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  1. Don't have unit, wanted to ensure it had this feature prior to purchase. Thank you for the reply on the 62, I think I also read they're similar.
  2. Does this unit also have a course deviation pointer or JUST the bearing pointer? Online manual is a bit sparse. Thanks!
  3. 76CX - Lightly used, loaded with City Navigator 2010 NT Also loaded with every airport and Navaid in the US/Canada as Custom POI file. No box or manuals. Includes cable. $120 shipped CONUS Etrex H - Like new, no box. $55 shipped CONUS Email wickedsprint@gmail if interested.
  4. Looks in good condition. International Land Database with Middle East Jeppeson Flight Data. I think It might include Eastern Europe and Africa on the Jepp Data. Includes carry case and dash mount and two spare antennas and manuals and box. $220 shipped CONUS or $210 + actual shipping costs if outside USA or $200 for local pickup in South Florida. Paypal. Please email wickedsprint@gmail.com with any questions.
  5. I use touratech mounts, a lot more heavy duty and they hold the units very securely, plus have the added benefit of incorporating the power cable. I have a GPSV hardwired into the electrical of my XR650R this way.
  6. Both essentially identical, however the Nt uses a loty less space, it will all fit on a 1gb mem card, and it uses only like 60 map segments if I recall.
  7. Just load them up, with NT you can not turn off the autoroute data.
  8. OK, I now have this enormous .gpx file (10mb) that POI loader keeps saying is invalid. I found a website that can filter out airports/navaids and download them already in a GPX format, yet POI loader does not recognize it..ugh. I did however get it to recognoze the converted to GOX from TXT version just fine, and was able to load 14,000 airports into the gps.
  9. I have a rather large TXT file of airport IDs that I have been able to send to my 76CX as POI via the loader and using GPSvisualizer, but is there a standalone program that will also convert them?
  10. Any GPS works for geocaching, they all let you put in a coordinate and search for it, be it with the use of map and routing..or a simple bearing needle like that 2 plus.
  11. Why would you spend 300 dollars for the pre-mapped MicroSD card of citynavNT when you can just buy the DVD and get a 1gb card and have the exact same thing for half the price? CitynavNT takes up like 950MB.
  12. Ahh good info, thanks, I wonder how much room the USA would take up with home brewed topo maps...a future project perhaps.
  13. If people can make their own maps that are openable in mapsource could one say take the Topo maps, delete the POI to save alot of room and then make them into much larger segments or just one segment?
  14. The regular version requires 1.6GB and the NT version is like 946MB, the NT version is broken up into states as regions so it only takes 63 segments or so with canada.
  15. You wont get all of topo, there are too many map segments.
  16. Garmin sells the NT version directly, had it to my door in 3-4 days with the cheap shipping. Had you gotten the NT version the entire USA would fit on your 1GB card, you can still fit the USA on your GPS if you get a 2gb card. If you only own the X units there is no reason not to get the NT maps, I have yet to see anyone make a direct comparision as to draw times and such, it is STILL fast and much faster than say my Garmin V loaded. It computer an adress to adress search across the country in 30 seconds which is fine for me. The fact that it only uses 63 mapsets will come in handy when I want to load it up with topo as well.
  17. There is a benefit to having the NT version, the entire mapset fits on a 1gb card and only uses 63 map segments. I bought the NT version from Garmin directly, took 3-4 days to arrive at my door. If you are stuck with the regular citynav it is not a big deal, just get a 2gb card and call it a day, verizonwireless is selling them in stock at their mall stores.
  18. Just go get a 2gb card from verizonwireless since you already have the regular version.
  19. Well ladies and gents it works fine, map redraw is still quite fast and I see no hiccups.
  20. So the Citynav* NT arrived today and they are loading on my gps as we speak, the entire DVD takes up 946MB and does NOT offer the ability to check the box to add the auto route calculation data, so we'll see what happens when it is loaded, hopefully it autoroutes. The computer claims 4 minutes to build the index files and should take awhile to load on the gps..I will keep you guys updated. One thing that is neat is that the NT version is broken up by states rather than random boxes so the entire continent takes 63 map segments.
  21. Between those two I would stick with the 60 series, I am not a big fan of the extrex models as they have that click stick that likes to break and to me are not as intuitive to operate as the traditional button placement garmins are...60/76/V etc. They are also snapped together and then wrapped with a rubber weather strip that is glued. I also like things easily taken apart
  22. I have used a 76C and a Garmin V to route me all over the USA, one trip being from florida to california and another from california to wyoming, the Garmin V was nice since its basemap is the same as a paper rand mcnally atlas as was the 76Cs, the new 76CX I have has a much more limited basemap it seems, probably the recreational one so it needs the extra map detail to be useful for routing, the V does not.
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