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  1. Yes, I am always sure I want to mark the forum as read. Cheezits
  2. We are finally up to 56 countries (at least those recognized by GC as countries...)
  3. We are planning to soon add #52 (Montenegro) and #53 (Albania)
  4. Keystone has been publishing my caches for 13 years. He still hasn't caught on to my chicanery. .
  5. I'm happy to see Argentina and Liechtenstein added. Vatican should be soon!
  6. yep. Give it time to catch its breath
  7. The above may be true, but should it be? After all , the title of this forum is BUG REPORTS.
  8. I took a quick peek at the caches in question, and solved. If I was the owner I know what type of hint I might give you, but it is not my place to do that. I recommend you reread any one of the descriptions VERY closely. What needs to be done to solve is provided by the owner. I will tell you that the fact that the puzzles are part of a geoart have no bearing on how to solve them. Just think of them as a bunch of puzzle whose icons just happen to form an item.
  9. I am currently 71, but I have found that it seems to change every year.
  10. I simply place mine in a manila envelope addressed "return to sender" and let the post office figure it out.
  11. I use option #3 above because I know I will always be "out of cell range" as I stay in airplane mode for entire overseas trips. It works great and it preloads interpreted caches into my GPSr and my phone.
  12. Yes, all my chirp finds are with a Samsung Galaxy S5 or S7.
  13. I bet Groundspeak wishes they would have thought of this!
  14. My invite must have been lost in the mail as well https://tenor.com/view/ck005-were-not-worthy-wayne-world-gif-8195602
  15. Thanks M.Bike. I was in the middle of something and I broke the server.
  16. I had never heard of that phrase either. What is the genesis?
  17. Are you the owner of the cache?
  18. I found this one 12 years ago. Since then my geobuddies and I have parked the car near the pictured stop sign dozens of times for multiple caches over the years on this public access "beach".
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