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What Is This ???


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That is from the Monkeys in a barrel game. You would have a barrel full (about10) monkeys like that) the object was to loop the arm of one around anoother. Then still holding the first monkey, loop the arm of the 2nd monkey to a third, the third to the forth etc. and seeif you could get as many monkeys in a chain.

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The monkeys from the MonkeyCache have laminated tags attached to them with their tracking numbers, which are written in hex just like travel bug codes. They are much fancier than a three-digit number written in Sharpie on the monkey's face.


My guess is that this is just a cacher's sig item.

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I was at the I-83 Travel Lodge (TB hotel cache) and picked up this red monkey. I remember reading about this red monkey somewhere, but I cannot find a reference do it know. The monkey had a three digit code written on its face (which I smudged). Does anyone know about this monkey or a web site that has more details. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.



<My best Peter Sellers voice>


Dew yoo ave a la-sonz feur that meunky </voice>


Sn :mad::unsure: gans

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I've found a few of these things in my caches. I usually just tossed them. Didn't see the point of a single monkey. I wonder if they were one of those monkeys now.

You tossed the monkeys!?!!?? :lol: What is this world coming to? You didn't have any cookies around did you?

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