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  1. Old railway trails are popular with cyclists, walkers and cachers alike. Usually looking at GC maps (UK) they are easy to spot. A long line! Macclesfield had a good one. Lincoln too. And The Cuckoo Trail in Sussex. Not sure if they still exist. Go check!
  2. WHAT!! Change of hobbies?? Pinch me as I must still be in dreamland.
  3. Guidelines? Stupidity? Go send your child to get that cache across a road that has no crossing. Use your loaf!
  4. Every time I look at a local UK thread it seams to be infiltrated by you pesky Yanks. I'm "Pissed" as you say in Seattle! No wonder no UK cachers bother with these forums anymore. STOP INTERFERING! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. This isn't a standard of cache thread. That's been done too often. I always carry spare logs to help the community at large. Many new cachers are somewhat **"pony" at maintenance. **rhyming slang.
  6. I doubt that equates to 11,500 votes. How can I vote for caches/coins etc I have not witnessed personally. It's like voting the UK to WINEurovision (*) without hearing their song. *They wouldn't win anyway!
  7. If the hostage taker is a member, they'll see the new coordinates and possibly take the cache from its new location, too. And if they're not (the MOST likely scenario) then your good to go!
  8. Just move it. There's lot's of scope in and around the Square. I know of one or two hiding spots used in the past. Don't archive it with so many finds. I'd call them from a non traceable phone number and....
  9. I agree with the map method kunarian suggested. All phones have G maps. Just type in the numbers like this.. with the spaces and dots as such for maps to recognise. N 51 31.650 W 000 08.633 A good hint etc will make for a fun search. I've been using this method for years. No gps when in town..just coords and a hint.
  10. I agree with MBTF. This area is FULL of great geocaching opportunities. Look at the maps on GC.Com and you'll see loads of great walks to be had. You may even find yourself in The Wales. I'm Luvvin' it!
  11. Another tedious GC downgrade. Luckily emotiwhatsits are availble on the less used forums.
  12. Cacher of the Year?? Just like Employee of the Month. Very tedious. More imagination please.
  13. I find bad punctuation and grammar far more irksome! I also find that a little patience in life is a real boon! TFTC.
  14. This Saturday just gone. Pointless Celebrity edition on BBC1 It wasn't even the least popular answer!!
  15. Now all you need to do is get past the reviewers! Bon Chance mon ami! I'll savour a "screwdriver" for you!
  16. Agrred 100%.. Geocaching to most of us is...coords. Find/DNF. move on. Jeepers C!
  17. Or just enjoy that part of Geocaching that is the challenge of "I know where to next but how do I get there" Maybe you want extra hints too matey?
  18. So you didn't make your own. You just paid for those easy to buy types. Go and get some 35mm micros. Much better.
  19. Etrex 20 Dakota 20 Oregons I like the Dakota 20 as it has everything required. Beeps when close, and can be bought for a reasonable price.
  20. Having searched all possibilities (as I was looking for a GSAK Android friendly app) I had to give into Windows. As GSAK is not investing time in other options. Maybe you could invest in a cheap Windows tablet like I did. HP 7 or 8 Stream / Linx 8 Both running Windows 8 (mini pc's) and as such are compatible with GSAK. I see no easier alternative.
  21. Never calibrated anything. Just like software updates they aren't required. If it works it works! If it ain't broke don't try to fix it!
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