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New maps still broken after such a long time


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Rarely in my long time geocaching have I felt the need to post in the forums, but the maps are just not working. Some of the alternative maps can be nearly as good as google, but they need to work properly in the geocaching site. I don't even have a checkerboard effect - I just have a complete grey background filling the whole screen, and the cache icons either don't load at all or don't resize correctly when zooming in.


There are also whole areas of the world where there is no mapquest aerial views. Not good when I am planning a visit to one of those areas - I now have to keep switching to another non-geocaching screen to see the google satellite view. The new maps are also pretty rubbish at having street names on them.


At least fix the loading of these maps even if you can't change them!

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Ok so I'm pretty new, caching for about 5 months, been a premium member for about 3 months.

I primarily use an iPad for browsing maps, logging entries, basically everything except loading PQs on my Oregon.


For me the site is useless on the iPad now.


As others have said it now finally shows the caches where before today it usually didn't. However, I cannot click on any of them! Cannot open any cache details at all. Useless.




If I can't use the GC maps to view caches on the iPad I'm kinda screwed because I actually spend a lot of time on the website looking at maps. Since I'm new here, they've never worked properly for me on iPad but I tolerated it and worked around it. But now there is no work around.


I have no desire to sit at my desk and do this at my PC. Lack of function on iPad is a deal breaker for me. I don't care whether it's google or not, just make it effing work on a tablet!!!


I'm not usually a complainer but I was really picking up speed as a new catcher. 200 plus finds, one hide and more in the works, new GPSr, bought some TBs. I have even lost a few pounds from all the hiking I've been doing while caching. So instead of spending time on GC.com each evening I'm going to play Xbox or start freebasing or something.

Please make it work on iPad before I start getting all Richard Pryor up in here!

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The PQ preview maps used to be my most important caching tool.

I find the new maps very difficult to use; the caches are difficult to see, streets are hard to see and not well-named.

If as some have said, it would have cost $10 per year per member to keep the old maps, I'd have paid it.


I find GSAK to be counter-intuitive, and loaded with features I don't need, so that is no solution.

I wish there were a simple way to show unfound caches in a particular area.....like the old preview maps; something with good contrast, and useful icon shapes.

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Very strange the new map feature has been a beta version for a long time and it worked. Apparently it is now promoted to normal functionality and suddenly it isn't working at all. It shows the caches around my home location but when I change it to another town the screen shows nothing. No map, no caches.

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We have been caching for only a few months and love it. The website has always been a bit clunky for us. It isn't very intuitive and has lots of links to stuff you don't really need/want. Browsing for caches is not as slick as it should be. It looks as though the website is old and hasnt really moved on with new technology. Compared to the iphone App it is an absolute dinosaur. Cachers seemed to tolerate this for some reason? This loyalty won't last unless you make some major improvements.


The maps have always been a problem with an iPad. You couldn't see caches on the maps at all.


Now you can see them but you can't click on them? What is the point in that? Now totally and utterly unusable.


We would be happy to pay more for the features to work properly.


Please sort the map and iPad issue out. We certainly won't renew our premium membership unless there are significant improvements. It seems to me that someone should set up a site that is modern, slick and intuitive. You would clean up because this forum is rammed with posts from frustrated cachers willing to pay more for a service that offers what people want and actually works.

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I would concur with what everybody else is saying. The new maps are a significant downgrade in my ability to use GC.com. I do perhaps 90% of my cache browsing in the maps area. The inability to quickly and effectively browse using the maps is causing me significant frustration with the hobby right now. I wish to see GC.com quickly revert back to Google maps.



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This new mapping system is terrible. It is time to go back to the prior system. The current maps are barely functional (load time is terrible, satellite is non-existant) and we have to jump over to the Goggle maps to check for accuracy. Maybe it was good to try the new approach but it certainly is a failure at this point. Live, learn and move on; which in this case should be moving back to Google maps.

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Live, learn and move on; which in this case should be moving back to Google maps.

They explain here why they changed it and why Google maps is no longer an option.


Whilst it reports what google says, it doesn't show that GS has actually had any conversations with Google.

Everything is business is open for negotiation, they may even find that google is willing to sponser GS or indeed become a partner.

