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  1. So i just recently hit my 1000th cache and had a special one choosen to honor my father in law at the vietnam Memorial site. however someone in my logging my numbers got messed up and now my 1000th cache is a light post cache in the middle of a mall instead of my true 1000th cache. How do i go about fixing this?
  2. Yeah since 2004, on a monthly paypal subscription.
  3. I've had my premium membership subscription forever now through paypal, and it went through again on July 25th, but I got an e-mail the other day saying my subscription has been canceled. What gives? I didn't do anything to change the subscription status.
  4. Back in 2006 while I was stationed in Monterey I made up my personal coin and it was a huge hit and sold almost all of them right away. Well, since then I've PCS'ed to South Koreaand I've been thinking of making anouther coin sometime in the future with a Korea/Us military themeto it. My question is does anyone know how customs would work with sending the coins from here back to the states or elsewhere in the world? I know there is a big black market for us goods off post so was wondering if sending out lots of packages in a short amount of timewould be frowned upon. Any info or a website where I can get some would be helpful. Thanks! PS: There was one person from Austrilla that never got her coin from me and I lost your e-mail address and really feel bad about you never getting your coin. If you are still on the fourms send me an e-mail so I can get it to you!
  5. Found this news article today about a local cache getting blown up by the bomb squad. . I've heard of it happening before, but never in my area. How offen does this happen?
  6. Just come down to the Big Sur area and look at some of our 'Death Hike' caches. Most require a 10+ mile hike with anywhere from 2000 to 4000 feet of elevation gain. The one I did yesterday Transcendental Elevation was a 11 mile hike from sea leval to 4000 feet and was a blast.
  7. Sent out the third and last batch of coins out today, so everyone should have them in a few days. I still have a lot left, so if anyone needs some, send me an e-mail. And just out of couriosity, how many people plan on releasing the coins out in the wild? I'd love a link to their page so I can watch their progress [] Merry Christmas everyone, hope you love the coins!
  8. The other post dropped well off the board so I'll make a new post. My coins have arived and all orders that have paid before Saturday have been shipped. I know of at least one person that already got their coins, so if you don't get them in the next few days let me know via e-mail. I got some payments today as well, those coins have been packed and hopefully I'll have them in the mail on Wensday. Also, I have a signifigant amout of extra coins to sell, so if you missed out on the presale send me an e-mail and I'll get an invoice out to you right away. The coins are $8.50 per coin plus $1.50 shipping and an extra $0.50 shipping for each extra coin.
  9. Yes! I still have about a dozen left in both finishes. If you or anyone else wants one but didn't get in on the presale just send me an e-mail.
  10. They have arrived!!! Invoices have been sent and all coins should be sent out this weekend. If you got a confirmed reservation on the presale and didn't get an invoice, send me a e-mail. Thanks everybody for the great intrest in my first coin endevor.
  11. that seems reasonable and I'll go with that
  12. Would just 'The Montery Geocoin' suit better, since there is no coin just for the penisula itself? I do really like the full title for the coin, though, I think it has a better ring to it and more representive of the area in which I cache. But, I am willing to consent to the popular opinion if it is believed to be unsuitable.
  13. Yes, they are going to have the epoxy. They didn't put it on the samples for some reason, nor were they the 4 mm thickness I asked for so I made sure to e-mail Sara at Oak Coins and get both of those things taken care of. Also, the tracking number goes where the samples have the plain number. I have presold all the coins I was going to sell, and am keeping 50 for trading, but I'm going to take trades after all the coins ship out to keep things organized. I should have a ship date soon as soon as I get the final invoice from Oak Coins tonight. Thanks to everyone who showed such great intrest in my coin!
  14. I'm going to trade once they get in and I see how many are left, send me an e-mail and let me know what you have.
  15. please lock this thread, double posted
  16. I just got the samples of the coin in today and it looks great! Everyone who pre-ordered I'll send invoices out when I get the ship date and its close enough.
  17. kc8hnz

    Nutlady coin

    Order sent for one set!
  18. Great looking coin, ordered mine. Thanks!
  19. I'd love that. I live in a fairly cache dense area and 500 caches only go so far down the coast....
  20. The samples should be getting here in the next week or so. I'll post apicture as soon as they arrive. Onl 20 antique copper and 24 antique bronze left!
  21. I got your order whitebear [] Only 47 antique copper and 44 antique bronze left
  22. I was out caching today and while out I came across a Green Jeep TB. Its the second one I've found so far, and it really dosn't seem to be that big of a deal. I remember back when the had the first YJTB's being released, just about every one in the greater Northeastern Ohio area (thats where I was living at the time) had all 30 jeeps that were released in our area on their watch list, and as soon as it was dropped somewhere there was a rush to get out there and grab it before someone else got it. It went on like that for the entire time the jeeps managed to stay in circulation. With this latest release, being the third jeep to come out, the thrill of finding it just isn't there. In my opinion, to me its more like just a regular old TB then a special item. For instance, this jeep I picked up today was sitting in the cache for two weeks, and the cache wasn't that hard of a cache to get. What do you think?
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