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  1. Depending on how serious you are about logging finds in order you can delete your logs and relog them starting with the detective clue then log the evidence. You won’t get credit for any gems that are logged before all the evidence has been logged.
  2. I tried to renew my premium membership on Monday and everything seemed to work except that I didn’t get offered a receipt. I checked and my credit card had not been charged and my renewal date had not changed so I decided to wait a day and try again. On Tuesday at around noon I tried again. This time everything went as expected although response time was slow. I printed a copy of the receipt. This morning I discovered that my renewal date has not changed and my credit card has not been charged. Renewing a membership should not be this hard and when I tried to contact you through your help feature I was required to respond to prove I was not a robot in spite of the fact that I was a signed in paying member.
  3. The easiest way to load caches on the Garmin Etrex 20 is to follow the directions on this blog post https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2017/04/new-a-magic-button-for-your-garmin-gps/ If you don't have anything on your device you want to save, you might want to reset your device to factory settings. This should eliminate any anomolies that were introduced during your unseccesful efforts to load caches.
  4. I think the easiest way to do this is to use the bookmark feature for each of the challenges you are working on. When you log a find add it to the appropriate list or lists. I think one of the reasons new challenges of this type are not publishable under the new guidelines is that there is no easy way to create an auto checker. At least you don’t have thousand of finds to search through.
  5. Also put the log in the top.This will,are it easier to insert in the container.
  6. These are souvenirs not rewards or trophies. You are in control of the caches you choose to find, commentate, and remember when you look at the pixels in your profile. When I look at September’s Adrenaline rush I will remember struggling to find a selection of caches I could do with my sister at a very busy time of the year. When you look at yours you may remember an epic climb up a mountain.
  7. It has been a long time since I found 100 caches in a month but I too am a big Terry Pratchett fan and decided I must get the turtle. My sister and I had a really good time caching together and both of us got our turtles. I just wish the travel tags hadn’t sold out.
  8. Go to the advanced search page and type the letter or number you need in the cache hidden by space. A drop down list will populate with cachers’ names that start with that character.
  9. You can do this with gsak. Simply send the waypoints to gsak and then fill in any of the fields you choose and then load the edited files back to the gps using the send to gps function. I do this regularly for my sister’s geocaching club.
  10. I assist my sister in running a geocaching club for their after school program. We hide 6 to 8 geocachers in the schoolyard for each week for 5 weeks. Then if the kids earn it by paying attention and following rules we hide a like number of caches in the park near the school. None of them are published anywhere. I use gsak to create the cache details to load on their etrex 10s. This program is limited to 3-5 graders. Have you investigated letterboxing as another approach to involving kids in hunting for things?
  11. Are you planning to use GPS units or smart phones.? If you are using GPS units you can preload them with the caches you plan to seek from the website or it may make more sense to hide a variety of temporary caches to use for demonstration purposes. If you are using smart phones you can still use this approach by having the scouts enter the coordinates by hand or you might create a troop account and share the log in. If anyone got really interested, they would probably want their own account. Also you might want to reach out to some area geocachers and see if they are willing to help. Check out who owns local caches and who hosts events.
  12. Another method is to use the new search page. Go to the filter page and type the needed character into the hidden by box. You will get a drop down of the usernames that start with that character. If you preset the radius to your acceptable search area, this gives you a list of possibilities.
  13. Force quit the app and then log ou and back in. If that doesn’t work use the contact us link.
  14. What operating system are you using? If you are using windows you can load caches using gsak. Was a version of delorme's topo included? This was windows only too. I still use its big brother successfully with gsak. But If you use a Mac I am not sure there is any solution.
  15. The easiest way to start on this kind of challenge is to look at bookmarks on the cache page. Look at the map to see if you have nearby smileys. You can also do pqs based on zip codes.
  16. Alternatively you could select 5 or 6 caches that are already in place that look like fun and lead in the desired direction. You can find them altogether or if you want to travel separately, you could text them the coordinates for the next spot, once they text you that they have found the previous one. . Also there are other gps games available which have different rules which might make the setting up the adventure easier.
  17. You can either use the corrected coordinates or the personal cache note to the web page and then download it to the phone. Also you don't have to wat until the next day to get a pocket query. Mine almost always run in 5 minutes or less.
  18. I really think the best solution is to find a collaborator. Look at finders of area caches, attend a few events, and post on the local geocaching group page. What you want to do doesn't fit with the current rules of a global game. You can spend time and effort trying to change it or you can devote your efforts to finding a strategy that works for your unique situation. One other source of collaboraters might be local nonprofits. Libraries, museums, and local parks might be willing to maintain clever caches if given supplies and instructions.
  19. What I usually do is spend some time choosing the caches I most want to do and plan how to integrate those with my companions sightseeing plans. Then I look at where else we are going and try to find a couple of quick and easy caches I can look for without interfering with the main purpose of the stop.
  20. I have posted this before but it is still true. When I started, I had the simplest gps on the market. I had to enter the coordinates by hand and either print out the cache page or make notes. This is still possible. Anyone who wants to plan ahead and make an effort can search any non premium cache they choose. If they don't want to make the effort then buy a premium membership. Plenty of people invest more than $30 a year in a hobby.
  21. Don't search individual caches. Go to the new search page select a center point. Select add search filters. Scroll down to not found by add your caching name and that of your friend. It will return caches neither of you have found. If your friend caches regularly in the area you are searching you may not get many hits.
  22. I know DeLorme's mapping mapping programs used to be able to show the results of PGA on a map and had gps dongel that came packaged with the software in some configurations. I don't know if inexpensive aps hsve eliminated the market for these. I now load my target caches on my nuvi.
  23. No one has to pay for a premium membership. If you want to find an occasional cache. Go online, print off the cache details, hand enter the coordinates into a navigation app, and go find the cache. That's how I found my first 100. Well I used a little yellow geko but the process would be the same.
  24. My feeling is if you expect your 7 year old to still be using this gps in 5 years or so when he might be caching alone in strange territory, spring for the 20. If he will mostly be caching with older kids and adults, the 10 is fine for now.
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