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  1. Hey Yukon, would you like a Roads & Recreation Sweden - Denmark? Have I got a deal for you!
  2. I took a look and noticed you used my auction description and layout without my permission. A violation of eBay rules! Next time ask.
  3. Hit menu twice, highlight tracks and push enter. Start by highlighting clear and push enter so that the area you want the acreage for will be the only thing in your track log. Go around the area you want to measure. You can have the GPS on any page you like while you do this. When you have gone around the area you want the acreage for hit menu twice, highlight tracks, push enter, highlight save, push enter and it will give you the acreage enclosed by your track log.
  4. Push the “enter” button down for three seconds. A new waypoint page will appear. Use the rocker key pad (the big center button) to highlight the coordinates. Push “enter” now overwrite the coordinates to the cache coordinates again using the rocker keypad. Be sure to hilight the "done" and press "enter" before you exit the page.
  5. Push the “enter” button down for three seconds. A new waypoint page will appear. Use the rocker key pad (the big center button) to highlight the coordinates. Push “enter” now overwrite the coordinates to the cache coordinates again using the rocker keypad. Be sure to hilight the "done" and press "enter" before you exit the page.
  6. Showing his renown sense of history Cracker choose “The Spot” as his find for number 100. Anyone who has found any of Cracker’s caches respects his keen knowledge of history and how he has enriched the game with his great and informative hides. Great choice for your number 100, A big CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for all you have done for the game. Way to go Art!!!! “ROCKY" SOUTH DANSVILLE
  7. I Have several original MapSource Metroguide version 4.02. These are not illegal copies but original Garmin software. This version of MetroGuide will support the autorouting function. For compatible units, such as the GPSMAP 60C, 60CS, 76C, 76CS, V, StreetPilot III & 2610 automatic routes can be generated at the unit level as well, this software will give you the entire US without paying extra unlock fees. Price is $65, a much more affordable alternative to purchasing City Select and can be used in as many GPS units as you want unlike City Select. Contact me: Rocky@infoblvd.net
  8. I have come to know some great people thru this game. Bill is an outstanding example of the finest our sport has to offer. He has shown great leadership, knowledge, and a respect for the game that is unmatched. Three cheers for you on 200, and thanks for all you do. ROCKY SOUTH DANSVILLE
  9. Way to go KillerB. I hope Bo can keep up. Thanks for making your number 100 one of mine. I feel honored. Now if we can only get Cracker a FTF???????
  10. I went to show Mrs. Rocky my Stony Brook II Cache today. Someone had logged it earlier in the day, it was BerkMom. She signed: "BerkMom #500" Way to go, I hope your sidekick Brogan, or whatever he is calling himself these days, can keep up?
  11. Hey kiddo, way to go! Four Hunred and counting. CACHE ON!!!!!!!!
  12. What did you people expect, you emailed, called, and sent registered letters to these people to a point of harassment. They are bureaucrats, only looking to stay under their boss’s radar, not make waves a collect a fat retirement. You said make a decision!!!! Tell us your policy, we demand it!!!! Well now you have it. They had been happy with don’t ask – don’t tell, for the past 4 years. What makes me most angry is the people on the forums represent a very small percent of cachers, the self-important busy bodies you have ruined it for everybody
  13. CONGRATULATIONS to HF John and Brother Larry for logging 1,000 finds. I am in awe of this feat having started at the same time in the spring of 2001. In fact we logged the oldest cache east of the Mississippi “The Spot” on the same day in April of that year. Way to go guys, looking forward to watching you do the next 1,000!!
  14. I may have missed it but did anyone mention the auto-routing included on the 60CS and not on the 76CS. That would be a BIG factor for me. Auto-Routing is what made the GPS V such a standout for the past 2 years.
  15. Try reading the forums a bit before responding. If you did you would realize the dog apparently woke up on his own and now we are trying to deal with it. In fact, I responded in a similar fashion but if you read Keystone's response early in the thread you'll see this situation most likely was not brought on by a particular cacher. I did read this forum, this is some of what I read. OK. I just called my regions permit department. They never heard of geocaching (no surprise there) and they never heard of a Temporary Revocable Permit. I brought up geocaching, and he hadnt heard of it...then I described it, and he thought it sounded vaguely familiar. I asked what he thought about it being done on DEC land, and he said it would most probably NOT fly on Wildlife Management Areas, and it would most likely be left up to each specific Ranger to decide if it would be allowed in each specific Forest area in their Region..... He suggested I contact one of the two Rangers for the Region and discuss it directly with them..... also have an email out to NYS Parks to clarify their policies. There's a link to their maps here I'll be following them up with certified mail this week
  16. Hey now that your done kicking the once sleeping dog at the DEC how about poking the Parks people. I bet they will come up with a permit that costs $50. PLEASE GET OFF YOUR DARN COMPUTER, go out and find a cache!
  17. The shortest distance between two points may not be a straight line
  18. StreetPilot III and eMap with 128MB card loaded with R&R, Topo and Metroguide.
  19. Energizer batteries are the perfect size and will cure the problem
  20. Just noticed Garmin took down the update to Mapsource Version V. Whats Up With dat??
  21. Garmin sold the units with 10 year life on that internal battery. If leaving it on the 12V does not work they will service it. Your only cost will be the shipping to them.
  22. I just got my multi kicked back for final coordinates. At first I thought "More Rules"?? Then on 2nd thought I thought great! I'll print all the comments on this page in case anyone gets hurt and brings a lawsuit, nice to have Father Geocaching taking responsibility for protecting me and cache seekers.
  23. Push down the "enter mark" button for 3 seconds, this will mark your present posistion which you can than overwrite the coordinates by highlighting the coordinates and entering the coordinates for the waypoint you want. See page 48 of the manual.
  24. I own or have owned every Garmin handheld. My eMap is the one I would keep if I could only have one. The ability to load large numbers of maps is the key. I have a 32MB card in mine with Metroguide, Topo, and Roads and Recreation all loaded. Nice to be in the US with all the software choices. Find the cache, look up an address, find a park, it does it all.
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