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  1. A few years back when I added Iceland, Svalbard and a few other places to my countries list, I considered a side trip to Greenland, but with all flight costs taken into account (NZ-UK-Ireland-Canada-Iceland-Svalbard-UK-NZ), it would have increased the budget by at least a third just to nip up to Greenland and back from London. Another time, lol.
  2. Tell me about it. From New Zealand it's getting really difficult to get new countries. "Low hanging fruit" for me have become the likes of Bali, Indonestia, Malaysia, even South Korea and Taiwan... Just got back from the HQ20/22 etc - no new countries, but a couple of new states.
  3. You use two fingers to type on the phone? You're an expert! I'm a one finger typist on the phone!
  4. Well, I've changed the date now. I don't care about whether it's taboo or not, but I changed it with Cachly as per the instructions that HQ gave someone and was noted on the GPS Maze cache page. If it comes from HQ then it's official right?
  5. I don't know if there is already a thread on this, apologies if there is. For some reason when I log the GPS Maze from the recent Abbotsford Giga, my log comes up with the wrong date. It seems lots of people get the correct date 13 Aug, and lots of people get the incorrect date 12 Aug. I'm one of the unlucky ones. I've tried changing my home location to the US side of the dateline. I've tried changing my GC profile timezone to US Pacific time. Nothing works. Why can't I (and many others) log this on the correct day??? A note on the GPS Maze cache page suggests that we have to edit our logs in cachly to the correct date. Cachly doesn't run on my android phone so that's not an option. And seriously, Geocaching HQ, that CANNOT be the solution!
  6. Yep, wasn't a bug until it affected North America. It's ok we are used to it.
  7. We are now 18 hours into this promotion, and still no souvenirs are being awarded.
  8. Lol I get ya... you were just probably closer to the truth...
  9. Why should half the world have to wait? Friday 8th Oct 11:00 UTC has been and gone 14 hours ago.
  10. Still no souvenir, so I take it it's not going to happen. Half of the planet is now on the 9th of October.
  11. Thanks Cathy. When will the souvenir get awarded? I posted my log at approx Friday 8th Oct, 20:30 UTC, but no souvenir.
  12. It's the 9th here. The app even alerted me to tell me I can log an earthcache and get a souvenir. So yes thus is a bug.
  13. Just found and logged an earthcache, here in New Zealand, on International Earthcache Day, but no souvenir was awarded for the find.
  14. Ah yes, I understand. Nope, no forwarding or anything weird going on here - replying from the email it was sent to.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. There is a specific reply-to email address, which I am not changing. For example (partially obscured so that no one uses it): afb7xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx75b1@mc.geocaching.com
  16. I know I have experienced this in the past and then thought it was fixed at some point but it has started again: I received a couple of email notifications of messages, I reply to them, but then later I notice in the message centre that my replies are not there. So the message centre is making me look like I am ignoring people when I've actually replied to them.
  17. Came here to report thiis also - seen on two of my newly published caches...
  18. It's ok, I totally didn't think about it! There's still something slightly dodgy but not from a geocaching perspective. Mystery solved
  19. Just curious... a profile that has scored the latest peak souvenir, and has the points to match, but doesnt have enough cache finds since September 6 to actually get those points, or the souvenir. If someone logs a cache find and then deletes it, do they keep the points? Not a witch hunt, so definitely not naming anyone.
  20. Anyone know what the surprise was? I tried to log a cache as I found one, but in the app I can't set the log date and I forgot to log until just after midnight... so no surprise, and a log on the wrong date.
  21. So is GC8FROG going to be unlocked again at some point, or do I need to tell the people coming to our mega later this year that they won't be getting this one after all?
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