looking for someone to adopt my cache. Peak's Island is just a ferry ride away from Portland and is a great island to spend the afternoon on. If interested, please contact me through this site and we can arrange a transfer or ownership. Bldebabe
  10. Congrats on hitting a milestone!
  11. Grongrats Avroair on hitting 1000! Sorry I missed the G.O.N.E.... wedding plans have kept me on the go.
  12. just ordered two.... thanks
  13. Congrats KBer! Wishing you the best on your next 700 finds.
  14. GeoBBone and I are looking forward to this event!
  15. I'd like to attend, but it will depend on the night. Unfortunately during the week is difficult for me.
  16. I'll be attending with Geobbone and hopefully a few friends from CT. We'll be bringing a cooler of bottled water and gatorade. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  17. I'd be interested in attending if I'm free that day.!
  18. Please put me down for 5 coins. Thanks for all the hard work in producing a coin for NJ.
  19. Congratulations Mark!! Wishing you the best on your next 800 finds!
  20. Congrats on your geocaching accomplishment ;-) Wish you the best on your next 900 finds!
  21. Without having to answer all of the questions... I'm addicted. I'm a geocahing prophet as I have introduced over 50 people to this fine sport/ hobby and approx. 10 - 12 have bought gps(s). Hope I can attend. I will be on vacation that week, so if the date changes it may work in my favor.
  22. Get well Quoddy! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Bldebabe & Tucker
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