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  1. Ahhh David, Come-on... any news is better than no news. Please, an update for me and everyone else who either paid for the software and those who will, when it's working well. It's the right thing to do.... Update please !! Thank Yiu, Dave
  2. Hey Growley, I too have a Dell Axim X5 and relly like using it for caching. I use the BC307 CF slot gps and several software apps (mapopolis, cachedragon, navio etc). I am really interested in a topo program and tried the Maptech demo. I couldn't get it to work..... .....So any input is welcome here... Good luck with your search for good topos, Safe caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  3. Yooo Hooo, David, R U out there? An update please... anything, even bad news is better than no news... Or... do we have to find a cache ..... a secret find with 1.2 inside (lol) Write soonest, please
  4. as77, My last email to David has not been answered. I hope he shows up soon. Later, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  5. Hi David, My camping trip was delayed to Friday this week.... any chance 1.2 will be ready ??? Thanks, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  6. Hi All: I am completely satisfied w/my Dell Axim/BC307 combo. I use Cachedragon, Navio, Mapsource, and other software for cache navigation and info. It's a great way to have it all in one package. I'll say being careful with the equipment is a must as the Dell w/BC307 are not rugged, but, useing care and a ziplock baggie can go along way towards protecting the equipment. I purchased a small clear plastic tackle box from Walmart and carved out the inside dividers to fit the Dell w/BC307 attached. Aside from a little poor-er (sp?) view of the screen, it provides a lot of protection. After I locate the cache, I set the whole thing on the ground and make my logs. Battery life can be a concern even with the low power chipset. I carry a small battery pack that plugs into the Dell. I can extend the battery life as long as needed. I can't imagine trekking in the woods, only to get turned around and lost, then to have the Dell battery die. (a compass and map should be in your pack). I have even tossed my Garmin II+ in the pack after getting a position logged of my starting point. .....And....if you get lost with your PDA and the BC307 or like stops working, bring up one of those "ebooks" and have your self a good read (lol) until the "rescue St Bernard arrives with the rum keg under it's neck...lol .....In ending ..... I have tsted the Dell w/BC307 along side the Garmin 176 C, the Dell combo was as sensitive, and maybe more-so in heavy forest canopy. So the performance is right up there..... and I had all of the cache info for caches within 100 miles...even the encrypted clues. !! Enjoy Caching...and be safe., Dave, Akron, Ohio
  7. Hi All, A little off topic, but might be a good weekend to watch the aurora (Northern Lights) in some of the north parts of the globe.... CUL and Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  8. David, Any news on 1.2 ?? I will also email you direct.. and if it would save you time, I can pass along your updates to the group. Thanks, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  9. Hi All: You can also "cut and paste" anything from your "documents" area to the SD card through File Explorer. Should free up some space. Most of your maps or other files will appear there unless sent to SD card when originally loaded. Good Luck & Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  10. Hi all, I am looking for an image or download-able file so I can make my own "Geocache" label to attach to my hides. I saved the image from the Geocaching.com store but the color is not allowing me to use it easily. (the pre-made labels are out of stock) So if you have something saved on your computer, or know of a source, send me an email or post a reply here. Many thanks and Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  11. Fellow CacheDragon-iers.... I heard from David by email. He was called out of town for several days un-expectedly and is putting the finishing touches on 1.2 ..So...David, hope you don't mind the update to the group... looking forward to 1.2 Thanks & safe caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  12. Hi David and all, Have not heard anything lately..... I am getting ready to cache out of state and wondered if anyone knew when the updated CacheDragon would be available. I'll re-check this tonight before I send David and email. Thanks all and Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  13. One thought for Searching UT & the group: Navio GPS software has an option where you can import a pic/topo/sat view, and then specify coords by stylus touch, all done while the GPS is running on your PDA, the topo or pic, or what have you becomes somewhat accurate as a map. I have Navio and use it from time to time if I am going to a ruff-terrain area. I pull the aerial or topo images from terra-server. All for now, Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  14. Ha.... ...They (FCC) intercept the coords being sent by your GPS/GMRS to a sister unit, and then they CACHE-U....sorta...(lol) Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, ohio
