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  1. Yeah, we know that there's never any issues with premium members... Yeah. But, at least the PM's are paying for the privilege of being a pain. Yeah. It should have been a smile. I recently changed a lot of mine after a lot of problems with newbies.
  2. First, Lets just verify the email address. It proves that there is a possibility that it's a real person. Second, the Messaging System wasn't needed. There's nothing wrong with e-mails. Emails give you an easily searchable format, you can keep them in threads, and in separate folders. Having to bounce between emails and the messaging system is counter productive. Plus, you don't have to log into gc.com to do anything with them. I guess maybe it's time to make everything a Premium Members cache. :-(
  3. Would you please start requiring a verified email address for even non-Premium members. There are so many new cachers that you can't contact to help them properly do thing. For example, I've had a number of new caches log finds on Earthcaches and never answer the questions. You try to contact them through the messaging system and never hear back, and that's probably because they don't know about it or how to use it. Then you delete their Found log, they re-log the Find, you delete it again, and so on. It gets frustrating for the cache owner. Frustrating to the point of seriously thinking about Archiving the caches, or making them all your caches "Premium Only". So, please require a verified email address for everyone. And, yes I know it's easy to get a "throw away" email address. Thank you.
  4. You guys really need to start requiring verified email addresses BEFORE you allow anyone to log a Find, or any other thing. There's just getting to be too many armchair cachers out there. When someone logs a find on an Earthcache and sends meaningless answers or sends nothing at all, and you try to contact them and can't because their email address hasn't been verified. That is just wrong!
  5. There use to be a link at the top of the "Pocket Query" page where you edited PQs, that would take you back to the "Your Pocket Queries" page, so that you could select another PQ. Now you have to use the browser BACK button, sometimes two or three times, to go to that page. Can that link please be added back at the top of the page? Using the BACK button also seems to cause a problem with at least one browser, Fire Fox, causing it to make another "Copy" of the PQ being workd on.
  6. I ran into this a while back, and I did realize at the time what was happening, but then I went and didn't report it. Whoops. I believe it had something to do with still having the original PQ open in another tab or something, and if I only had one PQ being edited at a time it worked as expected. Don't quote me on that, though. Nope. Only had one open. The weird thing was that it would create more than one copy at a time. This appears to be a cross browser problem. The problem occurs in Fire Sox but not in Chrome.
  7. I ran into this a while back, and I did realize at the time what was happening, but then I went and didn't report it. Whoops. I believe it had something to do with still having the original PQ open in another tab or something, and if I only had one PQ being edited at a time it worked as expected. Don't quote me on that, though. Nope. Only had one open. The weird thing was that it would create more than one copy at a time.
  8. I'm trying to edit PQ's. I copy one, ago into edit it, and get multiple copes of it when I click on Submit Information. I just got a number duplicates with one click of the Submit Information button. I've left them there for you to see.
  9. It sure would have been nice if I'd received notification that my Premium Membership was going to expire! :mad:
  10. I'm having a problem accessing the APIs through GSAK. I'm getting the error message of "Premium membership required to use CachePublishedDate Filter." I am a Premium member. I obtained another "access token", and received the same error. I rebooted the PC and received the same error. Then I checked my Available and got the interesting reply that I had a "Full format balance 2147483647" I obtained another Token and checked my Availablr balance again and got "Full format balance 3" Is there a problem with the API servers?
  11. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For fixing the API problem. :D
  12. Same here. Run some API calls, wait 1 minute, wait 1 minute, wait 1 minute, reply to the GSAK error message. It seems that it always happens after 30 API calls. I've even tried pausing the GSAK macro for a few seconds after every few API calls and it still happens after 30 API calls. I understand you know what the problem is. Please fix it.
  13. What I'm saying is, that with a good DB it's a no brainer to add additional fields, and propagate the necessary information into the field. No need to read the logs except once as the Publish Date or Placed Date, if no Published Log, is propagated into the appropriate DB field.
  14. Hmm. That might be something worthwhile doing. It's already doable with one of the API's. And, knowing data base structure, not an impossible task to accomplish. I know that not all caches have a Published Log in their logs, so with those just assume the Place Date is the Publish Date, but if there is a Publish Log, use that log date as the Publish Date. Then we could have a truly usable date selection.
  15. Currently when setting up the selections for doing Pocket Queries you can only select on the Placed Date. Would it be possible to add the same selection criteria using the Published Date. Maybe being mutually exclusive by using a drop down menu where you could pick either the Placed Date or the Published Date. The reason behind this is that some caches are placed a long time before they're published, and when selecting a Placed Date in the "last week" and the cache was places two weeks prior to it's Published Date it would be missed by the PQ. It would just be better to be able to select on the Published Date using the "last week", "last month", or "last year" options.
  16. At times, VERY painful! :blink:
  17. Right. Finding the caches isn't the problem, it's deleting ALL the duplicates. And, he's not going to like the answer. "Go throught them one at a time, and delete one of the logs." :huh:
  18. I think the answer to this is "No", but I'm still going to ask. I have a friend, that after a cache run, accidently logged finds on 300+ cache twice. Is there an easy way to delete these duplicate logs?
  19. Well, since my first posting got muggled, I figured I'd repost it. As I said . . . I built a PQ from a bookmark, checked it to run one time and "Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs", which it did. Then, this morning the PQ ran again WITHOUT the day being checked. Then JHOLLY said, "We had a discussion about my PQ's remaining checked even though they are setup to run and then uncheck. What I found is I have to go into the PQ page itself (click the PQ on the PQ list) and check it there. If I check the day on the PQ list page at least one of the PQ's will not uncheck after it is run. At the time you said you could not reproduce the problem." You can dig the rest of the original conversation out of this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=315293
  20. W8TTS


    What ever happened to adding NANO as a cache size? It was proposed some time ago, and the lackeys said that it was coming and all they had to do was work it out with the "other" software providers.
  21. Can anyone tell me what frequency the Garmin Chirp device transmits on? I think it's in the 2.4GHz range.
  22. Only Marvin the Martian would know that. :ph34r:
  23. The reason that you didn't see it is, I deleted it right after it ran the 2nd time. But, like JHolly said, it appears that happens when the day is checked in the actual "Pocket Query" page and not the "Your Pocket Queries" page. PQs that you have deleted still show up as archived to me in the database, and I do not see one that matches the description you have. I see a bookmark PQ named "Toledo Run" that ran on Sept. 2; is this the PQ to which you are referring? If so, the database indicates that it was created on September 2nd (not a week earlier), and that it ran about 16 seconds after submission. Right. I created a PQ from the Toledo Run Bookmark (now Archived), set it up to run only once, which it did. I then marked it to Archive. And, the following day it still ran. I can recreate the Bookmark if need be.
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