What would be wrong for instance offerening google the oppourtunity to buy into GS (give them some shares) or to have a banner on each page saying Geocaching.com powered by Google.


I am fed up with the Americian approach - there are lots of us in other countries where the new maps are just not good enoug.

Why for instance couldn't Google maps be available in tyhe UK/Europe but not in the USA where obviously the bulk of traffic is.


All I would say is that GS need to communicate with Google or alternitives (Bing, Yahoo, OS there are plenty of alternatives) and work out a deal.

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Groundspeak has received a lot of feedback from the geocaching community regarding the recent changes to our maps, including recent improvements to our Pocket Query/Map integration. We understand that the change in maps was not ideal for many customers who were used to seeing Google maps on geocaching.com.


Please understand that we are committed to delivering exceptional functionality, including high quality maps. We are continuing to analyze available options for mapping while also actively working with MapQuest to improve the current functionality and service.


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I HATE the new maps, been premium caching for years and am disgusted. All of the options are cartoon quality and not very usable. And my favorite view is now gone. (pic) I think this is a giant step backwards for GS. Maybe its time to move on.


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I briefly read over why the map change is a good thing.... but I do not understand. I must be missing something. Why even have the map tool if it is completely broken? I have an extremely fast broadband connection, fast computer, and I've tried running the maps on the latest version of firefox, chrome, and internet explorer. It just doesn't work....at all. I see the first few geocaches around an area, but as soon as you zoom in, move the map, change view, etc. everything is gone and nothing is usable. I'm totally new to geocaching (29 finds), but I just bought a premium membership a few days back. I'm not trying to sound like a total complainer, and I will gladly support geocaching.com for the next 3 months (as per my subscription plan), but I can say with 100% honesty: If I knew that the map tool was going to become unusable, I never would have become a premium member. That is the tool I would use to plan my geocaching days. The alternative method, which I am dealing with now, is time consuming and difficult (annoying as well because I have experienced such a better system).


I really dig the community and the activity, but if the map tool remains as it is, I will not renew my premium subscription.

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I used to think these new maps were horrendously bad in every way. But now that Groundspeak has explained why this is a good thing, I guess I'll stop complaining about all the frustration and wasted hours trying to use these flawed maps to plan my next geocaching trip.


I can only agree with oaknest's sentiments.

Look guys. I'm sure Groundspeak are working 24/7 to rectify their paying customers woes. No time wasted in the local Seattle bar. No fun days out with their friends. No events to gain smilies.

No. They will be hard at work, enjoying sleepless nights to resolve our major concerns with this turn of events.

I couldn't fathom any other reality.

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I just had a look at the pricing structure and did some quick math. If 2,000,000 hits per day is accurate, then it would cost $7,900 per day. Thats huge, but what if it were a premium service only? There is less premium members. We pay for a good service. Let the non-paying members "enjoy" the 2nd grade maps.

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I must agree that I do not like the latest version pf the maps. I was using the terrain setting and the satellite view, these are now no longer an option which I am unhappy about. I still enjoy geocaching and will continue to do it, I would even be willing to pay a little more for a return to the last version of maps.

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Reading these posts have me greatly discouraged in regards to my favourite map view being the satellite view. I was hoping this would have been fixed. If Google is charging so much, can you not use Bing maps? I use the satellite view to prevent myself from taking bad short cuts.


I do however, love the create Pocket query from the current view, that is awesome.

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If Google is charging so much, can you not use Bing maps?
From what I've read, Bing Maps are even more expensive than Google Maps.


Oh, thats too bad. I really miss the satellite images. Wonder if there is another free service coming up. Then where is the membership fees going to. They should then cut out the free memberships and make a trial fee for half price with limited features and regular price for premium members like us. That should recoup some of the costs

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Then where is the membership fees going to.
Salaries, rent, hosting, bandwidth, etc.


Running a big web site isn't cheap.


They should then cut out the free memberships and make a trial fee for half price with limited features and regular price for premium members like us.
That isn't going to happen. Jeremy committed to keeping the basic game free.
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I really only miss two things with these new maps.

