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If you where to have two GPS units, what would they be ??


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So you're going to make me narrow it down to only two. Hmmmm, seems unfair. If I were going to get rid of all but two of my units, I would keep the Axim/CF GPS setup for street navigation, and detailed TOPO work. I'd keep the Legend for handheld use. Actually though, I'd probably use the money I got from selling the sportraks and GIII+ and get a vista to replace the legend.

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On the other side of the fence, which looked greener when I was over there, I would choose a SporTrak Color for handheld use (and showing off), and a MeriGold to take advantage of unlimited memory with SD cards. I'm hoping that the new autorouting software lives up to the hype...




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Well I already have two-three units (platinum, Magellan 315, and the Navman sleeve for my ipaq).


I would like to get a V, and keep the platinum as my main units.


But right know I am not sure what to do since Magellan is coming out with the new maps, and the V seems to have certain limitations that I don't like (19 mb, only 500 waypoints, 10 condensed tracks, electric compass...). But I love the high definition screen on the V (Which would be the main reason for me to upgrade).


Wyatt W.


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Hi All:


Yep...2 for the road (uh.. cache) for me are Dell Axim X5 w/CF Slot GPS (BC307), Mapopolis and CacheDragon software and the Garmin II+. I use the Dell every where and the II+ is mounted in the truck (w/external ant) to attach to my laptop or Dell Axim.


and BTW...Search UT, what topo are you using with your Dell??


Safe Caching to all,

Dave, Akron, Ohio

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and BTW...Search UT, what topo are you using with your Dell??


Most of the time, I just use a photo viewer and downloaded topo or aerial photos of the area I'm interested in. No GPS functionality using that method however. I just recently purchased toposynce to allow my National geographic state series TOPO maps to work on my pocket PC. I haven't really given it much of a wring out though, so I can't say I'd recommend it yet. I'll try and give it a better workout this week now that my Axim seems to be up to speed now with the latest upgrade. I'll post here once I've wrung it out a little better, and if there is interest, maybe post a quick review on my webpage time permitting. (I haven't even moved on a travel bug yet I found 3 weeks ago now)

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One thought for Searching UT & the group:


Navio GPS software has an option where you can import a pic/topo/sat view, and then specify coords by stylus touch, all done while the GPS is running on your PDA, the topo or pic, or what have you becomes somewhat accurate as a map.


I have Navio and use it from time to time if I am going to a ruff-terrain area. I pull the aerial or topo images from terra-server.


All for now,

Safe Caching,

Dave, Akron, Ohio

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...er ... two huh? I think I'm over qualified ... I have this gadget problem! I have my very first Garmin 45 now a paper weight ... a 12XL, 12Map, a the two (Vista and 76S) that I use exclusively for travel/geocaching and backpacking, now.


Before you cast stones ... my wife owns many more shoes than I own GPSr's icon_wink.gif



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A Streetpilot III for the cars and a Vista for my pocket.

I really want that 24MB in the Vista so that I can store three maps at once.

The Streetpilot would be great to have in the car because my wife gets lost easily. She calls me at work when she's lost so that I can walk her through with Yahoo maps.



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