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  1. so sorry for your loss.... Michelle & kids
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! Not only to Briansnat but also to Team GPSaxophone!!!!!!!!!
  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better!
  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!! man I am only tryint to get close to 100 and you are in the thousands already WTG!!!!
  6. OK this is what I know.....Quoddy is HIGHLY ADDICTED to geocaching and NORTH JERSEY AND NEW YORK CACHES are almost cleared out by him!....AVROAIR...is RIGHT behind Quoddy....and I haven't met BRIANSNAT but it was a good comment so I will leave it at that...
  7. welcome to geocaching, I am from New Brunswick NJ
  8. We have the most ADDICTIVE cachers than any other!!!!!!! Shall I make a list? Well, that could take forever! CIAO
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