1. The scale measurement. (Yes, this topic is covered elsewhere)

2. That I could launch into separate tabs a few cache pages without each time having to return to the maps. That is, to keep focus on the map tab while opening new cache tabs. Maybe this is a Firefox issue and not really an OSM issue, but I'm having a hard time believing that Crtl+Click on the pop-up description bubbles now work that fundamentally differently that it shouldn't work.


Sure there's things that I don't care for with the new maps, but at the same time, the beef here is really with Google, not Groundspeak. If your business so heavily relies on other businesses to succeed, you really are at their mercy or need to make hard decisions. No blame here, Groundspeak. Granted, I remember what it was like to cache in 2004 where my GPSr didn't have loadable maps, SD card slots, ports for data transfer, etc... Heck, I didn't even have DD MM.MMM -- I only had DD MM.MM and had to triangulate to get closer than 50'. So, these OpenSource maps are better than what it could have been -- I mean, was. And, by far. Right, folks? In the past 8 years, Geocaching has gotten a lot more accessible, but at the same time, it has gotten quite soft too. Please try to remember that in geocaching "You are the search engine" (Man, I sound old. And you kids get off of my lawn, goshdarnit!)

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I really do not care about OSM / BING / Google .....


There are a lot tools / scripts to get all maps working in FF or Chrome




After a few times moving / zooming the map, the Icons stop showing off.

All I see is the Map. No Icons! I have to reload... and then I need to find that spot again.


That really makes me Mad.


Please... fix that.



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BTW, since I know the first thing that Groundspeak will say is that they don't know what I am talking about with regard to the holes and the pixelated icon bitmaps, here's a screenshot:




I'm still waiting for the map to finish loading - again...

I have this problem too, in Scandinavia. It makes the map nigh-unusable. I would very much like the old version back, at least that one worked.

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First time, when I switch on a new map system, I told: ,,Oh, new maps, it should be great, maybe the high price of Google maps is the reason" But then I started to use the maps and I got very disappointed! I was trying to find a SCALE, I could not believe there is no one. I study cartography, so that is such a CRIME for me. Map without scale is nothing, you can dropp it.

Another big problem is that I can not view aerial map.

I have waited for improvments and problem solutions, but it has still not come :(

I really hope everything is going to be all right soon.

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Here is the fix I received from a member of this forum.


"Hmm, so you hate the new maps eh. Well if you use Firefox there is a fix.

Go to the addons menu under tools and search for greasemonkey. It allows you to run scripts. Then install this script


Thanks 5Taylors>


This morning I found you can even make Google maps the default.

There have actually been a number of good Greasemonkey scripts created over the years to make the OLD maps more functional than was the case with the usual gc.com web page views. One author in particular (Lil Devil) was doing us a great service with those tools. Then gc.com kept playing "page of the month club" with the web page designs, and finally broke the entire system with their new maps that are now pretty useless for many of us. It won't surprise me at all when the next gc.com update breaks this script, too.
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Not only are they broken. They are incomplete. Just finished Caching at the ooms conservation ares (not on the map) Around a lake. (not on the Map) They are on google maps. I've been comparing the maps. And there is a big differance in the amount of data.

That's happened to me twice. But it won't happen in those areas again, because there's data there now that I put there.


Don't like the data on OSM? Fix it. Or stop complaining about it being missing or wrong. Complaining about something which you have the power to fix (easily) and doing nothing about it is a waste of energy.

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I understand that there are monetary reasons behind the move from Google Maps but (and that's a big BUT by the way) no scale, no key, no topo maps - in fact no other maps than basic streetmaps, that take forever to load, lack clarity, lose caches = not a happy bunny.

There definitely needs to be a serious look into alternatives or some dialogue with a better map service than the one we've been landed with.

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I understand that there are monetary reasons behind the move from Google Maps but (and that's a big BUT by the way) no scale, no key, no topo maps - in fact no other maps than basic streetmaps, that take forever to load, lack clarity, lose caches = not a happy bunny.

There definitely needs to be a serious look into alternatives or some dialogue with a better map service than the one we've been landed with.

"Basic streetmaps" which show far more (useful) POIs, trails & walking paths than Google ever attempted.


From a strictly mapping perspective (ignoring aerial/satellite imagery), the OSM maps show me far more relevant data for caching purposes than Google's maps did. Parking areas, trail access points, trails, etc.

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