  15. Hi All: Yep...2 for the road (uh.. cache) for me are Dell Axim X5 w/CF Slot GPS (BC307), Mapopolis and CacheDragon software and the Garmin II+. I use the Dell every where and the II+ is mounted in the truck (w/external ant) to attach to my laptop or Dell Axim. and BTW...Search UT, what topo are you using with your Dell?? Safe Caching to all, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  16. To David and all: PS: Forgot to add, the clock does not update by GPS now...hasn't since the 1st version, which did update. (I have the field checked) ...And I will try to find the files and email them to you, David. I hope I didn't delete them (&^#$%^), but I have an excuse, i'm computer illiterate (lol) All for now, Safe Caching, dave, Akron, Ohio
  17. Hi All: Mapopolis is a terrific company to work with, they are very rapid in their replies to emails. I have used their demo maps and they work very well. According to MPLS, a CD veresion for the map files will be available for PPC soon. At tis time, the maps are only available as a download. This info current as of two weeks ago. ...And I am using the GPX utility. It works fine, but I can't seem to manipulate the data b$ it makes it to the map. For example, all GPX caches appear on the map as a yellow dot. I have gone through each file (250) and changed the cache icon to " $ ", very easy to see. Also, I had to click the field to show the icon at all zoom levels. A lot of work X 250 caches. Still extremely pleased with the program and maps. BTW, I used the maps to get close (by vehicle)to the cache, then I use CacheDragon for the rest of the trip. Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  18. David and others, Regarding DrSearch's comment on a lock up when deleting and loading an updated or new GPX file....same here. Fortunately, I didn't delete the original GPX file, so I can still cache. The newest download from Pocket Querie uses the same file number, but I did modify it on GeoCaching.com to add additional types of caches. Perhaps the difference in the files is causing the problem. Looking forward to the next "Dragon" release! Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  19. Hey Crash, Great idea... I'm signed up... I'll try to post any info important to users, even tho.... I'm computer illiterate... Safe caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  20. as77, Your GPS was actually correct, you just entered a "Geo-Phenom-Cache-Spacial-Warp", This happenes when caching reaches it's "spousal tolerance" max limit (lol). (your spouse actually sending your where she/he said they wanted you to go!) Just a shot at levity....(sp)(humor) Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  21. Hi All: Went caching today and got another one. I used CacheDragon and it seemed OK. ...but "the little bit nervous" seems appropriate. I never could get right on top of the cache. I would walked towards the cache, then the compass and map would send far back in the other direction. Originally, I thought the forest canopy reduced the signals enough and I got a poor fix..... but I've noticed the same thing out in the clear. ..... David, i wonder if this has anything to do with the distance 2X problem??? unknown, but had a lot of fun anyway. I will experiment with my own "enetered coords" and a known location from the GPX file and see if there is a difference. I'll let U all know. Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  22. Hi All: Caught a couple close-by caches today. CacheDragon worked well ! Nice to pop back and forth bewteen the map and the text (GPX files), however, I think this has been mentioned, the other caches represented by the dots can't be ID'd by stylus touch ??? I think David is working on that. Also, still seeing 2X distances and the speed/distance field on the map screen is not populating..... ...All for now, but having some fun !! Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  23. Hi All Cachers, Cache Dragon is working !!! Outstanding program, havin' a blast ! One or two glitches tho- been in contact with David by direct email.... so... anyone seeing X2 distances from the cache on the info screen?? and ... does your distance/speed field on the Map screen not populate?? I emailed this to problem directly to David...but I could be doing something wrong... (I'm computer illiterate)(and spelling illiterate)... any help appreciated ! Safe caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  24. Oh.... might have been.... a click here....a click there.... mouse out of control... I need to be back outdoors instead of in front of this silly screen.. Safe caching to all, Dave, Akron, Ohio
  25. Hi All, Saw DW's other post on the "whats in the bag" and added my own post. My feelings, carry 2 nites worth, you may never need the stuff, but you might happen across another who will, then share. Safe Caching, Dave, Akron, Ohio
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