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New Country Souvenirs coming

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For those that don't read the Country Collectors thread...


In case you haven't heard of it yet there was announcement in the GS blog that there are some new country based souvenirs coming. The first one is for Croatia. There will likely be lots of suggestions for other countries so I figured a dedicated thread made sense.


In an comment to that blog post wrote, a lackey wrote:


We hope to have Souvenirs for every country at some point in the future! -Janelle



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About time too; great news. Ive found caches in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece and The UAE to name but 5 without souvenirs so far. ?


For countries in which I've found a cache but no souvenir available it's Italy, Belgium, Vatican City, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Turkey and UAE.

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Qatar! With an oryx


And otherwise I'd prefer a randomizer like I mentioned in the thread of the website forum. Let GS randomly chose a souvenir publically in their blog, and then they can write how many people qualify, how many caches there, how many logs, etc.


Oh, does anyone know those pannini or D'agostini sticker collection books? I'm getting ideas :anicute:

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51 with DC
52? With Puerto Rico?
53 with Guam?
Oh, let's get this over with. To match the extra "state" quarters, we could also include American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands (for a total of 56). And to be complete, we could also include Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, Navassa Island, and Wake Island, although geocaches aren't allowed on all of them.
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Will we be getting a USA Souvenir anytime soon?

I think the state ones are more than sufficient.


I agree. A US souvenir for finding a cache in all 50 states would have to be implemented a bit different than other country souvenirs and would be somewhat compute intensive. I'd rather see souvenirs for places that don't have one at all. For example, there are no souvenirs available for any country in central or South America and only one for a country in Africa (South Africa).

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I agree- I think it would be great if they devoted their resources to a few souvenirs outside the traditional Western countries. It just seems weird that there's nothing at all in the Americas south of the USA for example!


I also think I'll believe it when I see it when Groundspeak bothers to make souvenirs for the less developed countries. Just not worth their while in the countries where you might only have one or two caches for hundreds of miles.

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I think it would be great if they devoted their resources to a few souvenirs outside the traditional Western countries.

I think it would be great if they devoted their resources to a few projects other than souvenirs. But I'm not much of a fan of souvenirs.


I'm not a fan of souvenirs based on finding a cache on a specific day but these are country based souvenirs, something that a lot of people have asked for.

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I'll be happy to see Italy added to my list. Of the 15 or so countries that I have visited that do not have souvenirs I would like one for China. But I agree that the lack of a South America country is a glaring omission. How about Ecuador, the home of the Galapagos?


Let's face it. This thread is going to get a lot of posts from people asking for a souvenir for a specific country. Generally it will be because they've found a cache in that country.


I'd like Italy and China as well. Unfortunately I don't think China will get one for awhile. There aren't a lot of caches in China and it's probably not high on the list for a lot of geocachers as a tourist destination. I've been there twice on business, and only to Beijing but there are a lot of amazing places to see there.

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GS said earlier they don't want that. I think it had to do with people potentially leaving an easteregg inside that image.

I guess that the new souvenirs are photos of some major tourist sites also goes a bit in that direction: GS can be sure it doesn't use something some people of that country don't want to be associated with. I think there was some minor tumult about the French chicken and the Swedish pony.

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After I've read numerous threads/posts about country souvenirs I decided that the question about a souvenir for Russia should be closed. It makes little sense to me to do any requests on the matter for other countries too. We've already agreed around here that these souvenirs are just occasional gifts; we take them with gratitude and like them being in our profiles but have no expectations beyond this point.

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A friend of mine is still hoping for Dubai. She travels over there alot. Me I'd be happy with the Bahamas because besides Canada and the US that is the only other country I've cached in.


I wouldn't mind seeing a UAE souvenir either. I was there about a month ago and bought a souvenir Dubai t-shirt so a digital souvenir for my find there (I only got 1 during an overnight layover) would be nice as well. There are a few Caribbean islands like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica where quite a few cachers would like to see a souvenir but most of the other probably don't see a lot of geocachers. On the other hand, Ethiopia probably doesn't see a lot of geocachers either but at least they've already got the artwork created so why not?

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Am I the only one checking the blog every day just to see if a new souvenir is revealed?

Yes. Rather than check every day, I just signed up for alerts when new posts are added. :laughing:


...that's how I just learned that the next souvenir to be announced is:




So much for my earlier theory. They've gone off the board for this one, so who knows which countries the remaining three will be.

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Great! That's three new souvenirs for me so far :) Thanks GS

Hmm. they're not showing the actual souvenir yet, but still nice to have Belgium in the collection.


We wanted to go on vacation in Croatia this year, though early on we moved much further east, and SE Asia just is the better vacation destination now :P Not many souvenirs there, unfortunately, though Thailand might just be a good candidate, seeing how popular it is for traveling.

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